Saturday, December 3, 2016

Degusta Box: October

I hadn't ever heard of this subscription box until I received an email about a promotion they were having.  This is a $19.99 subscription box, but they were offering a special discount for $6.99 plus two free gifts!  I figured, why not give it a try?

It came in a HUGE heavy box!  Inside it was wrapped with a cute little sticker, and everything even moderately breakable was packaged in bubble wrap.  I was immediately impressed.  

I thought I'd show the two sweet little extra gifts they sent me first...

You can't tell as much in this picture, but this is a quite large bag of mini cow tales! 

They also sent me a bag of Haribo sour gummy bears.  I am not a big Haribo fan, but these seem similar to Sour Patch Kids, which I love, so maybe they will be good!  I can't really complain too much anyway since they were a free gift with the box!  And candy! Perfect for Halloween.

Now let's get into the actual products in the box.  It came with nine different things, but a few of products came in multiples!

The first thing I pulled out, fully bubble wrapped, was this Sharwood's Tikka Masala sauce.  It is a Indian simmer sauce.  I have heard about Tikka Masala sauce many times on food network, but never tried or attempted to make it before.  Pretty excited!  This is valued at $4.99.

This is Brianna's Home Style Poppy Seed Dressing, and is made to be used as a traditional salad dressing, or as the main dressing for coleslaw, fruit, potato, tuna, and chicken salads.  It sounds like a nice tangy sweet dressing and I'm excited to try it! This bottle is valued at $3.99.

I got these Chef's Cut Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky in a Love With Food box once as well!  I am not a fan of jerky so I've given them to the men in my family, and my dad says it is really good stuff! This bag is valued at $5.99.

I've seen these Beanitos White Bean Chips featured in a few different subscription boxes recently, but I hadn't ever tried them before.  These are in the flavors Nacho Cheese and Hint of Lime.  I'm not a lime fan, but these remind me of Doritos.  These are valued at $1 each, and it came with a coupon for a free full sized bag as well!

I wish I had good things to say about this, but honestly this non-alcoholic Ginger Beer is probably one of the worst products I've gotten in a subscription box to date... It was so yucky!!  These are valued at $1.50 each.

These are NibMor dark chocolate bars, one with blueberry filling and the other with cherry!  They are both full sized chocolate bars, made with read fruit, and they sound amazing!  These are valued at $1.39 each.

These Basil and Garlic Olives were an odd little addition to the box I felt like.  But then again, I'm not a fan of green olives... So I will probably end up giving these to my mom!  These are valued at $1.49, and also come in the flavors Lemon and Rosemary, Chili and Garlic, and Chili and Oregano.

I felt like these Honees Honey Lemon cough drops were an even more odd addition to the box!  All kinds of food, snacks, and cooking ingredients... and then cough drops?  I mean, I guess it is useful to have!  These are valued at $2.75.

I somehow forgot to take a picture of this during the original shoot, but I made sure to take one when I used it tonight!  This is "Ponti Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena," and is described as a dressing, but is basically a balsamic glaze which can be used on basically anything!  This bottle is valued at $5.99.

Tonight I made honey bacon glazed chicken with balsamic vegetables and it was pretty amazing!  I'd definitely use and make it again!

The papers that came with this pox included a two recipe ingredient card for the Tikka Masala sauce, a recipe for the Brianna's dressing, and a coupon for the Beanitos chips!  

This is probably one of the weirdest boxes I've ever gotten honestly... It was multiple different ingredients for meals, none of which went together, and cough drops?  It was odd, but that's not to say I don't like it!  It was a really good value, and come with a few exciting things to try!  The total value of this box, not counting the two free gifts or the coupon for a free bag of chips, is $34.98!  Thats pretty amazing for a $20 box that I payed $7 for!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Graze: October

First of all, can we appreciate how cute this box is??  I have been using it as decoration on my windowsill with leaves and pinecones, it matches perfectly and it is adorable!
I didn't realize until much later that the print on the box is actually beets though... Interesting.  Cute, but interesting nonetheless.

This is a Banana Cream Pie snack pack which includes "chewy banana coins, pecan nuts, yogurt coated raisins and sunflower seeds."  I like all of those things except pecans, so I honestly might just pick those out... It is still exciting regardless!
These Honey Drizzled Cashews were amazing, and that is saying a lot for me because I am not a big fan of nuts!  These were the perfect mix of sweet and salty, and super crunchy with the hardened honey.
I had these cookie dippers the first time I tried this box and I remember loving them then too... These are cookie dippers with a Summer Berry Compote, kind of like a jam.  I ate them when no one was looking, so I will admit that I shamelessly finished my cookies and licked out the rest of the jam.  Well, almost shamelessly.
This Pumpkin Spice Flapjack is Graze's version of a granola bar.  I want to dislike things like this on principle, simply because it is pumpkin spice, but this was actually pretty amazing!  Nice and cinnamon-y.
These Kettlecorn Kern Pops were kind of odd honestly.  I didn't hate them, but they weren't my favorite either.  They were very hard and a bit difficult to chew, but they had that really nice sweet and salty kettlecorn flavor.  I'd say they were a solid pretty good.
I thought I'd gotten a repeat, but upon further inspection it was the same product type but different flavor.  This is a Chia Coconut Cookie with Turmeric and Ginger Tea... To tell the truth, of all those things the only one I like is Chia, but we will give it a shot.
I think the fact that they have expanded the range of their basic snack packs to include things like tea, popcorn, soup (if you opt in), and now granola toppers!  This is a Strawberries and Cream Protein Granola Topper, and I am super excited about it!  Such a cool concept!
I've had this Herby Bread Basket a few times and it is just not my thing...  I like all of the spice it lists like garlic and oregano, but just something about this tastes odd to me.  I ate it, and I didn't hate it, but it isn't my favorite either.

