Saturday, March 18, 2017

Walmart Box: Winter

Now I know it isn't winter anymore, but the Walmart Box is still one of my favorites so I wanted to make sure and get it up anyway!

This box is only $5 and comes once a season, so if you are looking for an affordable option that gives the most bang for your buck I highly suggest this!

I also thought this box was even prettier than the past few ones!  When they started this program they had a very basic box, but now they are getting prettier and better themed with each season!  I really liked the snowflakes on the paper, super cute.

This is the Dove Nutrium Moisture body wash.  If you remember, I also got this sample in my Amazon box, so Dove was really trying to promote this product this winter!  As I said before, it feels soft and moisturizing, and it makes a ton of bubbles!  I remember my grandmother using a similar body wash when I was little, so I can't figure out if this is a rerelease or the same product or what, but that's all I can think of!

This is the Pond's Rejuvenss Anti-Wrinkle Cream.  I've always seen this product in the travel section at Walmart but I hadn't ever tried it!  It is a nice size and the cutest little jar in my opinion!  I have been using it at night since receiving it and though I don't really have any wrinkles to correct right now it is always good to be ahead of the game!  It is nice and moisturizing, but doesn't feel super greasy.

This is the Dove Advanced Care baby deodorant in a scent similar scent to Cucumber Melon.  I can always use more baby deodorants, so I was happy to get this!  They are perfect for travel.

This is the Curél Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer.  I have tried a few wet skin moisturizers now and I'm just not sure what I think about them in general... They feel a little weird to me, and I don't know how to let myself air-dry in a dorm or public showers, so it just feels like I am wiping it off when I try to dry off a little bit.

This Covergirl Lash Blast Volume is like one of the OG mascaras!  I have actually never tried this one, and have yet to open it because I literally have like eight open right now...  I looked it up just to see the internet's opinion on it and it has over 10,000 reviews with 4.4 stars!  That is incredibly impressive, and I can't wait until one of my mascaras dries up and I can open it with a clear conscious.

This is the Garnier Whole Blends Green Apple and Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner.  I think this whole campagin is a bit odd honestly... It looks very 90s, and not in a great way.  Looking at the entire line makes me like it more, just maybe not this specific set.

I think this was a pretty cool things to include in the box!  It is a dollar off coupon for three of the most popular gossip magazines, InStyle, People, and StyleWatch.  I don't generally sit down to read magazines, but they are good for a while so I'll probably save them for vacation!

Overall this was a pretty cool box!!  I have been regularly using the face cream, am happy to have the deodorant, and can't wait to use the mascara!  Also, the mascara alone was like $6, so that pretty much paid for the box on its own!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Graze: February

I decided to pause my Graze subscription over winter break since I was going to be at home, so this is the first one I have received since November!  If you all remember, I originally purchased a discounted subscription of six months for around $20 or something like that from Groupon, so I only have one more month left after this!  I have loved this box, so that is kind of sad!

The box this month was adorable, it was very bright and Spring-y.  I love that they are changing up their boxes for the seasons now!

So I’m pretty sure I chose that I loved these Thai Sweet Chili Dippers before I ever received them just because I love the dippers and wanted to give it a try.  They were a little spicier than I expected, but they were still really good!  I would like to find the crackers just in a box, I could eat those all day!

I have tried a few of their other flapjacks now, which is their version of granola bars, and they have all been really good!  They are also usually higher in protein, but they don’t have that gritty protein bar texture, which I appreciate.  I have high hopes for this Original Fruity Flapjack!

This is the Peaches and Cream snack with white chocolate, peach drops, coconut, and vanilla cookies...  Aside from the coconut shavings which are just yucky, I am so excited about everything in this!  It sounds so good!  Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like one of the most unhealthy snacks they've sent though? Not complaining!

I’m realizing that I may have majorly manipulated this box… I selected “love” on a lot of these things so I could get them, and apparently that tactic works!  

