Sunday, August 28, 2016

College Countdown: Dorm Haul

So this obviously isn't every single thing I bought for college... Doing a post like that would be ten miles long!  These are some of the more stand out, good deals, or cute things I bought!


  • Hamper - A nice, durable, super pretty one that my mom bought me for Easter
  • Shower Caddy
  • Hand Towel - A pretty yellow one that matches my room from the kitchen department
  • Washcloths 
  • Hangers - Just the cheap plastic ones, I think they work as well as the felt ones everyone loves!
  • Bowls and Cups - Just cheap plastic ones, I wasn't looking for durable and long lasting, it's college!

  • Comforter - I fount this set on sale after the dorm craze last year and I was so extited!  It was EXACTLY what I wanted, and came with sheets, the sham, a baby pillow, and the comforter.
  • Jersey Sheets
  • Mattress Pad - I found a 2.5 inch thick foam one also on sale, and for only $40!  That's a great deal compared to the price they are most places
  • Heated Mattress Cover - This was also on sale for only $15!  So much excitement!

  • Plastic Drawers - Finally from Walmart I got these little plastic drawers, as well as a large set, and then decorated the clear drawers with yellow tacky paper from Target! Let me know if you want a DIY on this


  • Laundry Bag - It was just a cheap one from Target's (amazing) dollar section, but it is huge!  I can fit so much in it to lug home with me!

  • Glass Jars - See the glass jar in the middle?  I found a set of four in the Target dollar section!  One is currently holding paper clips, one with bobby pins, and one with hairbows
  • Brush/Pencil Cups - Also from the Target dollar section!
  • Cupcake diffuser - It is one of the scent diffusers, it doesn't really smell like cupcakes though... More like fruity alcohol truthfuly 
  • Umbrella

  • Blanket - The blanket is one of the soft minkey ones, and it has a big landscape scene with a sign that says "Journey," in all shades of grey, it is perfect!
  • Bedside Caddy - It is actually currently full of desk supplies and hanging at the end of my bed, but it is useful and came from the Target dollar section!


  • Gray Pillows - These came is a double set for like $13, I love them! 
  • Lights - I think these are technically supposed to be Garden lights, but I made a faux headboard with them instead!


  • Step stool - My roommate actually took this one over, but it is sturdy and works well!

  • Under Bed Storage - This bin is amazing... I found it on sale, it matched my room perfectly and is stain resistant! It currently stores my snacks.

The Container Store

  • Trashcan - This was not a smart purchase... Much too small

  • Letter Organizer - Or Makeup Pallet organizer...
  • Flower Cup - I use this to store my tea!

Vera Bradley

  • Backpack - Apparently this pattern is now retired, and I was able to get it for only $30!  It is huge and has tons of storage pockets, I love it!


  • Lighted Makeup Mirror - I am used to very bright lights in my bathroom at home, so I knew the dorm room lighting would be a struggle...  This provides a nice amount of light, though not natural at all.  It has worked well enough!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

College Countdown: Planer and Week at a Glance

The week prior to move in is going to be crazy!! 

We are getting back from Disney the night of August 11th, and I move in between 1:00 and 4:00 on the 12th… Between driving over ten hours back home, unpacking from Disney, finishing packing for college, and then finally moving in, it is going to be a chaotic two days!  

Once I'm home I have to pack up my clothes (which I've already picked out), pack any toiletries I haven't been able to, and anything else last minute which I wasn't able to before the Disney trip!

My schedule for the day went something like this...
  • Staying up late into the night packing and then waking up much too early to continue 
  • 12:00 Lunch at my Grandmother's house with my extended family since I haven't seen them in a while and won't see them again for a longer while!
  • 2:00 Leave for College with pitstops at the place I used to work to pick up my check, the bank to cash the check, and then off to college!
  • 3:45 Moving in... Right before move in time... Barely on time like always!
That night I have a floor meeting at my dorm, and then more "welcome weekend" events that continue the next few days!

