Saturday, October 22, 2016

Girls Night In!

Time to unwind with a girls night!  If you are like me and my adorable roomie, you just completed a week of mind numbing midterms and you need to unwind.  

Priority number one is getting into the comfiest possible clothes that you own, bonus points if you have super cute matching pjs unlike me... My top pick is my boyfriends flannel (which is huge on me! <3) and leggings with fuzzy socks.  

If you want to go the comfy but cute route, Adore Me has sleepwear ranging from sexy slips and camis if you are having a night in with your significant other, cute sweats for a girls night like we are having, and robes if you just need something to cuddle up in and be extra cozy! I highly reccomend them!  And, just like with their bra and panty sets, your first set is only $25!

Step two is to slap on a face mask!

In the picture above I am wearing the Glam Glow SuperMud, which is not pictured because I only have a small Sephora sample, but it works as well as everyone claims!  My roommate is wearing the Jor'el Parker Fango Mud Mask which I also love!  It has a very similar effect to the SuperMud.  The nugg masks are also a good choice, and are very reasonably priced.

If you just want to zone in on a particular problem area such as your nose, the Bioré pore strips are the bomb.  Now they even come in cool cheetah and zebra patterns!

Step three, snackage!! Have you ever made mug cakes before?  Because they are a girl in a dorm's best friend! Let me know if you'd like a recipe and I'd be glad to post it!

These chocolate molten cake, and I could eat cup after cup of them...

Finally, sit down with your cake and a drink if you are of age (or a copycat like us if you aren't...) and pick the perfect movie!  We chose to watch George of the Jungle so we could stare at a cute boys abs, but as Halloween approaches there are plenty other scary movie options you might want to consider!

The Netflix show I am hooked on right now is Stranger Things, and I can't wait for the next season!  It is super suspenseful,  and even kinda scary at some points, perfect for Halloween!

I'm not sure I want to recommend this movie necessarily, but if you are looking for a true scare you'll find it here...  It was rated number two on Cosmopolitans top 25 scary movie list, and they said it was endorsed by the official satanic temple, so...  Personally, I hated it, but it is terrifying!

If you want to get any of the sleepware pictured above, and you want to get it for $25, they use this link:
They were also nice enough to provide us with a discount code for their athletic clothing line as well! Just enter "GETACTIVE10" for 10% off of their athletic line!

Now go forth and have a productive girls night!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Month Full of Concerts + OOTD

So in the past two weeks I've been to more concerts than I generally go to in a year... It has been glorious.  

The first concert I was lucky enough to attend was the Avett Brothers! 
In case you've never heard them, this is probably their most popular song right now.  They have a very folk feel.

My boyfriend bought us tickets since they were coming to Appalachian State University, and it was so good!  They are a very Appalachian kind of band, it fit well.

As far as the OOTD, I had to wear flannel, It was just necessary for an Appalachian Folk band. I had to go "hipster."
My Tank Top is from American Eagle
My Shorts are from Hollister
My Flannel (which was worn around my waist most of the night) is from Rue 21
My Shoes are Sanuk Yoga Mat Slings
As for Jewelry I have my FitBit, My Disney Alex & Ani Bracelet, and a simple triangle necklace from Target

We had an awesome time, and as you can see, the flannels were a must!

Pause to admire this gorgeous sunset I found on my way back home later in the week...

A week later on a Thursday I was sitting in class looking at the Appalachian yard sale page, when Zac Brown tickets happened to pop up.  She was giving them away, but I was second in line to get them... She happily gave them to me instead when I offered her $20 for both!
So two hours later, my roommate and I were on our way the two and a half hours to Charlotte North Carolina!

This is by far my favorite song of their's right now

It was the most impromptu thing I have ever done in my life.
I loved it... But wow.
I forgot to take an OOTD picture for this concert because it was so spur of the moment, but you ca get a bit of a sense of it in the pictures.
I wore a Crop Top and High Waisted Shorts, both from American Eagle
You can't see my shoes, but they are brown strappy sandals from Ross
As for Jewelry I wore my wrap watch from Bass, my Alex & Ani mentioned before, Earrings from Silver Works in Downtown Disney, and of course my Ray Bans!

