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A Month Full of Concerts + OOTD

So in the past two weeks I've been to more concerts than I generally go to in a year... It has been glorious.  
The first concert I was lucky enough to attend was the Avett Brothers!  In case you've never heard them, this is probably their most popular song right now.  They have a very folk feel.
My boyfriend bought us tickets since they were coming to Appalachian State University, and it was so good!  They are a very Appalachian kind of band, it fit well.
As far as the OOTD, I had to wear flannel, It was just necessary for an Appalachian Folk band. I had to go "hipster." My Tank Top is from American Eagle My Shorts are from Hollister My Flannel (which was worn around my waist most of the night) is from Rue 21 My Shoes are Sanuk Yoga Mat Slings As for Jewelry I have my FitBit, My Disney Alex & Ani Bracelet, and a simple triangle necklace from Target

We had an awesome time, and as you can see, the flannels were a must!
Pause to admire this gorgeous sunset I found…

Influenster Revive VoxBox!

I know I am posting at an odd day of the week, but I just needed to let you all know that I received a new Influenster VoxBox!!
I love these things, they are so much fun!  It's better than a subscription because you don't have to pay, and the products and timing are a COMPLETE surprise!  It's like a mini Christmas!  If you would like to try out this service where they send you products to review, you can sign up here:
This was an end of Summer box all centered around fitness, and I am even surprised at how much I liked it!
The first (and largest) thing in the box was this Body Tech shaker bottle... Now, I have never actually owned or used one of these and I am kind of confused honestly!  From what I can tell, you pour water or a liquid of your choice into the cup, along with a protein powder or protein shake mix, and then shake until it is combined.  I generally mix my protein powder into things, and the thought of it alone with water sounds k…

College Countdown: Complete College Packing List

For easy access to this post I am placing the list in a header at the top of the page!


Plastic BowlsPlastic CupsTumblers or Reusable Water Bottles Brita Pitcher Ice Cube TraysPlastic Ice Cubes Forks and Spoons Kitchen KnifePaper Plates Travel Mug Mug(s) Tupperware Chip ClipsZiplock BagsPaper TowelsDish DetergentDish Towels

Cleaning Trash BagsTrashcanSwifter Duster/Dusting Cloths Broom and Dust PanVacuum Cleaner Lysol Fabreze Clorox WipesWindex 

SheetsMattress CoverMattress Pad Comforter SetThrow Pillows PillowStuffed Animal Throw Blanket Bedside Caddy 

Laundry Laundry Bag/HamperLaundry Detergent Fabric Softener/Dryer SheetsStain Stick Scarf Hangers HangersSewing KitSafety PinsWrinkle Removing Spray Tide-to-Go Pen

BandaidsEar Plugs MedicineIbuprofenCold MedsPrescription MedsNeosporinHydrocortisone CreamCough DropsVitaminsFirst Aid KitHeating Pad Pads and TamponsBug SpraySunscreenAloe Desk
BackpackSchool Supplies - I'll mark the things I believe are completely nec…

College Countdown: College Rambles

So… I move in tomorrow.  We have been in Disney for almost two weeks, and I never thought I’d be ready to leave Disney but I actually really was.  It is Thursday morning right now, and we won’t be home until late tonight.  After that I have a ton of packing left to do, along with visiting grandparents.  My move in time is between1:00 and 4:00… though I am beginning to highly doubt that I’ll actually make that time!
To tell the truth, I wasn’t the least bit sad until the song “I Loved Her First” by Heartland just came on the radio.  It was talking about a dad giving his daughter away at her wedding, but how a small part of her will always be his.  I am in the car with my mom, dad, and brother, and my mom and I both just started crying… It was so sad!

Other than that, I am basically just over the moon excited!  I have already met my roommate and we talk almost every day, I absolutely love her!  We are very much alike in our morals, politics, religious beliefs, and love of Disney!  My clas…

College Countdown: Dorm Tour

I think I finally got my side of my dorm to look how I want it to this year, and I am absolutely thrilled with it!

I chose the colors yellow and grey, which isn't what I'd usually pick, but I've been thrilled with the way it turned out!  I'm not going to mention where every little thing is from, if you want more information on that you can check out my Dorm HaulI posted earlier this week, but I will do my best to hit he highlights!
First I will start off with my desk area.  From right to left I keep my makeup in the drawers I DIYed, my makeup mirror from Amazon, my desk organizer filled with legitimate desk things, as well as more makeup and makeup brushes, my tea station with my chip mug and honey, my textbooks, and finally my sticky notes and Ray Bans!
The wall above my desk I turned into sort of a gallery wall!  It has been a process to get all of this up, because anything even semi heavy continues to fall down!  From top to bottom: I picked up the canvases at a bi…