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College Countdown: Second Year Recap

So at the beginning of this year I did my "College Countdown" series, and they quickly became some of the most popular posts on this blog to date!  I just finished my second year of college, first year actually away at a university, and I thought it would be nice to bring that series to a final close with a recap of how my year at Appalachian State University went! 
Overall this past year just seems like a dream.  As I walked through the common areas of the school and saw people playing frisbee, walking dogs, enoing, tightlining, and trying to spread their opinions to the masses it was like watching a scene out of a movie.  I honestly couldn't believe I had made it to this place, and even during difficult times I never stopped being thankful for the opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition at a place like Appalachian.
Classes and Internships My major is middle grades education, and because I came in with my associates degree that meant I got to jump right in to my educ…
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Nadine West: Fourth Shipment

So this wasn't the most successful shipment ever, but I still got one nice piece out of it!  And they left me a sweet surprise which I'll tell you about at the end, so I wasn't upset at all!
This is actually two items from my shipment!  This outfit contains both the shirt and leggings from this month, and they kind of go together!  
Though I really liked the pattern of the leggings, they are much more like tights.  They were totally see through, which made me pretty sad.  If they were marketed as tights then I wouldn't be too disappointed, but these were called Leggings.  They retailed for $14.49, and I didn't keep them.
The shirt fit very well and was extremely comfy.  I have been looking for a shirt this color, so I was pretty excited to see it in my bag, even though it is pretty basic.  This shirt also retailed for $14.49, and I did elect to keep it!
These are the "Beauty Within" earrings, and I'm actually pretty sure I received the matching neckl…

Second Year Empties: Skincare, Makeup, and Body Products

I know I'm posting on a weird day, but it was a busy weekend and I didn't want to get off of my posting schedule again!  I have too much good content to deliver in the next few weeks to put it off again!
Deodorant and Perfume
You gotta have things to make you smell good!
First on the left is the Tom's Naturally Dry deodorant.  I received this in my Amazon sample box, and it was interesting.  It smelled very strongly of baby powder, which wasn't bad, but then later I smelled like sweat and baby powder...  It didn't stop or cover the sweat, just mixed with it.  But I guess that is a result of it being a natural product?
Second is the Suave 24 Hour Protection deodorant in Wild Cherry Blossom.  This is like my go to deodorant in whatever scent, it doesn't even matter.  Apparently I'm a fan of the chemicalized deodorants and I am not ashamed!
The first perfume coming from the left is the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent from Bath and Body Works.  This has been my everyd…

Second Year Empties: Hair

Shampoo and Conditioner
These are the Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  I bought this set, along with the mousse and dry shampoo in the same line to start me out last year.  I liked them decently, but they weren't my favorite.  They had an odd smell and were a bit drying.  They weren't the worst, but I wouldn't repurchase.
These are the rest of the conditioners I finished this year!  I use a lot of conditioner...
This is Aussie Mega Moist conditioner, and this is the type of conditioner I need!  It was thick and very moisturizing, and exactly what my long hair needs when it is being dried out by "city water," since I am used to mountain water with no chemicals.  I would repurchase this.
In this middle is the Bath and Body Works Volumizing Conditioner in the scent Warm Vanilla Sugar.  I have had this so long that I'm not even sure Bath and Body Works sells shampoo and conditioner anymore!  I'm not that disappointed though, because …

Ipsy: July

Guys, this is probably the nicest Ipsy bag I have ever gotten!  All of the products that were in here were so fun and impressive!  I've used them all since receiving this bag and it has been wonderful!
But first... Let's talk about this bag.  I don't get it!  But apparently this character is very popular with those who know who he is.
I've gotta give it to them though, the back was really funny.
This is the Pacifica Island Life palette and it is soooo pretty!  The eyeshadows are crazy pigmented and very creamy feeling.  You are able to get a full look out of these five eyeshadows, which I think is the epitome of a perfect patette.  This is honestly probably one of my favorite items I've gotten in an Ipsy bag! Such a nice brand!
This is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer.
I love the brand Tarte, and this was such a fun addition since I don't usually buy or play around with more than my everyday bronzer.  It is a bit sparkly for my usual taste, but it w…

Graze: July

I love Graze boxes... They are so cute!
These are the Sesame Garlic Crunch crackers, and I think I might have had these before... But I can't remember exactly.  In the same like, I think I liked them, but I can't totally remember!  I know I like garlic though, so hopefully they are a win!
These are some of my favorite snacks from Graze!  These are the Caramel Apple dippers and they are soooo good!  The apples aren't too chewy and somehow retain a bit of their juicy kind of texture, and I could drink caramel.  I highly suggest rating these high so you get more of them.
These are cinnamon pretzels and cinnamon honey almonds!  So to be honest I'm not into either of these things usually, but I loooove cinnamon!  I also have had surprisingly good luck with their flavored almonds, which is crazy considering I hate nuts, but honey is the best, so I'm all for this!
This is the Summer Berry Flapjack.  Inside they have "berry infused cranberries"... which confuses…

Nadine West: Third Shipment

Another Nadine West bag!  This is such a fun little bag, and I have really looked forward to every one thus far!
These are the Simple Sparkles "diamond" stud earrings.  Though these are very cute and I actually kinda wanted to keep them, I have too many pair that are too similar.  These did retail for $6.49 though, which is suuuuper reasonable.
This is the Make a Wish necklace.  I wanted to like this based off of the name, but it just really isn't my style!  I don't feel like I can pull off a crown necklace/princess persona...  But anyway, this retails for $17.99, which I feel is a bit much for cheap jewelry.
This is the Constance top.  It is like a baby pink chevron cami, and I wasn't into this really.  I have enough camis, and am not really into printed ones, so this just wasn't my style.  This retailed for $9.49, which isn't too bad
Fianlly, we have the Zipped floral romper, and as you might have guessed it has a zipper up the front allowing you to de…