It was truly one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to!  It was so fun, they sang their music, as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack and Diane, and The Who.  I did not stop dancing, and I really didn't want them to stop singing, they were so great!

We came back from the Zac Brown concert late Thursday night.  Friday morning I got up, went to class, did homework and then left for Charlotte once again!  This time, all by myself... I don't like traffic.
For what you may ask?  
To spend the weekend at Wingate University with my best friend, and for a BRAD PAISLEY concert!!  

This is the highlight of the whole two weeks.  The Zac Brown concert was the most exciting I've ever been to, but it doesn't get any better than Brad.
This probably isn't my favorite song of his (there are just too many to choose from...) but this was the tour theme!

He is just so goofy, you have to love him.
And I did remember to take a picture for this concert!
My off the shoulder shirt is from American Eagle
My Overalls are from Walmart... Super cute, crazy right?
My Boots are from a store in Pigeon Forge
As for accessories, at this concert I wore my Alex & Ani, a leather cuff bracelet, and my triangle Target necklace!

For dinner before the concert we went to Cheesecake Factory... I think you can gain weight from just looking at these pictures.
I had a burger with a ball of fried MAC AND CHEESE on top, and covered in cheese sauce!  So good, heart attack on a bun.
For dessert Kaitlyn and I split a dutch apple cheesecake slice, and a peanut butter slice laces with caramel, Butterfinger, and Reeses cups... They were amazing.

Brad played bits and pieces of as many of his songs as he could fit in, he "Facetime-d" Carrie Underwood to sing "Remind Me", he sang with recordings of Demi Lovato and Andy Griffith, he came in to the crowd and was so close I could have touched him!  It was just so great, I love that man...

The past two weeks for me have just seemed like the epitome of what college life is portrayed as in the media: nonstop fun, unlimited money to pull it off, and amazing friends to be with.  I definitely don't have unlimited funds, and I would be buried in homework if I did this all the time, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  All I have left from the concerts are ticket stubs on my wall, but I can't wait to look at these ticket stubs years from now, and remember how I kicked off my first year as an Appalachian student.

If you want to see where I got the inspiration for some of my outfits as well as others, check out my Country Concert Lookbook
Also, if you want immediate updates as exciting things like this happen, follow me on social media!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Influenster Revive VoxBox!

I know I am posting at an odd day of the week, but I just needed to let you all know that I received a new Influenster VoxBox!!

I love these things, they are so much fun!  It's better than a subscription because you don't have to pay, and the products and timing are a COMPLETE surprise!  It's like a mini Christmas!  If you would like to try out this service where they send you products to review, you can sign up here: 

This was an end of Summer box all centered around fitness, and I am even surprised at how much I liked it!

The first (and largest) thing in the box was this Body Tech shaker bottle... Now, I have never actually owned or used one of these and I am kind of confused honestly!  From what I can tell, you pour water or a liquid of your choice into the cup, along with a protein powder or protein shake mix, and then shake until it is combined.  I generally mix my protein powder into things, and the thought of it alone with water sounds kind of gross to me... But my cousin is a body builder so my guess is that he could use something like this better than me!

In this box I also received three different types of protein powder from The Vitamin Shoppe.  I think the first one, Next Step, is supposed to be a full on protein shake to go with the bottle instead of just a stand alone powder, and it is Cookies and Cream flavor!  I will probably use this as an addition to smoothies instead of a stand alone shake, so I'm still pretty happy! It contains 14 grams of protein in the full packet.

The second protein powder from The Vitamin Shoppe is the Whey Tech Pro 24 protein powder in Strawberries and Cream flavor.  This packet contains 24 grams of protein!  I will also use this in my smoothies, I just haven't had the chance to as of yet.

The third protein powder from The Vitamin Shoppe is a Plant Protein powder in the flavor vanilla.  This one interested me the most, so I broke into it first when making my smoothies.  It contains 19 grams of protein in the entire packet, and I use about a teaspoon per smoothie.  The flavor of this protein powder is absolutely amazing!

