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Last Minute Halloween Costume: A Darling Deer

So it is Halloween, and you still haven't chosen a Halloween Costume.  Or maybe, you decided last minute to go to a party.  Regardless of the reasoning, this is a super simple costume, that is also super cute, and dirt cheap!
In all reality, you could get away with spending only a $1 on this costume, the antlers.  Mine came in a two pack from the Dollar Tree.
Though the makeup is a bit difficult to see, if you scroll to the bottom there is a close up.  Basically, what this consists of is your normal, everyday makeup with some polka dots and a brown nose!
For the Spots... The goal is to look like a super cute newborn fawn that still has it's spots.  You can create this subtle look by using a shimmery champagne eye pencil to draw the dots, as well as a champagne eyeshadow (it can be shimmery or matte, as long as it's lighter than your skin tone) to set the spots. I placed three spots on each cheek, and three in the middle of my forehead, but this is a very versatile costume, and y…

Disney 2014: Days 6-7

It is officially one month until I leave for Disney!  So in honor of that I thought I would do as I did in my original Disney Announcement and give you a sneak peek into my trip from last year in preparation for this one!
Disney 2014: Day 6 9:15 a.m. Magic Kingdom is hard to get into... so we just now got in.  You have to take a tram from the parking lot, a boat from the ticket center, and then go through the bag check! It is a solid 30 minute process! This morning for breakfast I has one Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tart, and one Strawberry (me and Elijah traded!) Today I am wearing pink mesh Danskin shorts with a black Mickey Mouse tank-top, sequin Minnie Mouse ears, Tiva sandals, and my Magic band, with a Tinker Bell bun!
10:50 a.m. This morning so far we have ridden Space Mountain, Goofy's Barnstormer, Dumbo...

 and The Little Mermaid!

Now we are in Gaston's Tavern!
 We decided to have a La Fous Brew, which is basically overprice apple juice, but I think it's worth it!  It is apple juice…

Walmart Beauty Box: Fall

I have been getting the Walmart Beauty Brandshare Box for two seasons now, and I really like it!  It is a $5 quarterly subscription, and you more than get your money's worth!
This was my view as soon as I opened the box... I was already super excited!  There was so much stuff!
The first thing I had to grab was this razor, because I was so excited to see it! Razors can be expensive, and I was sent this one for a fraction of a dollar! I have been using since receiving it, and it is a really nice razor.  It gives a close shave, but hasn't cut me.  It also has built in shave gel to give another layer of protection!
I have owned this hairspray before, and it works pretty well, but it's not my favorite.  Overall though, it doesn't have a horrible smell and is a nice size!
This self tanner looks a little orange and is a bit to glittery for my liking... I really enjoy Jergens self-tanner, and I like a certain amount of shimmer on my legs, but this was a bit much! Aside from t…

Planner and Decor Haul

So, I have done some (meaning way too much) shopping recently, and I thought it might be fun to let you all in on some of the purchases I have made that are slightly atypical for me!  Usually when I shop I am focused on buying obnoxious amounts of clothing and makeup which I most certainly do not need.  Instead, I have recently been purchasing obnoxious amounts of room decor and planner accessories, that I also do not need! Along with the clothing and makeup... Good trade off right?
Target The first store I hit up (twice actually) was Target.  You guys, that dollar section at the front of the store gets me every time! It is like a vortex that slowly sucks you in until you are buying fairy wands and bowls with straws and believing that these things have completely legitimate purposes!
A bought quite a few things from that dollar section on this trip, including: Chevron Burlap ribbon, a bronze cut out candle holder, a metal bucket, and polka dot coasters!

The burlap I have used as a runner on…

Ipsy September + Past Hightlights

So I finally took the dive, and bought an Ipsy subscription!  I have enjoyed watching these videos for years, but could never bring myself to go ahead and buy it, but I'm so excited I did! First of all, can we talk about how incredibly cute this bag is?  It is a metallic brown pleather above the zipper and on the back, and below the zipper is textured.  I thought is was so cute, that I used it as a clutch on my Anniversary!
So the first thing I received on the far left is First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  This is a very thick unscented hand cream, which will be great for Winter!
The second thing I received was Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill tinted brow gel.  I was really excited about this, because I've never tried a brow product before, but I have been wanting to!  Sadly, because I don't pluck or wax my brows, they were very thick and dark to begin with and the thick brow look did not work for me...
The third thing I received on the far right, is Garnier Fructis Sl…