Barbecue in one of my favorite foods…  Good barbecue that is, so this Sweet Memphis Barbecue snack pack better fall into that category!  In it there are barbecue peas, salsa peanuts, and wild rice sticks.  I wasn’t a fan of the sriracha peas, so I am reeeeeally hoping these will be better.

I love apple pie, so I have very high expectations for this Deconstructed Cinnamon Apple Pie.  It contains cinnamon dusted apple pieces, yogurt covers raisins, and almonds.  Now I’m not a huge fan of almonds, but we will give it a shot!

Though I am not disappointed in this snack, it seems like a bit of a copout… There isn’t much of a difference between apple pie and Elanor’s Apple Crumble except these rasins are yogurt covered and the almonds are cinnamon honey flavored.  Almonds go way up in my book when they actually have a flavor, so I’m not complaining, these two snacks just feel very similar.

I loved my last granola topper, so I have high hopes for this Honeycomb Almond one as well.  In it there is granola, almonds, chocolate covered honeycomb and protein crispies.  I’m not entirely sure what “protein crispies” are, but I like them!  Just a heads up, this is usually enough granola for two standard cups of yogurt in my opinion, just saying.  

This is the New York Everything Bagel with cheese cashews, poppies onion sesame sticks, and roasted pumpkin seeds.  I love everything bagels and everything in this really reminded me of them!  It was really good!

This month the bottom inside of the box also came with a chia fruit drink recipe!  So cute!  Overall, I think this box really hit the nail on the head.  There isn't one thing I'm nor really excited about or have already really enjoyed!

If you would like to give something like this a shot then use the code "RR93G9KTP" to get your first and fifth box free!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Popsugar: February

The February box is my last one from the three month subscription I received for Christmas, and though that is very sad, we went out with a bang!  I loved every single item in this box, which is an amazing feeling, and I have been so excited about using them all!
First of all, can we notice how much cuter than normal this is?  Look at all of the crinkly stuff!

This candy bar from Chuao Chocolatier is literally heaven in your mouth... It says it is a Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Chocolate Bar, so, Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  My favorite cereal??  I approve.  The retail on this says $6, but I saw this brand at Biltmore going for around $8, which seems a bit steep for chocolate to me... But I guess we are talking about fancy chocolate here!

This is the Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch in the pattern Atitlán Brocade.  It is reversible, so if you fold it the opposite direction you basically have a brand new clutch, and it is gorgeous either way.  It is hand woven, and the Tribe Alive brand partners with artisans around the world who hire impoverished women at fair-trade wages to give them access to safer jobs.  I love products like this that have a cool story behind them, and putting it in this box was a great idea to get their name out.  Good job Tribe Alive!!  This retails at $98 on their website.

This is the Juara Skincare Candlenut Body Creme.  If you will remember, a Juara face mask was my present in the December box for joining, so apparently this brand has a very good relationship with Popsugar.  I wasn't disappointed by the face mask, and this lotion is just as great!  It has a very subtle almost coconut-y smell and even though it is thick it soaks into your skin in the best way.  This retails for $35 on their website, but can be find a little cheaper other places online (, Amazon... around $27).

This is probably the item I was least excited about in my box, but if I could figure out how to wear fake eyelashes I would be all about these Battington Monroe 3D Silk Lashes.  I mean, look at the packaging for these, they are gorgeous, and the eyelashes are so soft.  Since these are silk you can reuse them up to 25 times, which I think is really cool.  These retail for $28 on their website.  Can somebody teach me how to do this so I can wear them without looking like a crazy person?

I am obsessed with this dainty little necklace!  It is by Kris Nations Jewelry and is the Love Script Necklace.  It has an 18K Gold overlay, and I think it lives up to the "Pretty Little Things" name on the back.  Also, can we just take a moment for the cute little vial?  I mean, come on.  It is all adorable.  This beautiful little necklace retails for $48 on their website.

Finally, the special extra this month was the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade "Love is On."  You all know how I love my lipstick, and my favorite red is actually by Revlon as well!  So I know they are good.  This says it retails for $7.99 on the website, but you can get it a bit cheaper at Walmart or Target.

This box had a value of about $223, and as I have said before, even though I wouldn't pay that for most everything in here, I still love it and seeing the number makes me happy.  To be honest, the only product I didn't absolutely love was the lashes, but I still brought them back to school with me to see if there is some way I can make them work!  I was looking for another Valentine's or President's Day sale to order another few boxes, but they didn't really have one...  At first I was sad, but I decided to order the Special Edition Girls Night Out box instead (which you will see soon).  After receiving that box and then seeing spoilers of what is in the March Popsugar box, I think I made the right choice, I like mine way better!!  But I guess you all can decide for yourselves when I post it!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Update and OOTD

Hi guys!  So it is March first and we are now half way through the semester!  I was originally planning to only do Wednesday posts while we were out for Christmas break, but then it came time for Disney Posts (which you can find here if you missed them!) and I was posting on the daily which coincided with the beginning of classes!  Ahhh!  It was kind of a crazy time, so I took a break for a couple weeks, and when I went back to posting I had so much content that I wanted to get out I needed to go back to posting on  Wednesdays!  As everything has calmed down, I've decided that now is as good of a time as any to go back to Saturdays.

I have really enjoyed posting recently and I've still got some really cool things coming your way!  (Popsugar, Graze, Walmart Box, Empties, Clutch Essentials...)  So don't think I'm just slacking off!  I want whatever comes your way to be quality content!

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I love you all!

But a quick OOTD...
My blazer is from Ross
My shirt is from The Loft
My skirt is from a thrift shop (gotta love them)
My necklace is Charming Charie
My face is saying I can still send you to the principal's office even though I am only an intern
(But just kidding... kinda)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Valentine's Day!

Y'all, I know some people get all up in arms about Valentine's being a fake holiday, or "Singles Awareness Day," but I love it!  I loved it even when I didn't have a boyfriend.  I would dress all pink and cute and bring cupcakes and other treats to school, I just think it is the best!  And my boyfriend had class on Valentine's day until 9:30 that night, so I celebrated Galentine's Day too!

Let's start on the actual fun of the day of Valentine's Day, and then we can get to the OOTD and date part!

I went to the post office on Valentine's Day to find a package from my wonderful mother... She is honestly the best, and one of my best friends.  Why else's mom goes to the trouble of decorating the box with hearts and a pop-up "hug from home"??  I should have done a little unboxing for you all because it only got cute the more things I pulled out.  Of course she sent me a ton of candy (when I still haven't finished the Halloween candy tbh...), but she also sent me fuzzy socks (my favorite!), cupcake scented duck tape, Frozen (as in the movie) slippers, and matching Disney princess pajamas complete with a sleep mask!  Again I repeat, who's mom is the best?

Right after opening my package (in class, I was a bit of a distraction...) our teacher decided to surprise us with these cute little homemade treats for Valentine's Day!  The cookies were the absolute best.

To finish off Valentine's Day festivities we had a girls night!  We met up at a friends apartment with obnoxious amounts of food that was horrible for us... Have you ever had cinnamon roll waffles?  They are literally a gift from God.  We also watched "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days," which I had never seen before, and actually really enjoyed despite the fact that I hate Matthew McConaughey... I know, I'm in the minority, don't hate me.

And then, it was time for my Valentine's Date on Saturday!

This is a kind of anticlimactic OOTD, but...
My dress is from TJ-Maxx
My clutch was last December's Ipsy bag (I thought it worked perfectly!)
My shoes were borrowed from my friend, but I think they might be from Belk quite some time ago.
I know it is hard to tell from this, but my lips and nails match my clutch, and my jewelry is silver to match my shoes!

This was my Valentine's Day present for Maze.  I know you can't read it, but I make super cute little puns about "walking" into my life since I gave him shoes!  There are also socks, and the first expansion for Cards Against Humanity inside the shoes.  I wasn't able to finish this prior to Valentine's day to make a post for you all about it, but you can definitely look forward to one next year because he liked it and it was really fun to make!
He got me my favorite candy and a gift certificate to a cute little spice and tea shop I love.  He said he tried to pick out tea for me, but he didn't know what I liked.  It was really sweet!

And then it was time for us to go out!  We went to this amazing restaurant in Blowing Rock, NC called Twigs.  There was live music and twinkly lights everywhere, I loved it!  

I had Kobe Flank Steak with wilted Kale and a Sweet Potato Croquet.  I didn't know was a croquet was, but it is kind of like a sweet potato doughnut, and it was honestly probably better than the steak, but it was all so good!  My boyfriend had cheesy shrimp and grits with sausage, and minus the shrimp it was amazing as well! 

For dessert we had this brownie a la mode, and a pecan bar with salted caramel.  I don't even like pecans and that was amazing, we were so full by the time we left!

Full, but still looking cute!  Check my man out, he is actually wearing a suit for me!  He is also wearing the shirt and tie that I bought him for Christmas, which made me very happy :)

After dinner we took his laptop and blankets out on the parkway and cuddled up in the bed of his truck to watch a cheesy RomCom.
Overall, it was a very fun and sweet night, and I am so happy I had him to spend it with.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

U by Kotex Box

This is a slightly different post than I normally put up, but hey!  It is sort of a subscription box (which I am addicted to) so why not?  These are free boxes of pad and tampon samples that U by Kotex is currently offering, which I will link at the bottom of this post.  They have a rule about one per household like most samples do, so I cheated had one sent to my home and one to my PO Box (which you are welcome to send things to! It is Bethany Allen, ASU Box 09665, Boone, NC 28608)

In case you are wondering, it comes in a box like this sealed, so it isn't too terribly discreet, but it also doesn't scream "I'M ON MY PERIOD" either.

The first box is the U By Kotex Ultra Thin Pads - Regular.  It came with 1 CleanWear Regular pad with wings, 1 Security Regular pad with wings, 1 U by Kotex AllNighter pad with wings, 1 Security Overnight pad with wings, and 2 U by Kotex Barely There liners.  I tend to use pads more often than tampons honestly, and a box like this could get me through a few days of a period!

With this box they were also offering a little present to make you feel better while you are on your period!

These were the options to choose from, and I had no idea what they were going to send, so for this box I just chose "All of the Above," which I think gave me a random option from the other three  So as you can see in the previous picture, they sent me four little mini posters with sweet/funny things on them that would probably fit in the "Tell Me I'm Pretty While I Feel All My Feelings" category!

This was the second box I received, and it was the U by Kotex Click Tampons box.  It came with 2 Click Regular tampons, 2 Click Super tampons, and 2 U by Kotex Barely There liners.  I rarely use tampons, but pretty much my entire supply has been stocked by free samples from Kotex and other brands.  I like these Click tampons because they are so small, but then the applicator expands to full size when you are ready to use them.

For my little gift with this box I obviously chose "An Endless Supply of Snacks" category.  They sent me four little recipe cards with cute snacks!  I like this present better than the last one.

Finally, both boxes came with a dollar off coupon!

I think this is a really cool promotional program that U by Kotex is doing!  There were also two other options to choose from, a Full Sized tampon box, and a Heavy Flow Long pad box, so I chose my favorites from the two categories.  If you would like to check this out you can find it on the U by Kotex website, I highly reccomend it!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Amazon Beauty Box

So this is a box that Amazon offered exclusively to around Black Friday, and I debated a while before I got it, but I am super happy I did!  I know I am late getting it out to you, but I still thought it would be worth sharing!  (Plus I just realized you can still buy it!  So stay tuned until the end and I will link it for you all)

They offered two options, this basic beauty box for $11.99, a men's box for $9.99, and the luxury box for $19.99.  I decided on this one, because though the other had some cool brands, the sizes of what came in this box were better and I saw some of the products as more useful.  Now, the cool thing about these is that after you buy them you get the credit back and can buy anything in either the beauty or luxury beauty section, depending on which box you choose.  So in the end, you can order a product, and everything else you get in the box is like a free bonus!