If you would like to try this fun box out, when you sign up use the code "RR93G9KTP," to get your first box free!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sprezza Box: October

This type of post is a bit out of the ordinary for me... You all know I am obsessed with subscription boxes, but this one is a man's subscription box!  I have seen this type of box before and thought they looked interesting, but expensive and a bit feminine.  

This one was neither of those things.  It is normally $28, which is more than I like to pay for a box, but they were doing a promotion for your first box for $8!  I thought, why not?  I can either give it to my boyfriend or my day, everyone wins! 

The box came with:
A Countess Mara Tie
Sprezza brand Cufflinks
Paul Evans Socks
A Business Card Holder
"Fashion Anchors" (set of 6)
Frey for Men Laundry Detergent (1 load)

As you can see, it came with many really nice items, that seem to be good quality, and were beautifully packaged!
I plan to give the tie and socks to my boyfriend as part of his Christmas present, and the business card holder to my friend who is currently majoring in business.  I kept the fashion anchors for myself, which is basically like industrial fashion tape, and have been putting them to good use.  They work really well!  The laundry detergent smells like the best men's cologne you could imagine... I plan on passing that on to my boyfriend, and possibly buying him the full size of it!  I haven't fully decided what to do with the cufflinks yet though, no body in my life really wears cufflinks!

This is the description card which came with the box.  They valued the box at about $130, but when I looked up the items individually and added the prices it was closer to $90.  Still though, for $8, or even for $28, a $90 value is pretty great!  

If you are a male looking to improve your style, or a woman trying to improve the style of a man in your life, I highly suggest giving this box a shot!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mail Time: TheECPlannerKitLady Sticker Haul

So apparently Halloween was mail day for me!  I checked my mailbox that morning after class and found a few fun things, and then later I got a notification that a package had been delivered, so why not check again?  I found my package and another letter!  It hadn't been such a great weekend, so finding all of the fun things waiting for me on Monday perked me right up!

I got three cards, one from my mom, my mom's coworker, and my grandmother!  I thought it was fun that all three had puppies.

My mother also sent me a huge box of Halloween goodies!  Candy, tattoos, donuts, fake bugs, all kinds of fun stuff!

But now on to the true meat of this post, I recently placed two orders with TheECPlannerKitLady on Etsy!  I know two is a bit excessive, but first she had a sale, and then she offered a discounted grab bag, both just for members of her Facebook group!  Planner stickers can be very expensive, so I jump at opportunities to get things for a better price!  You also may remember early this year I did a large sticker haul, and I'd finally began to run a bit low on those, so I figured it was time!

First Order
These were the things I chose specifically for myself on the sale day, and everything totaled out to about $7.
This is a bit messy, because I cut up the cards to organize the washi tape before I took the picture, but you still get the idea!  She was offering 30 washi tape samples, wrapped around playing cards, for only around $5!  I like some more than others, but it is a fun thing to have!

I also used these before I thought to take a picture... but they are countdown to Christmas stickers!  It came as a set of 24 countdown days, as well as a few activity stickers such as "wrap presents" or "bake Christmas cookies"!  they were only around $1 or $2.  Such a fun thing, I love them!

Second Order
These were the items that came in the grab bag I ordered for $15; it is a random mix of punches, kits, washi tape, and stickers!
This was one of her small Christmas kits with washi and punches.  The punches have a piece of tape on the back to adhere them to the pages.  I usually use them for special events that I want to stand out in my planner.

Similarly to the Christmas kit above, this is her fall kit with punches and washi!  I loved the leaf shapes and designs, and I have already dipped into both of these!

These were the stickers which came with both kits respectively.  They are pre-made, not by the shop owner, and more for decorative than functional use.

This is another fall kit she sent me, but these were all stickers! I love stickers... This kit came with a countdown to Thanksgiving sheet, decorative banners, and "To do" list boxes. 

I thought it was so much fun that I ended up with both the Christmas and Thanksgiving countdown!  They are super cute, I couldn't wait to get them in my planner.

Next, I received TWENTY bobbins with washi tape samples!  Twenty!  There were only a couple of repeats from the washi tape in my first order, but I do kind of wish I hadn't ordered that and just waited for these!  Oh well, I need not complain, I am now well stocked on washi tape!

