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Get To Know Me TAG

Vital Stats:
- Bethany Allen
- Bethy and Beth Beth, from when I was little
-  B-Tiny, from my gym teacher
- Shorty, for obvious reasons (hate that one...)
- Pekani, from my best guy friend, it means Bethany in Hawaiian
- and from my family... Pud, Because when I was a baby my dad would go "Puddin Pop!" And I would laugh, so it became Pud :)
- December 15, 1996
Place of Birth
- The Hospital in my hometown,
Star Sign
- Sagittarius 
- Student


Hair color
- Dirty Blonde, usually with blonde hilights but i experimented with red hilights this fall and winter!
Hair length
- About halfway down my back?
Eye color
- Blueish Green, depending on the lighting :)
Best Feature
- Probably my eyes! I love the color, and the way they change color with the light, and my crazy long eyelashes I got from my dad :)
- Used to, not anymore (thank goodness) now I just have the permanent retainers
- One hole in each ear, I want another one though!
- Nope! I am waaaaay to indecisive to get a tatoo ever!
Righty of Lefty
- Righty


Best friend
- Kaitlyn, my friend from church who I have grown up with :)
- Probably something Academic, A-honor roll or something
- Cheer Leading
Real Holiday
- Christmas! 10 days after I was born :)
- Casting Crowns, A Contemporary Christian Band that I saw at Carowinds (A theme park) one Summer


- Probably Remember The Titans
TV Show
- Blue or Pink
- Oh so many... Maybe Smile by Uncle Kracker
- A Chinese Restaurant in my town, Tokoyo
- Probably American Eagle
- Oh no! There are way way to many to pick from! Probably either the Chronicles of Narnia books or the Christy Miller Series
- Seventeen
- I don't like shoes... Flip Flops I guess?

- Happy Happy Happy!
Single or Taken
- Single and ready to Mingle! ;)
- Nothing, but probably Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream soon!
Listening to
- Pandora, Pop Country radio
Thinking about
- Lot's of stuff
- YouTube!!
- PJ Pants and and AE Sweatshirt :)

Want Children
- Yes! Ideally a boy first to be the protective older brother, and then a little girl I can turn into a Princess :)
Want to be married
- Yes :) yes yes yes...
Careers in mind
- First or Second Grade Teacher, or maybe a Counselor? 
Where do you want to live
- I like where I am right now... Everyone thinks I am crazy to want to stay in a small town like ours, but this is where my family is and this is where I would like to be

Do you believe in:
- With every ounce of my being I believe that there is a God in Heaven watching out and guiding us all
- If there is a God there has to be miracles
Love at first sight
- Kind of... I think you can fall for someone when you first see them, but need to get to know them before you decide you are in love
- Maybe, not sure
- I think something else is out there, maybe aliens, maybe something else
Soul Mates
- No, If you believe you are meant to be with someone then I think you should be. But I don't think everyone has one set person meant for them
- I do! If you are saved you are going to Heaven, it doesn't matter how good of a person how have been you still have to be saved. And I think it is so sad that there are good people out there, who just can't seem to believe enough to ask the Lord into their hearts.
- If there is a Heaven there has to be a Hell
Kissing on the first date
- NO! If that is what you like then go for it, but I don't want to kiss someone until I have known them for a while and truly do like them.
- Most of the time :)


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