Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Disney 2016: Day 12

8:20 a.m.
On our way to the last day at Magic Kingdom... And it's raining. But it has rained a little bit everyday, so it's going to be ok! We are having lunch at the Grand Floridian café, so we parked there and rode the monorail in instead of taking the ferry.
Since it's our last day we are wearing our matching shirts that I mentioned before for one last time.  Like I said before, on the shoulders mine says Tink, my brothers says Pan, dad is Hook and my mom (who's name is Wendy) says Wendy Darling! 

Why not go ahead and show ff some Family pictures?

I caught them mid cheek kiss, I was so sad I missed it!

“With a dreamy, far-off look, and her nose stuck in a book, what a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle”

What would a trip to Disney be without matching shirts and an obnoxious amount of pictures?

2:55 p.m.
Just finished lunch at the Grand Floridian Café! I had French Toast with vanilla bean butter, and it was probably one of my favorite meals we've had so far!  I ate as much as I could possibly hold!

My brother got Minnie's Grand Cake, and I thought it was so cute with all the sprinkles!

 This was also my birthday meal, so I got a huge cupcake to finish it off!

Aww, aren't I cute??

After lunch we rode the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom, and now we are back to touring!

So I don't like parades, and we never stop for parades, but we had to for this one because it was a super cute parade...  Look at Flynn swinging on the hammer thing!

I love Peter and Wendy!  We matched them!

Once again, I love Tink, she is just too cute.

7:10 p.m.
Just finished dinner at Colombia Harbor House! I had chicken pot pie, with blueberry cobbler for dessert.  We had heard good things about this place but never tried it, and I was pleasantly impressed!

But first, a quick stop to see the Princesses!

Honestly, I really am a child. I love them all so much.

We also popped across the square from the Colombia Harbor House to the Hall of Presidents.  We always must honor the great Ronald Reagan.

Now on to our Winnie the Pooh fastpass!

9:40 p.m.
We couldn't hardly handle another late night tonight, especially with all of the rain...

So we are on a boat to the Polynesian to have Dole Whips and watch the fireworks!

10:55 p.m.
Just left the Grand Floridian! We had our Dole Whips and watched the fireworks at the Polynesian, and then took the monorail back to our car. Now we are on our way home and to bed! It was a good last day in the parks, now on to our final day in Disney...

Thank you all so much for reading! I thought it would be fun to have a little summer Disney sun to brighten up snowy winter days!  If you missed yesterday you can see Day 11 here, or go to the Disney 2016 tag to see the full series!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Disney 2016: Day 11

1:50 p.m.
Hello everyone! As you can see, it's a bit of a later start today... We woke up around 10:30 and have just laid around the room for a while watching the Olympics!  Animal Kingdom is a hard park day with the hotter temperatures and large amount of walking, so we needed a break.  I tried to make leaving this weekend a little easier by organizing and packing up my suitcase, as well as working on some blog posts.

6:15 p.m.
Compared to every other day, today must seem incredibly boring! I went down to the food court at our resort by myself for a later lunch around 2, and it was surprisingly very nice!  I took a magazine and just chilled by myself for the first time since this vacation began.

I had the same thing as the other day, a turkey sandwich with fruit, chips, and an apple turnover. We are having an extremely large supper late tonight, and we have eaten a lot of heavy meals recently, so it was good to have something simple.

Since last updating you I've pretty much just laid beside the pool, explored our resort, and helped mom with some laundry.  But I found this Coke can very fitting.

9:00 p.m.
Time for dinner at Ohana's!  It is always one of our favorite meals, even though I feel like I've said that quite a bit during this trip.  It is all you can eat, family style.  It is also really nice because we can watch the fireworks from the windows with the music piped in!

Waiters come around with platters of food and skewers of meat the entire time you are there, and everything is amazing!

Dessert might honestly be the best part though.  It is banana bread pudding with caramel and ice cream.  I don't like bread pudding, and this is soooo good!

11:00 p.m.
Dinner was amazing... And it made it even more amazing that we got to watch Wishes from our table beside the window! I think my favorite times watching Wishes on this trip so far have been outside of the park from the Polynesian hotel!

Also, I finished my canvas tonight! I had a canvas that had "Family" written across it, and while in Epcot I had each of the countries write "family" in their languages! As an afterthought I brought it to the Polynesian tonight and had them write it in Hawaiian. It is so cute!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Disney 2016: Day 10

8:20 a.m.
Good morning everyone! We are currently on our way to Animal Kingdom...

...our second favorite park!

Today I am wearing a Lion King tank top from Rue 21, athletic shorts from Nike, Tevas, my FitBit and Magic Band, and my hair in a Tinkerbell bun!

1:00 p.m.
Just finished lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue! It was a quick service, and we loved it! We only got two plates of food, but we still couldn't finish it it was so much! We had ribs, pulled pork barbecue, barbecue chicken, fries, onion rings, baked beans, and coleslaw, and that was just two plates!! I really wish I'd taken a picture, because it is one of the best Disney meals I've ever had!

Since this morning we rode a few of the rides here, but most importantly, we rode the Safari!  It is honestly the best, I'd ride it over and over.  You can see what is in these pictures, every animal doesn't really need a caption!