These two are not a kit that go together, just two more random things in the grab bag!  The card with the nautical themed washi tape actually came in my first order as well, so I ave plenty of that style!
I also received this bag of tiny tiny flower punches... I'm not totally sure what to do with them yet since they are too small to write on, but they are pretty!

The last things in my grab bag was a pretty sparkly gold pen, and a circle clip.  I was a bit disappointed that the ink in the pen was black instead of gold, but it writes smoothly, so I know it will quickly become one of my favorites anyway! 
Honestly, I'm not totally sure what to do with the circle clip, or how it relates to planner accessories...  So I'm open to suggestions!

And here is her card!  TheECPlannerKitLady has a wonderful shop that I've ordered from for years, she introduced me into the world of planner stickers.  I highly suggest you check her out, and if you use the code "Just4U" you can get 15% off of your order!  I used it with both of these, and ended up paying just under $20 for it all!  Personally, I think that is pretty great.

By the way, I went to get my mail a couple of days later and found this fun box that I can't wait to share with you all!  Apparently it is just mail week!

If you would like to send me any letters personally, make any suggestions for my blog, or contact me about about a company opportunity you can reach me at:
Bethany Allen
ASU Box 09665
Boone, NC 28608

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Influenster Chapstick VoxBox

This was a fun VoxBox to be a part of!  
Before these three new Chapstick flavors were released to stores, I got to give them a shot!
 If you would like to try out this service where they send you products to review, you can sign up here: 

These Chapsticks are actually different from your everyday $1 chapstick beside the register at Walmart.  These are 100% natural lip butter "with naturally sourced ingredients, including Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax for healthier looking lips."  I was sent three flavors, Green Tea Mint, Sweet Papaya, Pink Grapefruit.

By far my favorite of the three flavors was Green Tea Mint.  I didn't really get much green tea flavor, but it had a nice minty tingle.  The Sweet Papaya was good, nice and fruity.  My least favorite was the Pink Grapefruit... But I'm not a huge fan of the fake grapefruit smell/flavor regardless.  You know those Grapefruit Bert's Bees makeup remover wipes?  The smell makes my stomach turn!
As for the actually quality of the Chapsticks, I'm honestly kind of torn...  I have very sensitive lips, and after beginning to use these my lips dried out even further, becoming tight and rough, and then they began to peel.  This isn't the first brand of lip products to cause this, but it is the first problem I've had in years.  I am a fan of the Chapstick brand in general and own many of the original flavors, and they haven't ever given me a problem before!  After my lips go back to normal I plan to give them another shot by themselves, so nothing else can interfere with the experiment!  It made me sad that this happened because I genuinely enjoyed the subtle flavors and smooth moisturizing feel they give.
Therefore, I suggest you try them.  They have wonderful reviews and I haven't heard any other odd cases which match up with mine, so consider me the exception instead of the rule.  I will try them out again, and hopefully report back to you with better news soon!

I think my lips are just in a weird state of chapped and the mix of too many different chapsticks!  Therefore, please try these out for yourself because they have a wonderful feel to them!

Despite some difficulties, I was still thrilled to receive this box!  Thank you Influenster, and once again, if you'd like to be part of some their future campaigns you can sign up here: 
Disclosure, I received this products for free from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

Finally, just a small announcement, I got a P.O. Box! If you would like to send me any letters personally, make any suggestions, or contact me about about a company opportunity you can reach me at:
Bethany Allen
ASU Box 09665
Boone, NC 28608

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Graze: Saptember

I started a new subscription box!

You may remember me reviewing this box once before, early last year, and I liked it then but wasn't willing to pay that much for it.  I recently found a $20 voucher on Groupon for a four month  subscription with 8 snacks each.  I did the math, and I thought it was a pretty good deal, so why not give it another shot!

This is technically the September box, so I'm a bit behind, but I felt it was worth sharing anyway!

This Peachy Orchard is full of dried fruit like rhubarb and pear, with "peach drops." It seems like an interesting combination!

These Sesame Garlic Crunch crackers were pretty good!  I liked the crunch, and they were a kind of spicy/salty

I think this concept of sending cookies and tea together is so cool!  This was Lemon Almond cookies and Black Tea.

This Salted Fudge and Peanut cookie snack was just ok.  I liked the fudge, cookies, and salted peanuts, but the redskin peanuts didn't have a ton of flavor.
I had tried a snack similar to this Spicy Sriracha Crunch from the Japan pavilion in Disney, and they are pretty good.  They consist of sriracha peas, popped corn kernels, and salted corn.
I had gotten this Honeycomb Flapjack, which is their version of a granola bar, in one of the boxes I tried last year.  I remember liking it then too!
Energizing Almond Carrot and Apple... I'm not sure about this.  I like dried apples, but plain almond isn't really my thing, and "orange and carrot flavored chews"...? I'm not sure what I think about that.
This Caramel Apple set was probably my favorite thing out of the box!  I love apples and caramel, but I hadn't ever thought about dipping dried apples in caramel!  I definitely approve, it was a good combination!

I found this little joke on the box and thought it was super cute... <3

If you would like to get your first box for free then make an account on and use this promo code: RR93G9KTP

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend!