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Governor's School!

Well, you would never believe what I have been up to all Summer! I just got back from Governor's school! Which was an adventure in itself...  if you don't know what Governor's School is, it is a special academic program for 5 and 1/2 weeks, for "the best and the brightest" in the state of NC, and I was very honored that I received the invitation to attend! I went for English, so I had one class that discussed Fact vs. Fiction, and another that focused on Creative Writing. I also had an Area II class that focused on Philosophy and Politics, and an Area III class that focused on your beliefs and feelings. Basically, it was a very modern and informal type of school, 6 days a week, and whenever I wasn't in class they kept us extremely busy with performances and seminars! 
So as usual, I apologize... I should have posted at some point, but I did not, and there isn't much we can do about it now, so I am very sorry!
How about a little peek into what happened whil…