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College Countdown: Second Year Recap

So at the beginning of this year I did my "College Countdown" series, and they quickly became some of the most popular posts on this blog to date!  I just finished my second year of college, first year actually away at a university, and I thought it would be nice to bring that series to a final close with a recap of how my year at Appalachian State University went! 
Overall this past year just seems like a dream.  As I walked through the common areas of the school and saw people playing frisbee, walking dogs, enoing, tightlining, and trying to spread their opinions to the masses it was like watching a scene out of a movie.  I honestly couldn't believe I had made it to this place, and even during difficult times I never stopped being thankful for the opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition at a place like Appalachian.
Classes and Internships My major is middle grades education, and because I came in with my associates degree that meant I got to jump right in to my educ…
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Love With Food: September

I resubscribed to Love with Food!!
I used to really love this box when I had it about a year ago, but this one seemed to be a bit lacking... Even when I opened it there was a lot of empty space, which was so sad!  But there were still a few good items in it, and I got a three month subscription, so maybe they will get better.
These are The Daily Crave Veggie Chips.  I love the design of this bag, the newspaper scape is so eye catching.  I have had veggie chips before and have never had too strong of an opinion on them in either direction, so maybe these will change that!
This was probably my favorite thing out of this month's box, these were awesome!  These are the Popcorners White Cheddar chips.  I actually found these at the grocery store later, which never happens with these boxes it seems like!  I bought the Kettlecorn version.
This is the Chocolate Sea Salt RXBar.  All of the ingredients are listed right there on the front, which is kind of cool and kinda freaks me out...  I…

Nadine West Fifth Shipment

This actually ended up being my final shipment from Nadine West...  I loved the subscription while I had it, but after quitting my job and returning to school I felt the need to cut down on the amount of money I was spending.  I still reccomend this service 100%!
If you are looking into it then it is a clothing subscription service for $9.78 a month.  All of the clothes are under $30, and if you decide to keep anything then the price you paid for shipping goes to the price of the item(s).
This is the Floral Dream dress, featuring my pastel pink hair!  This was a thin jersey material as is typical with most clothing from Nadine West.  To be honest, I really liked the print and fit of this dress, but is was just a bit too tight for regular wear.  I couldn't think of an occasion to wear this to in the near future, so I didn't think I should keep it.  This retailed for $24.99.

This is the chloe top and the Indie Go shorts.  I don't really think they were supposed to go togeth…

Graze: August

I get these so sporadically these days it is almost funny!  I cancel, and they offer me a discount, so I delay my box for a few months, and then get another!  And then we repeat that cycle again.  Overall this was mostly a box of repeats, with a few new finds.  Not too bad to be honest.
These are the Fantastic Forest Fruits.  This contains blueberries, lingonberries, soft apple pieces, and cherry raisins.  I love dried fruit, so I am all about this!  Though, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what lingonberries are...
This is the Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie snack!  This has baked salted peanuts, cocoa cookies, vanilla fudge, and redskin peanuts.  Even though I've had this one before, I'll never say no to fudge and cookies!
This is the Pizza Margherita snack, and to be honest I think I may have had it before.  This has tomato bread sticks, basil "crunchinis," and cheese flavored cashews.  If I remember correctly, I liked the bread and decided that maybe cashe…

Ipsy: August

As far as past Ipsy bags go, this one was just so-so.  The products that were good were really good!  But then again, the products that weren't my favorite weren't awful either.  There was only one thing I'm just totally not going to use.  So those aren't bad odds!
Isn't this an adorable bag?  They have been doing really well lately on their bags! I love the ombre, the glitter accent, and the tassel zipper was a really nice touch.
These are Face Food masks.  I always prefer makeup to masks and skin care, but I'm not upset about these because they are cream instead of sheet masks, which I'm not into.  One is a strawberry yoghurt brightening mask and the other is kiwi yoghurt revitalizing mask.  The packaging is also super cute!
This is the Aurora Pro Color Correcting Concealer in Pistachio.  I never did get into the whole color correcting craze, and though I have tried a few different products it just never really worked well for me.  So that's to say, …

My Petal Club

A new box!  I love finding new boxes to try out, especially when they are this affordable!  This is a period subscription box, and I have only every tried a couple of those before, which made it even more exciting!  This box is normally $6.99 per month, but if you use the discount code "SUMMER" on, this box will be only $3.50!  And let's be honest, one box of pads/tampons is usually more expensive than that.

So this box primarily consists of just the period products with very few extras.  This isn't one of the present, feel-good kind of boxes, it just provides you with the necessary products to get through the month, at an affordable price.
Step One The first thing you do on their website is choose the combination of products you will need.  Be warned, you aren't given as much of a selection if you order through Cratejoy like I did.  It worked totally fine and I still got the products I needed, but I like choice!  So I suggest going straight throu…

Glossybox: August (A Cautionary Tale)

So let's talk about Glossybox...  Originally I subscribed when they had a special, three months for $30.  I thought it would be a cheaper way to try something new and see how I liked it, and maybe spice up my content.  I was sadly disappointed.  I wouldn't reccomend Glossybox to anybody.  My subscription was supposed to start in July, but that box never came.  I contacted them about it, and it took a month to get a reply simply saying they would look into it and get back to me the next day.  I waited another week before emailing them again, and at this point I was very upset.  After demanding a reply, explanation, and my box which I had paid for, lo and behold I finally received a tracking number, as well as 100 very useless "Glossydots."   I began to understand that this is not an individual problem and there were many people who didn't receive their boxes and were not getting a reply from their customer service department.  Yet they didn't seem to care. Af…

Nadine West: Fourth Shipment

So this wasn't the most successful shipment ever, but I still got one nice piece out of it!  And they left me a sweet surprise which I'll tell you about at the end, so I wasn't upset at all!
This is actually two items from my shipment!  This outfit contains both the shirt and leggings from this month, and they kind of go together!  
Though I really liked the pattern of the leggings, they are much more like tights.  They were totally see through, which made me pretty sad.  If they were marketed as tights then I wouldn't be too disappointed, but these were called Leggings.  They retailed for $14.49, and I didn't keep them.
The shirt fit very well and was extremely comfy.  I have been looking for a shirt this color, so I was pretty excited to see it in my bag, even though it is pretty basic.  This shirt also retailed for $14.49, and I did elect to keep it!
These are the "Beauty Within" earrings, and I'm actually pretty sure I received the matching neckl…