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College Countdown: Dorm Tour

I think I finally got my side of my dorm to look how I want it to this year, and I am absolutely thrilled with it!

I chose the colors yellow and grey, which isn't what I'd usually pick, but I've been thrilled with the way it turned out!  I'm not going to mention where every little thing is from, if you want more information on that you can check out my Dorm HaulI posted earlier this week, but I will do my best to hit he highlights!
First I will start off with my desk area.  From right to left I keep my makeup in the drawers I DIYed, my makeup mirror from Amazon, my desk organizer filled with legitimate desk things, as well as more makeup and makeup brushes, my tea station with my chip mug and honey, my textbooks, and finally my sticky notes and Ray Bans!
The wall above my desk I turned into sort of a gallery wall!  It has been a process to get all of this up, because anything even semi heavy continues to fall down!  From top to bottom: I picked up the canvases at a bi…
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Graze: March

It is finally here, my last Graze box! I thought I had one more box left on my original subscription, but apparently I was charged for this one... But that is ok!  I still think is is a fun box to get so I didn't mid too much.  I did cancel the subscription following it though, but I might start it back again this summer! By the way, stick by until the end of the post for some very exciting news!!
I was very disappointed with the design of this box though... The last ones have been so pretty!  What happened??
This is the Sweet and Smoky Carrot Crunch... In it there are carrot chips, wild rice sticks, and smoked almonds.  I am extremely skeptical of this!  I only like carrots if they are soaked in ranch, and to tell the truth I only like almonds if they are flavored.  I guess we will see how this goes!
This is White Chocolate with Wild Blueberry Toasts.  I am soooo excited about this!  I love all of the "dippers" from Graze, and I can't wait to try these!  This seems …

Love With Food: April 2016 Throwback

Like with the Ipsy post earlier this month, I found this draft the other day and for the life of me I can't figure out why it never got posted!  Despite the fact that it is a year old, I still thought it was relevant and interesting enough to have its day in the sun!  I hope you enjoy!

I didn't try these Laiki crackers for a while because I wasn't sure about them, and I wanted to try them with Chicken Salad.  They are nothing like I expected! They are square, and almost the consistency of Cheetos.  They also weren't too bad for you because they only have the three ingredients listed on the front.  Regardless, I loved them and would eat them with or without chicken salad next time!
These Tasty Organic Fruit Snacks were pretty good! I enjoy fruit snacks, so pulling these out f the box felt like being a little kid again!  These had a really good flavor with cute shapes, so I was happy!  I would totally buy these if I found them somewhere.
This Stinger Cinnamon Waffle was…

Popsugar: Girls Night Out

So come February the three month Popsugar subscription I received for Christmas ended, and I was so very sad...  Around Valentines day I was scoping their site hoping for a good sale on the boxes to extend my subscription and I couldn't find one!  Instead, I found these!
This is the Girls Night Out popsugar box!  Around Valentine's Day they released two boxes, Girls Night In and Girls Night Out, which were a compilation of items from past boxes.  I went onto the site hoping to order the Girls Night In, but they were sold out... Honestly, the Girls Night Out box was my last choice of what to order.  I was looking for either an affordable March Box or the Girls Night In, but ended up with this, and after seeing what was in mine compared to the other two, I could not possibly be happier!  This is by far the best Popsugar box I have ever received or even seen spoilers for!
Let's start with the most underwhelming item from the box, this Knock Knock compact mirror from the June…

Packing List

If you all have been around here for a while you know that I used to post packing lists all the time... Like, once a month almost!  I looked at my "Universal Packing List" I had listed one dat and realized it was in desperate need of an update definitely NOT universal!  I recently posted a college packing list, but that still isn't really the same thing as just a vacation packing list!  I needed a new one of those!  And that, my darlings, is how we arrived back here, at my original inspiration for creating my blog, the packing list.

This one is in no way "universal," but it encompasses a lot of things that I like to have and make me comfortable while I'm on vacation.  I dan't pack all of this every time, and to be honest if I do pack it all there is always something I end up not using, but I was happy to have it regardless.  So keep in mind, these are just my suggestions!

Toiletries These are my favorite things to pack, I always pack so much more than I n…

Ipsy: April 2016 Throwback

This is my Ipsy bad from April last year!  I wasn't able to get this up for some reason, but I thought it might be fun to show what I got and what I really think a year later!
Looking back on it this was honestly probably one of my favorite bags I've received, I still use every one of these products!
This is the softest brush!  I hadn't ever tried this brand prior to receiving it in my bag, but I would buy more of them in a heartbeat!  It is the perfect brush for applying a powder highlight to your cheekbones.  A year later I still use it every time I apply highlighter.
This is the Jor'el Parker Fango Mud Therapy Mask.  After using this, as well as the Glam Glow Supermud Mask, I would say they are very comparable!  This goes on a forest kind of green and then dries much lighter.  Similar to the Glam Glow, as soon as it dries you can see the little pinpoints of each of your pores as it begins to draw out the oils and other gunk.  I suggest getting samples of the Glam G…

Clutch Essentials

It is Prom season!  I have been out of school for two years now so Prom isn't exactly a relevant thing for me anymore, but I miss it...  The picking out a dress and getting ready... I'd do that over and over and just skip the whole prom thing honestly!  It always seems like a mini wedding, and does it sound too self-centered to say I like the pictures and attention?
Anyway, I was packing my clutch for my Valentine's Date and  I thought, why not make this more fun?  Here are my absolute clutch essentials for an important night out!

Money and ID - You never know what kind of situation you could end up in where you are going to need actual cash instead of the oh so common card!  I always have cash with me just in case.  I also reccomend bringing your actual license instead of school ID, but I didn't want to show my license!Blotting Sheets - I have a real tendency to get shiny and if you have a night full of pictures ahead, that is not flattering.  A quick trip to the bath…

Walmart Box: Winter

Now I know it isn't winter anymore, but the Walmart Box is still one of my favorites so I wanted to make sure and get it up anyway!
This box is only $5 and comes once a season, so if you are looking for an affordable option that gives the most bang for your buck I highly suggest this!
I also thought this box was even prettier than the past few ones!  When they started this program they had a very basic box, but now they are getting prettier and better themed with each season!  I really liked the snowflakes on the paper, super cute.
This is the Dove Nutrium Moisture body wash.  If you remember, I also got this sample in my Amazon box, so Dove was really trying to promote this product this winter!  As I said before, it feels soft and moisturizing, and it makes a ton of bubbles!  I remember my grandmother using a similar body wash when I was little, so I can't figure out if this is a rerelease or the same product or what, but that's all I can think of!
This is the Pond's …