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Graze: Saptember

I started a new subscription box!

You may remember me reviewing this box once before, early last year, and I liked it then but wasn't willing to pay that much for it.  I recently found a $20 voucher on Groupon for a four month  subscription with 8 snacks each.  I did the math, and I thought it was a pretty good deal, so why not give it another shot!

This is technically the September box, so I'm a bit behind, but I felt it was worth sharing anyway!
This Peachy Orchard is full of dried fruit like rhubarb and pear, with "peach drops." It seems like an interesting combination!

These Sesame Garlic Crunch crackers were pretty good!  I liked the crunch, and they were a kind of spicy/salty

I think this concept of sending cookies and tea together is so cool!  This was Lemon Almond cookies and Black Tea.

This Salted Fudge and Peanut cookie snack was just ok.  I liked the fudge, cookies, and salted peanuts, but the redskin peanuts didn't have a ton of flavor.
I had tried a …

Girls Night In!

Time to unwind with a girls night!  If you are like me and my adorable roomie, you just completed a week of mind numbing midterms and you need to unwind.  

Priority number one is getting into the comfiest possible clothes that you own, bonus points if you have super cute matching pjs unlike me... My top pick is my boyfriends flannel (which is huge on me! <3) and leggings with fuzzy socks.  
If you want to go the comfy but cute route, Adore Me has sleepwear ranging from sexy slips and camis if you are having a night in with your significant other, cute sweats for a girls night like we are having, and robes if you just need something to cuddle up in and be extra cozy! I highly reccomend them!  And, just like with their bra and panty sets, your first set is only $25!
Step two is to slap on a face mask!
In the picture above I am wearing the Glam Glow SuperMud, which is not pictured because I only have a small Sephora sample, but it works as well as everyone claims!  My roommate is wea…