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Ipsy: June

My June Ipsy bag!   Probably my least favorite part of this bag... was the actual bag.  It's quite ugly, but the products are good for the most part!
This Be a Bombshell lipgloss in Secret is ok… It’s a nice brand, so I’m not mad at it, it just isn't my favorite.  I put it on and it had almost a concealer like tint instead of the pretty pinky nude in the tube.  I have used it since and if used with a lighter hand, it's ok.
I love this Formula X nail polish by Sephora in Wingwoman!  It is such a nice dark pink/red color, and it didn't chip!  Do you know how hard it is to find a nail polish that doest chip on me?
This Three Tone "Bronzer" by Crown Brush is ridiculous... It looks like little kids play makeup.  It has a strip of bronze, a strip of pink, and one of a "highlight," and as soon as I took it out of he box the packaging fell apart.  I didn't even bother trying it, I just listed it on a swap website.
But this Urban Decay eyeshadow in Fireb…

VoxBox: Tressemé Beauty-Full Volume

I know I don't usually post at 9 o'clock on Monday nights, but I wanted to go ahead and get this out to you all while I had time, because... I got another VoxBox! This one was the Tresemmé Reverse Your Routine box with a full sized shampoo and conditioner.

This is a Volumizing system, and is reffered to as "Reverse Your Routine" because you conditioner before you shampoo... Weird right?  I have to say I was a little confused and skeptical at first. The concept is that when you put conditioner in your hair and rinse then residue is left on weighing down your hair.  My thoughts were that the residue left were the moisturizing properties and that you wouldn't want to rid yourself of all of them... It just seemed a little pointless.
I have been using this combination periodically for a few weeks now, and surprisingly I actually really like it!  When I get out of the shower my hair does feel much lighter than usual.  Though it is hard to tell if I have much more volu…

Country Concert Lookbook

Early this fall I will be going to a Brad Paisley AND an Avett Brothers concert!  So when I found out King Ranch Saddle Shop was looking for inspiration when it comes to country style I had to share my ideas!  It is the dog days of summer, with hot days and cool nights here in the mountains, so I tried to create looks to fit all weather and styles!

Sassy  For the budding flower child who needs to show a bit of a wilder side and have fun for the night!   This is a crop top and basic jean shorts, which could be subbed for light wash ripped skinnies if the venue is going to be cooler (which is actually what I wore to a Flogging Molly concert last fall!). Crop Top: American Eagle Shorts: Hollister Flower Crown: Claire's

Sweet  This is for the sweet girly girl who still want to show their country side.  It is a simple white lace top dress, to which I have added a red flannel for those cool Summer nights.  The flannel could be tied around your waist during the day, or substituted for a d…

Empties Part 1: Hair and Body Products

Please don't judge the amount of products I have here! This is probably collective from the past 6 months of more, and I just did a clean out of some old products.  To make things easier I will underline the products I have repurchased or would consider buying again in the future.
Hair Products These are all of the mousses I've used recently! I use a lot of mousse...  And also somehow a hairspray snuck it's way in there Got2B Kinky - Can't say I'd buy this again... I generally buy whatever is on sale because I like to try new things, but this was a bad choice.  It didn't have a good hold, and had a very different smell that I wasn't crazy over.  Not repurchasing.Herbal Essences Curl Booster - This one I liked a lot better.  The hold wasn't steller, but my hair was always very soft when I used it.  I haven't repurchased this currently, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray - This literally took me FOREVER to use because I…