This is going to be a week filled with really fun posts, packing lists and tips, and ending it all up with a dorm tour!  Come back tomorrow for more!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pigeon Forge Girls Weekend!

Day 1, Sunday

7:20 p.m.
Surprise, I'm in Pigeon Forge for a mini vacation! 

My best friend in the entire world, Kaitlyn, and I left after church this morning. We wanted to spend a few nights together before college begins, and we live hours and hours apart... We just arrived at our cabin, and we thought since it was in a gated community it would be pretty close together and accessible... No. We are in the middle of nowhere up an itty bitty winding road, but it's really pretty inside and out!

Heads up, I got lazy and did not actually take these pictures, I stole them from the cabin's website... 

This was our bedroom, it was supposed to be a honeymoon cabin, but it worked for us!

Loft/Game Room with it's own private balcony 

The downstairs with the kitchen, dining room table, and living room!  The hall beside the kitchen led to our bedroom, the laundry room, and bathroom.

See the hot tub?  We spent a LOT of time in that

Also, the view from our hot tub, minus the snow, because it was 90+ degrees the whole week

And our front porch which we spent very little time on... But it was pretty!
After finding and looking around the cabin we cooked ourselves dinner.  We bought a frozen pizza, and I'm so glad we did so we didn't have to try and find our way back out!

After dinner we hopped in the hot tub to watch some Netflix (which we ended up doing every single night...) 

I mean, come on, look at that sunset over the mountains!  It was gorgeous.

10:40 p.m.
After dinner and hanging out in the hot tub, we showered, and watched more Netflix! We decided tomorrow to get out pretty early and have breakfast before going to the Titanic museum and then the pool! Goodnight girls!

Day 2, Monday

8:40 a.m.
Good morning girls! I have gotten so used to waking up early and going in to work at 6 a.m. that I was up at 7:45 this morning... But that's ok because we needed to leave early this morning anyway! We have to leave our cabin around 9:30 to make sure we make our 10:30 time at PAULA DEEN'S restaurant for breakfast! I'm just a little excited, because it is pretty amazing. After that we are planning on going to the Titanic museum, and maybe the pool later!

Just finished at Paula Deen's... We are SO stuffed.

Before the meal they give you a cinnamon roll, and it actually might be my favorite thing!

We ordered (from bottom left going clockwise) bananas foster french toast, huge pigs in a blanket, chicken and waffles, biscuits and gravy, brown sugar black pepper bacon

Aft breakfast we headed over to the Titanic museum, which was truly amazing...

As you walk in the door they give you an audio tour and a card with a person's name on it.  As you travel throughout the museum and explore the artifacts you are tasked with finding your person and trying to discover if they lived or died.
I lived!

They also had the violin which was played as the Titanic sank.  It was recently bought at auction and was on loan to the Titanic museum.  It was only out for a short time, and this is the only museum with the rights to it.  Following it's time on display it will return to a vault, never to be released again.

After the museum we went back to our cabin to chill in the hot tub and watch movies for the night, and we made dinner!
I made salad, with chipotle cheddar pasta and garlic citrus chicken! 

Days 3 and 4

So, I kind of slacked off the last two days with taking pictures and recording what we were actually doing...  On Tuesday we went to Gatlinburg and shopped around for a little bit, and then spent the night in as we had the rest of the week, nothing too exciting.  On Wednesday we shopped (TOO MUCH) and then began to make our way home. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend, and I am so glad we got to spend it together before heading off to college!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ipsy: July

The bag this moth is so cute!  It has  little beach umbrellas all over it!  And what came in it was no joke either!

The first thing I got was a flat shader brush from Vasanti.  It is a very nice brush, and very soft, I am just getting a little tired of being sent this type of brush... I have plenty now.

This Makeup Forever Mascara is probably my favorite item I've gotten out of a bag thus far!  It doesn't move, at all.  I wore it for 18 hour days in the hot sun and water rides of Disney World and it stayed perfect!  Not only that, it makes your eyelashes look amazing, I highly recommend this.