  I make Peanut Butter and Jelly shakes, and the vanilla along with it just makes them so much sweeter without adding a ton of sugar.  I love it!
They look gross, but I promise these smoothies are great, let me know if you'd like to see a recipe!

To keep in line with the organic, healthy feel of everything they sent a sample packet of the Shea Moisture Fruit Infusion Coconut Water Weightless Shampoo and Creme Rinse.  These have a very pleasant and warm scent, but it is in no way overpowering.  It lather nicely, ran through my hair smoothly, and my hair looked great afterwords!  I would definitely consider buying these!  As a side note, I also really enjoyed how they made the sample packet of the "Creme Rinse" twice as big as the shampoo packet.  I can usually get two uses out of shampoo samples, but barely one from the conditioner... So very nice touch! 

I guess these are a healthy option for a "cookie"?  The SnackWells Biscuit Thins in the flavor French Vanilla Latte weren't my favorite, but they weren't bad!  There are four in a pack, and they also come in the flavors Carmel Macchiato and Dark Chocolate Mocha.  Their description states that they are a good source of protein and fiber, with 25 grams of whole grains, and they are made with real coffee!

I had these this morning with a Creme Brûlée Latte, and while they weren't bad, they weren't my favorite either.  Much more like a cracker than a cookie.   

Finally I was sent a sample box with three K-cups: Hill Bros Chock Full o'Nuts, and Kauai Coffee.  What makes these K-cups special and ties them in with the box is that the cups are biodegradable!  I think that is pretty awesome that companies are finally making this happen with so many people using a Keurig on a daily basis.  I do not have access to a Keurig here at college, so I gave them to my mom to try out and she said she really enjoyed them!  Even though I didn't get to consume these I am super excited about the concept, and that the companies are getting their name out!

This was such a fun and unique box, and I am so excited I got to be a part of it!  Thank you Influenster, and once again, if you'd like to be part of some their future campaigns you can sign up here: 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

College Countdown: Complete College Packing List

For easy access to this post I am placing the list in a header at the top of the page!


  • Plastic Bowls
  • Plastic Cups
  • Tumblers or Reusable Water Bottles 
  • Brita Pitcher 
  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Plastic Ice Cubes 
  • Forks and Spoons 
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Paper Plates 
  • Travel Mug 
  • Mug(s) 
  • Tupperware 
  • Chip Clips
  • Ziplock Bags
  • Paper Towels
  • Dish Detergent
  • Dish Towels

  • Trash Bags
  • Trashcan
  • Swifter Duster/Dusting Cloths 
  • Broom and Dust Pan
  • Vacuum Cleaner 
  • Lysol 
  • Fabreze 
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Windex 

  • Sheets
  • Mattress Cover
  • Mattress Pad 
  • Comforter Set
  • Throw Pillows 
  • Pillow
  • Stuffed Animal 
  • Throw Blanket 
  • Bedside Caddy 

  • Laundry Bag/Hamper
  • Laundry Detergent 
  • Fabric Softener/Dryer Sheets
  • Stain Stick 
  • Scarf Hangers 
  • Hangers
  • Sewing Kit
  • Safety Pins
  • Wrinkle Removing Spray 
  • Tide-to-Go Pen


  • Bandaids
  • Ear Plugs 
  • Medicine
    • Ibuprofen
    • Cold Meds
    • Prescription Meds
  • Neosporin
  • Hydrocortisone Cream
  • Cough Drops
  • Vitamins
  • First Aid Kit
  • Heating Pad 
  • Pads and Tampons
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe
  • Backpack
  • School Supplies - I'll mark the things I believe are completely necessary with a *
    • Pens*
    • Pencils*
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Highlighters*
    • Sharpies
    • Stapler/Staples*
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Notecards*
    • Paper Clips
    • Notebooks*
    • Loose Leaf Paper
    • Composition Books
    • File Folders
    • Binders
    • Flash Drive
    • Blank Cards/Thank You Cards
    • Envelopes
    • Stamps

