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Holly Jolly TAG (2nd edition!)

1. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last minute?

Last year I went Black Friday shopping but I didn't get to go this year :( I did do most of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday last year, this year most of it has been online.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be?

Polar Express! Who wouldn't want to go to the North Pole and meet Santa!! :D

3. Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Eve :) On Christmas Eve you still are in the Christmas spirit with anticipation for the next morning

4. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it? 

Usually we put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving and then we all decorate it as a family, but this year we had to put it up early because we were busy the next two weekends

5. White lights or colored lights?


6. Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like the surprise?


7. Would you rather live in a gingerbread h…

Emergency Kit For Girls

So we have all had that moment where the zipper on your jeans break, or the back of your earring falls, off but of course you have nothing to fix this problem, so what do you do? I have created my very own emergency kit that covers all of the things I could think of that I would need!

Here is the little bag I fit it all in...

Safety Pins in case a strap breaks Earring Backs in case you lose one Small Hairbands/Rubber Bands Bobby Pins

I pack them like this in this little bag for easy access

An extra contact in case one falls out or rips (If applicable) Oil Blotting Sheets

Once again, easy access

A few dollers

Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, any legal over the counter pain reliever 

Band-aids for cuts and Blisters

A pad or tampon in case of a "surprise"

Holly Golly TAG

1. Favorite Christmas Movie?
The Santa Clause Movies

2. Are you on the Naughty list or the Nice list?
Nice! I hope... ;)

3. Show us an embarrassing Christmas Card photo?
Ummmm.... No?

4. Have you ever had a White Christmas?
Yes! One year we had over a foot of snow (and no power) on Christmas Day!

5. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
Christmas Eve at my Grandparents and Christmas Day at home

6. Play or Sing your favorite Christmas Song!
How about Link it? Baby It's Cold Outside

7. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
At my Grandparents houses I do, and then sometimes Christmas PJs so we can wear them to bed that night

8. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
"There is Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Commet and Cubit and Donner and Bitzon... And Rudolph!" or if you have seen Arthur Christmas... "Bambi! You with the White Ear, and you and you!"

9. What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year?
Spending Christmas with my …

Quick Website Rave!

Ok! This is the first time I've ever done this but I need you to listen to me and then go visit this awesome website! Most of you have probably heard of it before (I'm just slightly behind) it is called! I just happened upon it last night through another website ( and I am now IN LOVE! I was so much in love that I have already placed my first order! 

I ordered from Mardi Robyn's shop. She was in the middle of her black Friday sale and I got four pairs of earrings and two iPhone Earjack Dust Plugs for Christmas Presents.  Take a look! Now guess how much it all costed... Come on do it... You will never get it! $9.50! Thats right six Christmas Presents for under ten bucks!  Cha-Ching!! :)
The next amazing shop I found is one by NiciLaskin. I havent ordered from her yet but I definitely plan on it! I have contacted her and asked questions multiple times in the past two days and she is more than accommodating and completely open to custom orders! But …

Some Not so Workout, Workouts! (School Edition...)

Easy ways to workout at school, and no one will ever be the wiser!
Cram and Jam Get fit while you’re stuck in class! You can pull of these calf-tightening moves while sitting in your chair – and nobody will ever notice. Cross your legs and point the toe of the leg that’s dangling, then trace the alphabet with your foot. When you’re done, point your heel at the floor and stretch toes back for 10 seconds or so. Switch legs, and repeat on the other side. Just don’t space out – the teacher might call on you!
Leg extensions in Latin While sitting at your desk, extend your legs, one at a time, until they are completely straight. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds at a time, then slowly release back to the floor. If ya need to, keep your legs at an angle so they slide under the chair in front of you. For a serious burn, try 10 to 15 reps at a snail’s pace, using your abs to pull your legs up and lower them down.
Hip flexors in history While sitting in your chair, lift your right foot a few inches off the g…

Some Not So Workout, Workouts!

So you don't want to workout, but you really need to... Here are a few ways to trick you bod into thinking you are doing just everyday tasks, while you get in an awesome workout!
Slim Surfin’ Time spent on your computer doesn’t have to be fitness free! If you have rubber playground ball, squeeze it between your knees to tighten thighs while you IM your friends. Or try this: Scoot your bum forwards a few inches from the back of your seat. Now, squeeze your butt cheeks together as hard as you can. Hold and squeeze for a few seconds, rest and repeat several times. 
Tone on the Phone When your phone rings, take the call standing up. Just standing instead of sitting makes a big difference in how many calories you burn! Then, sit down and stand back up 10 times in a row during each call. Do that 10 times in a day, and you’ve done 30 squats – enough to seriously tighten your thighs! You can also grab a tennis ball and squeeze it in your hands, it will tighten your forearms and it’s a great s…

Winterlicious TAG

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
Hot Blooded by j.a.n.e. I couldn't find the product to link it, but it is a bright red

2) Favorite Winter lip product?
My eos Lip Balm!

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
The Flannel Shirts from Hollister, I have two and would wear them every day if I could!

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
Probably my Snowflake earrings from Claires

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
Anything sweet, I have sugar cookie plug-ins and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Candles (by Bath and Body Works) in my room right now

6) Favorite Winter beverage?
I don't really have one, I hate coffee and I'm not a huge hot drink fan anyway... I guess Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
I like The Santa Clause movies
8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
I like Baby it's Cold Outside, but I haven't decided on the right version yet...

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
Anything with Cinnamon, Sugar, or Cream Cheese Icing! :)

10) What is your fav…

Would You Rather...? TAG

So what do you guys think of me doing TAG posts? Yes? No? Annoying? Maybe? Email me some feedback! :)

1. Would you rather go out with messy hair and nice make-up or nice hair and no make-up?
Messy hair, nice makeup
2. Would you rather shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
Eyelashes fall out... You could use falsies! :)
3. Would you rather be forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
Sephora! More options!
4. Would you rather wear lipgloss/lipliner look or an 80's perm?
Hmmmm... Lipgloss and Lipliner?
5. Would you rather leave the house with obvious foundation or overdone blush?
Overdone blush, it wears off quicker!
6. Would you rather wear MC Hammer pants or Biker Shorts in public?
Ick... Biker Shorts i guess?
7. Would you rather have a bad orange-y spray tan or weird tan lines you can't cover up?
Weird tan lines! You could make up an awesome back story on the insane things you did to get them!
8. Would you rather have a bad hair cut or a bad hair col…

Winter Version!

So I know this is a Summer time blog, but I also know that a lot of people go on vacations to cold places too! So this is my take on a Winter Vacation packing list! Hope you like it!

Toiletries and Personal Care  Toothbrush   Toothpaste   Deodorant   Hair      - Brush      - Comb      - Hair styling products      - Hair Straightener/Curler      - Blow-dryer      - Dry Shampoo      - Hair-bows           - Elastics           - Claws           - Bobby pins           - Hair Bands   Body Lotion   Perfume/Body Spray   Skincare products      - Oil Blotting Sheets      - Makeup Remover      - Acne Treatment      - Facial Lotion   Eyes (if aplicable)       - Contacts Case        - Solution       - Extra Contacts       - Glasses   Safety pins   Band-aids
Shower Bag   Shower Gel   Bar Soap   Shampoo and Conditioner   Skincare Products   Bath Pouf   Razor   Shaving Gel
Makeup Bag   Makeup Setting Spray   Primer   Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer  Concealer   Powder  Bronzer  Blush   Eyeshadow   Eye Line…