This one was my favorite, I love seeing the lions!  And these were only a few of the pictures, between mom and I we had so many!

6:35 p.m.
We just sat down to dinner at Tusker House! It is an African buffet style restaurant, with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and Daisy!  Though the characters were cute, I honestly really didn't like the food that much.

This was my favorite picture of dinner, all of the flexing ducks!

Before dinner we went to see the Lion King show.  The Lion King is one of our favorite Disney movies, and this is one of my favorite things in Animal Kingdom!  Timon and the monkey acrobats are the best part of the show!

After lunch we also did a few of the animal trails scattered around the park.  Animal Kingdom to me is just a freaking amazing zoo in all of the best ways!

Is it just me, or does this hippo look very put out about having a birdie on its back?

I love the cute little meerkats! 

A gorilla, of course from its best angle.

We also did the Bird Show, which I always think I'm going to dislike and then end up loving.  Eagles are always great to see.

8:50 p.m.
Time for the new Jungle Book show they are doing at Animal Kingdom since Rivers of Light isn't ready.  But I got to do something amazing before we came to our seats...

I got to meet Tarzan!!  My roommate is crazy about him and I promised her I'd meet him on her behalf.  Not to say that I didn't enjoy meeting this gorgeous man...

He told me to growl and pose "like Lion," so we did!

11:20 p.m.
Turns out that if it sprinkles the least bit, they cancel the show... Luckily we were able to do the nighttime Safari, ride Mt. Everest again, and then make the next show!  It was kind of aggravating initially, but it all worked out, and the Jungle Book show was amazing!  Now we are on our way back to our resort for bed... Goodnight you guys!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Disney 2016: Day 9

8:25 a.m.
Good morning! We are currently on our way to Epcot!

Today I'm wearing a tank top from Walmart that we had embroidered to match for our last trip, athletic shorts from Old Navy, a sports bra from Boone Belles, Tevas, my FitBit and Magic Band, and ears from Jane/Etsy! Except I forgot to take a picture that morning, so here is my mom and I being all cute!

And while I showed my mom and I being cute, I figured I might as well stick this in here too!  We did a special meet and greet for Disney Visa card holders in Epcot and this ended up being one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip!

10:20 a.m.
We got in a little early this morning, so we've already been here about an hour and a half and have already ridden Soarin' twice and Living with the Land!

We also got a chance to do The Seas with Nemo and friends, which is always a big hit!  It is a cute ride that never has a wait, with a little aquarium at the end!

I love catching starfish stuck to the glass!  Even though this one has an interesting middle...

Come on now, they had to put food in the spot or rig this somehow!  There was a big and little clown fish hanging around each other the whole time we were there!  It really was Nemo!

And then Turtle Talk with Crush... Even though it is geared toward little kids, it is super cute and we had to do it again!

We were also able to catch Test Track!  And I was pretty dang proud of the car I created, if I do say so myself.

2:25 p.m.
Just finished lunch at the Garden Grill!  We love this restaurant in The Land pavilion at Epcot because the fruit and veggies are grown in the Living with the Land ride.  The restaurant also slooooowly rotates like a big lazy susan, so the scenery is constantly changing!  The food is served family style and is all you can eat... and we sure do.  I forgot to take a picture of the food, which is horribly sad because it is one of the best meals of our entire trip, but I got a few of the characters!

It is the classic characters here, so Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale!  Look at Pluto posing!

High fives all around from the chipmunk!

So Pluto decided to sneak around the edge of the booth and scare me, as evidenced by my face in this picture!  He was so cute and playful!

We also went up the Canada side of the world at Epcot so we could hit a few more countries we missed or just really like!

How could we go to England and not use one of the telephone booths?

I loved the way this arch in Japan framed the golf ball.  If you can't tell by our second visit here, Japan is one of our favorite pavilions! 

So I went to use the restroom and it ended up being a sort of complicated place to get to.  But once I got back there, there was this little bridge with a pond and garden!  It was so cute, I don't know why Disney would hide it back in this little corner!

This is the inside sort of market area of the Japan pavilion with all of the candy and snacks! This is always a cool place to shop and try new things because for Disney, the prices really aren't that bad!  I always get the biggest box of Happy Panda cookies they have, they are my favorite!

5:40 p.m.
We just walked over to The Boardwalk via the International Gateway out of Epcot to get cupcakes... Let me tell you, I was extremely disappointed with their selection! Some of the best cupcakes I'd seen online in Disney were here and they didn't have anything! So now we are riding a boat back into Epcot.

After we got there we stopped off in France to get a few treats.  Though the cream filled things we got in Norway were my favorite, I got a raspberry lime macaroon and to was honestly amazing.

7:00 p.m.
Well, we were all killed and decided to come on in back to the room and make it an early night.

Last day in Epcot... I'll miss the way this lights up!

We ended up having a nap and then going down to our resort's food court for dinner around 8:30. I had a Turkey and Munster Sandwich on a croissant with homemade chips, and a cream cheese danish, and it was actually much better than I expected! After we finished we came back to the room, showered, and watched the Olympics... Except I was out pretty quick!