  • Organizer Baskets 
  • Letter Organizer
  • Pencil Cups
  • Desk Lamp
  • Desk Fan
  • Planner/Planner Stickers
  • Washi Tape 
  • Post it Notes
  • Books

  • Journal
  • Bible 
  • Devotional
  • Pleasure Reading
  • Textbooks

    • Electronics
      • Phone Charging cord
      • External Power Bank/Power Bank Charging cord
      • Laptop/Laptop Charging cord
      • Earbuds
      • Power Strip(s) 
      • Batteries
      • Flashlight
      • Camera
      • SD Card Converter
      • FitBit/Charging cord
      • TV/DVD Player
      • DVDs

      Room Essentials/Decor
      • Rug
      • Mini Fridge
      • Microwave
      • Under Bed Storage Bins
      • Plastic Three Drawer Sets 
      • Command Hooks and Strips/Mounting Putty 
      • Bed Risers 
      • Ottoman
      • Step Stool 
      • Over-the-door Hooks
      • Big Fan
      • Full Length Mirror
      • Pictures 
      • Posters/Canvases 
      • Cork Board/Push Pins
      • Whiteboard/Markers
      • String Lights
      • Plants

      I will mark cold weather clothing with a *.  These items you can leave out if you are going to a warm place, or wait until Fall Break to bring up if you are going somewhere with a harsher winter.
      • Dresses
        • Little Black Dress
        • Versatile Skirt
        • "Party" Dress
        • Sunday Dress
      • Shirts
        • Button Downs 
          • Denim/Chambray 
          • Flannel*
          • White
        • T-shirts 
        • Basic V-Necks
      • Camisoles 
      • Cardigans*
      • Jackets
        • Rain Jacket
        • Light Fashionable Jacket
        • Warm Jacket* 
      • Pants
        • Leggings*
        • Shorts
        • Jeans* 
        • Athletic Shorts
      • Pajamas
      • Bras/Panties
      • Socks
      • Bags/Wallets
        • Wristlet/Clutch
        • Wallet
        • Card Holder
        • Backpack
        • Crossbody Bag or Purse of choice
      • Shoes
        • Walking Sandals such as Tevas or Chacos
        • Flats
        • Heels 
        • Tennis Shoes
        • Boots* 
        • Rain Boots
      • Scarves
        • Printed
        • Solid color
        • Warm Winter Scarf*

      • Face
        • Primer
        • Full Coverage Foundation
        • Lighter Coverage BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer
        • Under Eye Concealer
        • Spot Concealer
        • Pressed Powder
      • Cheeks
        • Blush
        • Highlight
        • Bronzer
      • Eyeshadow
        • Eye Primer
        • Palletes 
        • Cream Eyeshadow
      • Eyeliner
        • Brown Pencil
        • Black Pencil
        • Liquid/Gel Eyeliner
        • Colorful 
        • White 
      • Mascara 
      • Lips 
        • Lip balm
        • Lipgloss
        • Lipstick
      • Tools
        • Bronzer Brushes
        • Foundation Brush
        • Blush Brush
        • Kabuki Brush
        • Eyeshadow Brushes
        • Tweezers
        • Sharpener 
      • Nails
        • Nail Fie
        • Nail Polish Remover
        • Nail Clips
        • Colored Nail Polish 
        • Clear Nail Polish
        • Hand Cream
        • Foot Cream

      • Teeth
        • Steripods
        • Toothbrush
        • Toothpaste
        • Mouthwash
      • Deodorant
      • Skincare products
        • Oil Blotting Sheets
        • Makeup Remover Wipes
        • Toner
        • Face Lotion/Eye Cream
        • Spot Treatment
      • Eyes 
        • Contacts Case 
        • Salineolution
        • Extra Contacts
        • Glasses
      • Q-Tips
      • Hair 
        • Mousse
        • Hair Spray
        • Leave-in Conditioner
        • Dry Shampoo
        • Argon Oil
        • Baby Powder 
        • Widetooth Comb
        • Brush
        • Straightener 
        • Curling Iron
        • Hair Dryer
      • Lotion
        • Bath and Body Works 
        • Jergens Self Tanner 
        • Body Butter 
      • Perfume
        • Body Spray 
        • Nice Perfume
      • Shower Caddy
        • Body
          • Shower Gel
          • Body Scrub
        • Hair
          • Shampoo
          • Conditioner
          • Hair Mask
        • Skincare Products
          • Scrub
          • Cleanser
        • Bath Pouf
        • Razor
        • Shave Gel