It came with the Crest 3D White toothpaste, Crest 3D White 1 hour Express Whitening strip, and Glide floss.
Because of beauty boxes like this one, the Walmart box, and the dentist, I haven't bought toothpaste in forever!  This is better than usual because even thought it isn't full sized, it is significantly larger than the usual sample tubes.  
To me, it seems like one whitening strip wouldn't do a whole lot for your teeth, but that was before I saw that you were supposed to leave this one on for an hour.  It scares me a little bit, but it's also a pretty cool sample since whitening products can get pretty expensive.
But the floss... Come on Amazon, I can get this for free any day of the week.

So it didn't occur to me when I first opened this box that I got two of the exact same Aveeno Skin Relief body washes.  I thought maybe one was supposed to be a lotion, but nope, I went back and check and apparently just lucked out because they put two in mine by accident.  Regardless, I love Aveeno, even if it is a pretty small bottle.

This is the Pantene Hydrating Shampoo and the Dove Nutrium Moisture Body Wash.
I love having sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner to take with me on trips, but it really kind of threw me off that they only gave you the shampoo in this box... I like things in sets!  Plus I always use conditioner faster, so I never have small bottles of it.  Either way, I love Pantene and have tried this kind before, and I highly approve.
This body wash feels so good and moisturizing, and it makes a ton of bubbles, but there is one thing... This is probably a personal issue, but I remember my grandmother using a similar body wash when I was little so that's all I can think of!

This Venus Swirl razor is the main reason I chose this box over the luxury box.  Razors are always so expensive!  This razor is usually $10 at Target, so it almost made up for the full price of the box on its own.  And let me tell you, this is a good razor...  It makes my legs feel so smooth, it is my favorite one I've tried in quite some time.  I highly reccomend trying it out!

I know these products don't really go together, but they needed a partner for pictures!  This is the Acure Brightening Facial Scrub, and Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment.
I hadn't ever heard of this this Acure brand before, but now I'm kind of itching to try the whole line!  I have been trying to stay away from salicylic acid facial washes, but all of my favorite scrubs contain it... So maybe this can start replacing them.
Aquaphor is honestly a miracle product.  I use it on my lips as intensive chapstick, and on my feet or hands at night if they are desperately dry or cracked.  That barely even scratches the surface of all the uses it has, so if you haven't tried this stuff before then you should give it a shot!

I had heard of Tom's before but I've never tried anything from the brand.  I needed a new baby deodorant, so this was another big deciding factor of this box over the luxury.  First of all, the lid is insanely difficult to get off, and the bottom is cracked.  It smells like baby powder when you apply it, which I don't mind at all, but as the day wears on, you just smell like sweat and baby powder... It doesn't really mask the smell or stop the sweating, so I can't really say I'd reccomend this.  I'll probably finish it, but not ever go out any buy it.

Finally, this box, like most other subscriptions, came with some foil packets.  It came with L'Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Moisturizer, L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition: Face and Eyes System, Nivea Nourishing Body Oil, and The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth.  I thought it was pretty cool that they sent a sample of each piece of the system for the top right sample, and The Body Shop is a nice brand, but what else can you say about foil packets?  I gave the anti-aging ones to my mom because I don't really use products like that right now.  I'm not mad at them because there were really nice bigger samples in this box too, there just isn't much to say about foil packets!

And finally, this is the product I got for free one I received the credit back for my box!  This is the Acure Facial Cleansing Gel with Superfruit and Chlorella.  It was only $8.34, so I didn't end up using the full credit, but I was still pretty excited about trying a new, basically free, product!  I began using this regularly as soon as it came, and I have fallen in love with it.  It doesn't bubble up like I usually like, but it cleanses my face really well and has helped reduce any breakouts.  Also, it smells amazing!  I highly reccomend giving this brand a try.

Now I will link the various boxes for you all like I promised, but remember, you are only eligible to order them if you are a prime member!  Here is the basic Beauty Box I chose, the Luxury Box, and the Men's Box.  I hope you enjoy!