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Bulu Box: February

So I saw a coupon on this Subscription box which would make every box you ever ordered $5 instead of $10, which sounds great right?  Not so my friends... I figured this would be a nice health subscription box with healthy food and workout tips, maybe with a few supplements... It is almost entirely supplements, and I am not a big enough health nut to buy into it all... So needless to say, I canceled, but thought I'd let you know what I received and a couple of the small highlights!
The first thing I pulled out was the Vital 4U Fiber Drink which is: "Packed with soluble prebiotic promote better gut health and digestion."  These are $12.00 for a 12 pack, and I received two, so basically a $2 value.  I gave these to my mom to add into our smoothies she makes for an added boost, because I didn't want to drink them straight.
There were the only things I was SUPER excited about! I love gummy vitamins!  These were the best I had ever tried, with a great flavor, a…

Spring Break Essentials (Vegas Edition!)

When going on Spring Break there are some basic essentials everyone needs, but when going to Vegas on Spring Break?  You have to have your packing list down to a "T"! I was inspired by's One Bag or Bust initiative, along with multiple other bloggers, to each pick up to five of our own Spring Break essentials, and these are mine! Cute Koozie - This would have to be my first essential, because no matter what kind of drink you have on hand, it is going to get hot quick in that Vegas heat.  Keeping it iced or frozen and in a Koozie is an essential for keeping your drink... drinkable.  They have a set of two super cute and girly ones in the Target dollar section right now for $3! Water Bottle - Along with that Koozie, you are going to need a good water bottle to stay hydrated!  The heat intense and will quickly dehydrate you, but if you are also drinking?  That is an all day hangover waiting to happen...  So, go one for one.  For every alcoholic drink you have have a c…

Spring Break 2016

Well I just finished an extremely short Spring Break... I was only given two days last week! Isn't that sad?  But hey, I had the most of it!
I started out Spring Break (on Wednesday night) with a bonfire for my friend's birthday!  We have the perfect bonfire spot beside a river, and in the river lives otters!  It was too dark to see them that night, but they are my favorite animal, and I am looking foreward to many Summer bonfires with our otter friends!  I have never really been into the whole eno hammock thing, but my friend brought a double so I though, why not??  It was surprisingly comfortable, and we had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday together!
But now the main event of Spring Break... On Thursday Maze (my boyfriend) and I went to a Flogging Molly concert in Charlotte!  
But first I made him take me to South Park Mall, because it looked insane!!  And it was, though it took longer to get to Charlotte than we thought it would so we only got to spend like an hour...…

Ipsy February + December and January Highlights!

The February bag as been the best I've gotten in a few months, to the point that I really didn't feel like the last to were interesting enough to post...  I finally even went and re-did my style profile quiz because they were beginning to seem like a waste. But it was Valentine's Day, which I love, and this one was a hit!
At first I thought this was Naked as in Urban Decay, but it is actually Naked Cosmetics brand.  They are more natural cosmetics made with mica, so they are veeeery glittery.  It is a nice color with good pigmentation, but it's a loose pigment which I'm not crazy over, and you have to make sure and get the glitter spread out evenly or it looks tacky. 
I have been sent this brand before, and gave it pretty low scores because I kind of wanted high end brands... Is that snobby?  Regardless, this time they sent me a loose powder blush.  Like with the eyeshadow, I find it a bit hard to use.  It is also a little dark for my skin tone, but I'm gonna …

FOMO and Money Matters

Have you ever been dying to go shopping, but low on funds?  Or attempting to figure out what to do this weekend, but unable to make plans with your friends for the same reason? What about Spring Break??  That is a bank breaker...
Have you ever heard of FOMO?  It is the Fear of Missing Out, and I'd have to say that I have been subjected to this on more than one occasion!
Today, I want to show you girls some easy ways to save money, make money, and get things completely for free, so you will never subjected to FOMO again so you can shop and make plans however you please!

Saving Money 1.) Cartwheel - If you shop at Target frequently (or ever!) this app is absolutely necessary!  It has coupons for Target that you can't find anywhere else, which run for a short period of time.  You are also given an allotted amount of coupons per transaction, I think you start with 15.  You add the coupons to your "barcode" and instead of having to scan each coupon individually, so it comb…

Review: Etsy Body Products!

Whipped Up Wonderful Whipped Up Wonderful is a wonderful Etsy company that I have had the opportunity to order from multiple times now, as you all saw in my Truffle Themed Present post. In this such oder I chose the Cinnamon Bun Bubble Bar.  First of all, it looks and smells exactly like you could just pop it in your mouth and eat it! It is $7.99, and can be broken apart and used for multiple baths.  As I said, it smells heavenly, makes tons of bubbles, and because the majority of the product is Cocoa butter it makes the water incredibly silky! 
She has a fun promotion going, that if you post a picture of your products from her shop and she reposts your picture, you can mention it in you next order and get a free random bath bomb!  That is what I did in this case, and received the Orange Peel Bath Bomb.  I tend to go for warmer food scents, and this is a very herbal scent, but I will definitely still put it to use! One thing I love about her shop is that for her general products (Bath…

January and February Life Update + Announcements!

Life has been crazy lately...   Starting with the fact that it never stops snowing.   Like literally, as soon as one snow melts, the next one comes! I was out of school and work for over a week at the end of January! But despite that, life has went on, and some pretty cool things have actually happened...

First of all, I'm still upset about the Superbowl, despite the fact that I love Peyton Manning. Second, I have started my own cupcake business! I have always really enjoyed baking cupcakes, and it is one of my ultimate life goals to have a cupcake shop, but for right now I'll settle for a Facebook page! I'm not currently shipping, but I would still appreciate if you would go like my page, Sassy Sweets Cupcakes, and if you live in or are near the Western North Carolina Asheville area, hit me up! In case you are wondering, the Panthers cupcake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting, and the Broncos cupcakes is vanilla blue and orange swirled, with creamsicle frosting.