      Thank you so much for coming with me on my college journey this week!  I hope you have enjoyed the content I've posted as much as I've enjoyed creating it!  I will link below the rests of the posts in this series, and thank you again!

      Friday, September 2, 2016

      College Countdown: College Rambles

      So… I move in tomorrow.  We have been in Disney for almost two weeks, and I never thought I’d be ready to leave Disney but I actually really was.  It is Thursday morning right now, and we won’t be home until late tonight.  After that I have a ton of packing left to do, along with visiting grandparents.  My move in time is between1:00 and 4:00… though I am beginning to highly doubt that I’ll actually make that time!

      To tell the truth, I wasn’t the least bit sad until the song “I Loved Her First” by Heartland just came on the radio.  It was talking about a dad giving his daughter away at her wedding, but how a small part of her will always be his.  I am in the car with my mom, dad, and brother, and my mom and I both just started crying… It was so sad!

      Other than that, I am basically just over the moon excited!  I have already met my roommate and we talk almost every day, I absolutely love her!  We are very much alike in our morals, politics, religious beliefs, and love of Disney!  My class schedule is set, and though it will be difficult, I am excited to get into more of my core teaching, English, and History classes.  My classes this coming semester are Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, Applied Grammar, Critical Perspectives in Learning and Teaching, American History, History of North Carolina, and Psychology Applied to Teaching with includes a field experience.

      Snapchat from my Mom on the first day...

      This is going up during my third week here at Appalachian State University... I know, I'm awful,  but I am actually pretty proud that I got it up this soon to tell the truth.  

      Overall, the past few weeks have been truly amazing.  I have had so much fun!  My roommate and I are getting along amazingly and spend a ton of time together.  She has also introduced me to some people she knew beforehand, so it's been nice to already have built in friends.  I have one really close friend from high school who is here, and we have had so much fun catching up and hanging out together, and I've loved meeting her friends and becoming a part of that group as well! I've also loved having my boyfriend so close by.  Instead of having to make an hour roundtrip to see him at his house, or two hours roundtrip to see him at Appalachian last semester, I just have to call him and he can be at my dorm in less than five minutes!  In addition to tall of these wonderful people, I've ventured out and met some new people on my own, which is always exciting!

      My classes have been pretty good, for the most part.  My favorite by far has been North Carolina History, it is so interesting and the teacher is amazing!  My least favorites are the Critical Perspectives in Learning and Teaching, and American History... Both have the potential to be very good classes, and I love American History, but the teachers are SO bad.  Like, really really really bad...  The rest of my classes are just pretty good, neither here nor there.  I also begin my Field Experience working with Middle School kids this week and I am very excited about that, so wish me luck!

      I am beginning to get more involved as far as clubs and churches go.  I have been exploring different campus ministries, as well as the Appalachian Educators Club, and a Transfer Students Club.  I've also considered a Disney Club, and Spoon University!  I'm going to have to limit myself, but they all sound so fun!  We finally tried a new church this Sunday as well, and even though it wasn't the one for us, it was a good experience and nice process of elimination.  I've even been a good girl going to the gym to run, and even for a Yoga class!

      As I said, the past few weeks have just been too great.  With so many new experiences and meeting so many new people, it has been a wonderful way to kick off my next two years as an Appalachian Mountaineer, and I can't wait for you all to go on this journey with me!

      I will link below the rests of the posts in this series, and thank you all for coming on this countdown to college journey with me!
      Day 8 - College Countdown: Complete College Packing List

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      Thursday, September 1, 2016

      College Countdown: Dorm Tour

      I think I finally got my side of my dorm to look how I want it to this year, and I am absolutely thrilled with it!