This is a single eyeshadow from The Balm cosmetics in Matt Moskowitz.   It is a very pretty color, has great staying power, and the packaging is adorable!

I was truthfully pretty unhappy about this...  It is the Eve-NYC Get Glossed Hair Serum.  I just got a hair oil from them last month and gave it very bad reviews because I don't use hair oil often... So they send another.  It smells good and does it's job, it's just not for me.

Ok... I kind of cheated with this one.  I was sent the OFRA cosmetics lip liner, and I don't use lipliner,so I traded with my friend for this Shray Ms. Amazing paper face mask.  I haven't tried it yet, but I like it better than a lip liner and I am excited to give it a shot!

Over all (not counting what I traded) I liked all but one product in this bag a lot!  Now be prepared... August is my final month :(

This is a $10 monthly subscription service where you receive makeup tailored to your personal interests, if you would like to sign up, click here: 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Love With Food: June

This is one of my last ever Love With Food boxes... Which is really sad because I've loved this subscription!
This was a good box to begin the end on though!

Of the protein bars I've tried, this has been the best one.  I like the flavor of the peanut butter and sea salt, but the dry mushy consistency just bothers me from all protein bars.  Also, I don't feel like I need 15g of protein in the mornings, thats a lot!

Cookies!  I love cookies! This traditional teatime Shortbread cookie was a nice little treat to have, especially since I have just recently started drinking coffee and tea!

This You Love Fruit Mango fruit leather was a really interesting product to be included in this box!  I like that it was a sweet, yet still pretty healthy option!

There wasn't exactly anything special about this Sinfully Thin Blue Corn Popcorn, but that's not to say it was bad!  I finished the whole bag and thought it was a nice snack to include.

Hummus usually isn't my favorite, but I wanted to give this a try!  It had a really good flavor and I was filled up long before I finished the whole tube.  I don't generally like hummus because of the baby food consistency, but the flavor of this was good enough that I got past it!

I had gotten out of the habit of eating dried fruit, but these Snapz Apple Crisps reminded me how much I like it!  As is with all dried fruit, it was actually crispy or crunchy, but it wasn't supposed to be, and they had a nice flavor, so I approve!

I'm not usually crazy over pretzels, but the crisps idea is a cool concept!  This was a cool concept, and I've seen these at Walmart so they are easily reachable, which makes them a nice addition to the box.

I love Starburst candies, and these were like Starburst on steroids!  The flavor was amazing, and just tart enough without being to sour, and the consistency wasn't too hard or sticky.  They were just perfect, I approve!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ipsy: June

My June Ipsy bag!  
Probably my least favorite part of this bag... was the actual bag.  It's quite ugly, but the products are good for the most part!

This Be a Bombshell lipgloss in Secret is ok… It’s a nice brand, so I’m not mad at it, it just isn't my favorite.  I put it on and it had almost a concealer like tint instead of the pretty pinky nude in the tube.  I have used it since and if used with a lighter hand, it's ok.

I love this Formula X nail polish by Sephora in Wingwoman!  It is such a nice dark pink/red color, and it didn't chip!  Do you know how hard it is to find a nail polish that doest chip on me?

This Three Tone "Bronzer" by Crown Brush is ridiculous... It looks like little kids play makeup.  It has a strip of bronze, a strip of pink, and one of a "highlight," and as soon as I took it out of he box the packaging fell apart.  I didn't even bother trying it, I just listed it on a swap website.

But this Urban Decay eyeshadow in Fireball makes up for the bad bronzer!! I haven't ever gotten an Urban Decay product from Ipsy and I'm super excited.  This is a beautiful peachy gold color and I have been obsessed with using it!

This is the Everything Balm by Delectable Cake Beauty.  It have ever used Aquaphor, this is basically the exact same thing, but it tastes like cupcakes.  It says it can be used for lips, to moisturize skin, repair cuticles, seal split ends, and brighten dark circles.  I'm not mad at this, it just isn't my favorite.

Overall this was a pretty great bag!  I got some pretty great amazing brands, and only one product I really disliked, I'd say this was a success!