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Outer Banks 2013: Day 6, Wednesday June 12th

9:15 AM
Goodmorning everyone :) I woke up surprisingly early for someone who stayed up until 1 in the morning! ;) Once again, I had a Blueberry Cream cheese muffin for breakfast... those things are amazing! Today we are just spending the day down at the beach again :)

2:45 PM
Just came in for lunch! Today is the perfect day to be down at the beach! It is warm and not windy, just perfect :) I told you all earlier this week about the German Soldiers at our hotel, because they came to train at a military camp. We have 3 camps around us and helicopters and other huge flying things are going over constantly! They are flying so low that you can see the people inside of them! It is cool and kind of scary at the same time! :)

8:30 PM
We decided to spend as long as we could down on the beach today since we only have one other day left :(
We just came in from the pool, where I rediscovered my love for swimming underwater! I forgot how much fun it was! I stopped a few years back because I didn't like wearing the big goggles, but last night I decided that I didn't care anymore and just wanted to swim :)

At the beach this morning we decided we wanted to dig a hole, which we did as a family effort :)
After we dug the hole we sat and made drip castles for a while.
When we got board with that we started playing Frisbee  which we did for over an hour! After that we just played in the water for a while

My little brother wrote "Elijah is here" in the sad and drew and arrow to himself

So dad came over to my drawing where I had wrote "Bethany" and added "Is gone" -_-
Later that evening before we came back to the pool we revisited our hole and built a sandcastle around it, which was pretty epic if I do say so myself!

Dad just cam back to the room with Dairy Queens for supper, ttyl :)

11:00 PM
We just finished watching Dispicable Me while eating Dairy Queen! Despicable Me is one of our favorite movies,band we can not wait until the second one comes out! We mostly just like it because of the Minions, which are adorably hilarious :) 

This time from Dairy Queen I had a Bacon Cheese Burger and fries, this time instead of S'mores Ice Cream I had Oreo Cheesequake. It wasn't as good as the s'mores, but it was still pretty darn amazing! :)

I finished another book today, and made it a few chapters in to the third book for my vacation :) I didn't really get many new sunburns, just a couple of spots, and the burn on the backs of my legs are almost better!
Well goodnight guys, this is the earliest I have went to bed this week! :)


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