      I chose the colors yellow and grey, which isn't what I'd usually pick, but I've been thrilled with the way it turned out!  I'm not going to mention where every little thing is from, if you want more information on that you can check out my Dorm Haul I posted earlier this week, but I will do my best to hit he highlights!

      First I will start off with my desk area.  From right to left I keep my makeup in the drawers I DIYed, my makeup mirror from Amazon, my desk organizer filled with legitimate desk things, as well as more makeup and makeup brushes, my tea station with my chip mug and honey, my textbooks, and finally my sticky notes and Ray Bans!

      The wall above my desk I turned into sort of a gallery wall!  It has been a process to get all of this up, because anything even semi heavy continues to fall down!  From top to bottom: I picked up the canvases at a big garage sale they have during Welcome Weekend here on campus, the yellow one is covered in flower fabric, and then I added the Minnie Mouse Ears (It has since fallen again and broken things on my desk...).  The pink one is Lilly Pulitzer notecards modpodged onto the canvas, and I plan to buy my Initials to put in the middle!  I'm pretty sure I bought both for like $1.50... Below those in the middle is a Disney print, and then surrounding it are my baby cork boards!  I had these small cork boards in an 8 slot picture frame, but it was too heavy, so I took them out, covered them in washi, and hung them as is!  In the middle is a sign my best friend got me, and to the right are my necklaces.

      This is my favorite part of my room by far... My comforter we actually found on sale at Walmart after the college craze last year!  I was super excited.  Above the head of my bed I made a sort of makeshift headboard with bulb lights from Ross, my canvas with "Family" in 10 languages from Disney, and my Chinese fan from Disney!  On the wall beside my bed I decided to string 4x4 pictures I printed out, and mix in disney quotes my mom wrote for me.  In the middle are pennants from the dollar section at Target, with my name! 

      I also love the under of my bed... From right to left I have a pretty bad to keep food in, my under bed storage box from TJ-Maxx which stores the rest of my food, two baskets, one of which store cups, the other stores lotion, all of which is sitting on storage bins I draped with the sheet set that came with my comforter to make it look pretty!  On the far left end I have a three drawer set from Walmart that I DIYed, that stores everything that didn't have another place.  In the front you can see my Ottoman from Roses where I store my towels, sitting on top of our rug which we also got from the big campus sale! 

      Beside my bed I've turned my dresser into a kind of bedside table.  On top I store my Bible and other books, part of my jewelry, and my perfume!  On the level above that on my windowsill I have some little plants, my marquee letter "A" which I painted, and a cute little sign from Kohl's!

      As you can see, I DIYed my dressed with washi tape to cover the rough edges.  I did the same thing to my desk drawers as well!  I love washi tape...

      We actually have a very nice walk in closet... On the left I have a command hook with my purses and one further back with my shower wrap.  On the right I have a hanging cube organizer filled with various things, and above my clothing we have a shelf that wraps around the entire closet! Below my clothes in the floor I have my hamper, boots, and tennis shoes

      It also came with a built in shoe rack, which I was thrilled about, and shelves above where we store things like cleaning products and DVDs.  You can also see a little glimpse of the hanging cubes from this angle.

      Finally, you can see my in typical college wear cheesing in a mirror we also got from the big campus sale!  On the left side of the mirror are my Disney pins and the entrance to our closet, and to the right is my keys and the door out in the hallway!  Also to the left is our sink area, but it stays kind of cluttered so I decided not to picture that.  
      I also did not take any pictures of my roommate's side of the room because I didn't want to invade her privacy or make her clean her side for no reason.  He side is primarily grey and blue, so we coordinate but not match.  She also has these amazing African tapestries hanging on her wall that she brought back from Kenya, and I will show those at a later date if she doesn't mind.

      Thank you all so much for visiting my dorm, and make sure to come back tomorrow and Saturday for the final two College Countdown posts!
      I will link below the rests of the posts in this series