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Get To Know Me TAG

Vital Stats:
- Bethany Allen
Nicknames  - Bethy and Beth Beth, from when I was little -  B-Tiny, from my gym teacher - Shorty, for obvious reasons (hate that one...) - Pekani, from my best guy friend, it means Bethany in Hawaiian - and from my family... Pud, Because when I was a baby my dad would go "Puddin Pop!" And I would laugh, so it became Pud :)
Birthday - December 15, 1996
Place of Birth - The Hospital in my hometown,
Star Sign - Sagittarius 
Occupation - Student

Hair color - Dirty Blonde, usually with blonde hilights but i experimented with red hilights this fall and winter!
Hair length - About halfway down my back?
Eye color - Blueish Green, depending on the lighting :)
Best Feature - Probably my eyes! I love the color, and the way they change color with the light, and my crazy long eyelashes I got from my dad :)
Braces - Used to, not anymore (thank goodness) now I just have the permanent retainers
Piercings - One hole in each ear, I want another one though!
Tattoos - Nope! I am…