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College Countdown: Second Year Recap

So at the beginning of this year I did my "College Countdown" series, and they quickly became some of the most popular posts on this blog to date!  I just finished my second year of college, first year actually away at a university, and I thought it would be nice to bring that series to a final close with a recap of how my year at Appalachian State University went! 
Overall this past year just seems like a dream.  As I walked through the common areas of the school and saw people playing frisbee, walking dogs, enoing, tightlining, and trying to spread their opinions to the masses it was like watching a scene out of a movie.  I honestly couldn't believe I had made it to this place, and even during difficult times I never stopped being thankful for the opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition at a place like Appalachian.
Classes and Internships My major is middle grades education, and because I came in with my associates degree that meant I got to jump right in to my educ…

Walmart Box: Spring

Out of school and back to Wednesday posts!  And we are kicking off this extra posting day with... The new Spring Walmart Box!  I know I always post these pretty late, and I don't know why, because I really do love them!  And for $5?  You really can't beat it!
This is the Dove Advanced Care deodorant in a scent very similar to the cucumber scent that everyone used to be crazy over in the 90s... I was sick of it then, but it was kind of nice to have a little throwback sample!  I've used the heck out of it and it has held up well!
This is the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultra Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  It is made to intensely hydrate and soften hair.  I am always looking for new baby shampoo and conditioners to take with me on trips!
This is the BiorĂ© Baking Soda Acne Scrub.  At some other point I had received the pore cleansing scrub, and I am very interested in what the difference is, if there is one.  What I mostly remember about the other one it that it wasn…

Resort Wedding Weekend Lookbook

I know I usually don't post on on Sunday or this late at night, but I promise I have a good excuse.  Yesterday I had the honor of being in the wedding of a wonderful lady who has been like the big sister I always wanted!  I am going to include a few wedding things in this post too, so I will bold the details about my outfits if that is all you re interested in!
It was a gorgeous wedding in Lake Lure, NC at the Rumbling Bald Resort.  Never heard of it?  Maybe this will help you out...
This is the place where a good portion of Dirty Dancing was filmed!
We happened to have a house with a perfect view of a smaller portion of the lake, as well as a hole on the golf course that was featured in the movie!

We arrived at the Lake at around 10 Friday morning, ready for the weekend to begin!
Since we were going to a resort I tried to stick to resort casual all weekend, but I will let you be the judge of how well I accomplished that!  For the morning we had pedicures planned, followed by the …