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A Month Full of Concerts + OOTD

So in the past two weeks I've been to more concerts than I generally go to in a year... It has been glorious.  

The first concert I was lucky enough to attend was the Avett Brothers! 
In case you've never heard them, this is probably their most popular song right now.  They have a very folk feel.

My boyfriend bought us tickets since they were coming to Appalachian State University, and it was so good!  They are a very Appalachian kind of band, it fit well.

As far as the OOTD, I had to wear flannel, It was just necessary for an Appalachian Folk band. I had to go "hipster."
My Tank Top is from American Eagle
My Shorts are from Hollister
My Flannel (which was worn around my waist most of the night) is from Rue 21
My Shoes are Sanuk Yoga Mat Slings
As for Jewelry I have my FitBit, My Disney Alex & Ani Bracelet, and a simple triangle necklace from Target

We had an awesome time, and as you can see, the flannels were a must!

Pause to admire this gorgeous sunset I found on my way back home later in the week...

A week later on a Thursday I was sitting in class looking at the Appalachian yard sale page, when Zac Brown tickets happened to pop up.  She was giving them away, but I was second in line to get them... She happily gave them to me instead when I offered her $20 for both!
So two hours later, my roommate and I were on our way the two and a half hours to Charlotte North Carolina!

This is by far my favorite song of their's right now

It was the most impromptu thing I have ever done in my life.
I loved it... But wow.
I forgot to take an OOTD picture for this concert because it was so spur of the moment, but you ca get a bit of a sense of it in the pictures.
I wore a Crop Top and High Waisted Shorts, both from American Eagle
You can't see my shoes, but they are brown strappy sandals from Ross
As for Jewelry I wore my wrap watch from Bass, my Alex & Ani mentioned before, Earrings from Silver Works in Downtown Disney, and of course my Ray Bans!

It was truly one of the greatest concerts I have ever been to!  It was so fun, they sang their music, as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack and Diane, and The Who.  I did not stop dancing, and I really didn't want them to stop singing, they were so great!

We came back from the Zac Brown concert late Thursday night.  Friday morning I got up, went to class, did homework and then left for Charlotte once again!  This time, all by myself... I don't like traffic.
For what you may ask?  
To spend the weekend at Wingate University with my best friend, and for a BRAD PAISLEY concert!!  

This is the highlight of the whole two weeks.  The Zac Brown concert was the most exciting I've ever been to, but it doesn't get any better than Brad.
This probably isn't my favorite song of his (there are just too many to choose from...) but this was the tour theme!

He is just so goofy, you have to love him.
And I did remember to take a picture for this concert!
My off the shoulder shirt is from American Eagle
My Overalls are from Walmart... Super cute, crazy right?
My Boots are from a store in Pigeon Forge
As for accessories, at this concert I wore my Alex & Ani, a leather cuff bracelet, and my triangle Target necklace!

For dinner before the concert we went to Cheesecake Factory... I think you can gain weight from just looking at these pictures.
I had a burger with a ball of fried MAC AND CHEESE on top, and covered in cheese sauce!  So good, heart attack on a bun.
For dessert Kaitlyn and I split a dutch apple cheesecake slice, and a peanut butter slice laces with caramel, Butterfinger, and Reeses cups... They were amazing.

Brad played bits and pieces of as many of his songs as he could fit in, he "Facetime-d" Carrie Underwood to sing "Remind Me", he sang with recordings of Demi Lovato and Andy Griffith, he came in to the crowd and was so close I could have touched him!  It was just so great, I love that man...

The past two weeks for me have just seemed like the epitome of what college life is portrayed as in the media: nonstop fun, unlimited money to pull it off, and amazing friends to be with.  I definitely don't have unlimited funds, and I would be buried in homework if I did this all the time, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  All I have left from the concerts are ticket stubs on my wall, but I can't wait to look at these ticket stubs years from now, and remember how I kicked off my first year as an Appalachian student.

If you want to see where I got the inspiration for some of my outfits as well as others, check out my Country Concert Lookbook
Also, if you want immediate updates as exciting things like this happen, follow me on social media!


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