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Get Ready with Me: Prom Edition!

Yes it's been a month since I've written a post, I'm well aware, but I am coming back full force with one worth waiting for!! Who doesn't want to relive prom again, and this time you can relive it with me!
A little OOTD pre-prom edition.   The flannel shirt is from American Eagle The shorts are Nike The Hair and Makeup are nonexistent The planner is my most favorite possession!
As you can see, I am putting my planner to good use.  I had planned the heck out of this weekend, mostly because I was so excited!! See all the little sticky note lists covering all other days besides prom?
Prom Festivities began that morning as I woke up at 8 a.m. (after staying up until 1 the night before prepping...) when I went to pick up Maze's boutonniere.
And then went to get my hair done! This is what I saw when I came in and just had to share a picture of it! My best friend and I decided to get ready together, which meant taking turns getting out hair done, and then her coming back to my hou…