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Dirty Myrtle 2017: Day 1

7:05 Good morning ladies, it's beach day!! 

I have been up about an hour now finishing up some last minute things, and I was up until after 1 last night doing the same… it's been hectic, and I'm wiped, but ready to get on the road! 
Kaitlyn should be here in about an hour, and before then I've got to finish packing, get ready, and pack my car! I better get to it 😅
Beach bound!
I was actually able to accomplish pretty much everything I needed to this morning and was ready when Kaitlyn got here, that never happens!
9:30 We already made a stop at Denny's for breakfast, and we are barely an hour away from home… This might be a long trip 😂

We decided to split salted caramel banana shortbread pancakes and an omelet… It was so good, but it was just too much, we barely even finished half!

We finished breakfast, drove a little further down the road, and then switched drivers because she is better in traffic and more used to this road than me. Our current "estimated a…

Beach Bag Essentials

I thought it would be fun to show you all what I keep in my beach bag while we are at the beach! So the first thing we need to address is the bag.You need one that is functional, as well as cute, don't think only about the cute factor!My mom has one that I borrowed for my beach trip earlier this summer that functions as a bag on top with a cooler on the bottom!This is simply a canvas Del Sol bag, but it sure gets the job done!
The first thing I find absolutely necessary at the beach is reading material!This year I brought the second book in the Seafina series, as well as a set of James Patterson’s “book shots” called Kisses at Midnight.I love reading, but I so rarely have the time to devote to a book.The beach is the perfect place to finish them all!
If books aren’t your thing then try something a little lighter with a magazine.I carried these two around all week and never cracked them open because I was so into my books, but my mom caught up on all of her magazine reading this week!…

College Collection

So last year around this time of year I decided to put together a series of posts about College Prep as I prepared to attend Appalachian State University. Those have become some of my most popular posts on this blog so I thought it might be fun to highlight them as I prepare for my second year at Appalachian!
My Dorm Haul

Basic College Packing List

Packing Clothing and Cleaning Out

Packing Makeup and Toiletries 

My Dorm Tour

College Rambles

Complete College Packing List

Second Year Recap
And you can find the link to the full series here!

Nadine West: Second Shipment

This was my second shipment of Nadine West, which is a styling service which sends you clothing and accessories for about $10 a month (or every two weeks if you prefer).  You have about a week to a week and a half to try on the cloths and decide if you like them enough to keep them, and if you do the price you paid for shipping is subtracted from the total cost of the items you elect to keep!  What make it even better?  Everything is under $30!
Can you see the disdain on my face? I hate skulls and was really disappointed to see this print top in my bag.  It was also suuuuuper tight.  This might be some peoples style, but not mine.  And it seems so off the wall!  Everything else in my bags have been so bright and cheery, and this is so dark.  Regardless, this is the Ailsa top and it retails for $17.49.
This is called the Elena romper and it retails for $29.99. So, I kept saying in all of my reviews on Nadine West that I wanted rompers and I liked off the shoulder tops.  In theory they…

Target Beauty Box: June

So back in June I decided to try out my first ever Target Beauty Box!  I keep an eye out each time they are released and I always debate if I should get one or not, but this one really looked up my ally! So I figured hey, I can spare $7!
It comes in the standard basic white box, which I'm sure you are all familiar with.
This is the Masque Bar Soothing Sheet Mask.  It is supposed to moisturize, soften, and nourish your skin. Personally I am not a huge fan of sheet masks, I like cream better, but my mom has been wanting to try one out. So this went to her! I don't see that as a loss because I still wouldn't have been upset with it is I'd had to keep it.
This is the Schick HydroSilk Razor.  I love that most of my Razors come from Subscription boxes at this point!  Razors can be so expensive, this helps a ton!  I haven't opened this one up yet and am considering leaving it packaged up to take it to school with me, but I generally love the razors with a moisturizing ba…

Ipsy: June

So guys... I resubscribed to Ipsy!  Since I was back to having a summer job I figured I could spare $10 a month!  And so far, this bag wasn't the best, but I updated my profile so it will take a minute for them to readapt.
The bag this month though... It is on my swap site on MySubscriptionAddiction if you want it!  Needless to say, I wasn't impressed.
This is the Kokie nail polish in the color Gone Rio.  I hadn't ever heard of this brand before, but the packaging is adorable!  Apparently you can buy it at Walmart for around $5.  The color is a really nice orange-y coral and it has a decent lasting power considering how rough I am on my nails!  Overall I liked it and I would buy from this brand again.
This is the City Color Shimmer Shadow in the color Cheers to Life.  It is a pretty basic sandy brown with a ton of shimmer, obviously!  City Color isn't my favorite brand to get because it is fairly cheap and the products are kind of hit or miss.  I'll give it a try …

Nadine West: May

I signed up for a new subscription service!  I know... So surprising. This one is Nadine West; it is a clothing subscription service, but unlike many other similar services it is only $9.98 per month!  The items in the package tend to run from around $10 to $30, but if you choose to keep anything then the price of shipping will be deducted from whatever you don't return!  It also comes with a prepaid shipping label and whatever you don't like you put back in the bag it came in, cover the old shipping label, and stick it in the mail!  Easy as that!
Sorry, I couldn't wait to open it to get a really good picture...  But isn't it wrapped super cute? When you sign up you take a style quiz picking examples of clothes and jewelry you like and how often you would like to receive them, as well as your preference on colors and patterns.  Each month you should receive at least one clothing item, as well as two or three other accessories!
They nailed my taste in earrings!  These …