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College Countdown: Packing Makeup and Toilitries

Makeup So this is where I keep all of my Makeup!  It was a basic small five drawer set with clear drawers from Walmart, and then I took tacky paper which I got from the dollar bin at Target and washi tape and decorated it!  I plan to label the drawers with chalkboard labels, but I have bad handwriting so I decided to wait and lett someone else write on them...

The top drawer is my most accessed face base products drawer! FacePrimerFull Coverage FoundationLighter Coverage BB Cream/Tinted MoisturizerUnder Eye ConcealerSpot ConcealerPressed Powder The second drawer contains all of my bluch, bronzer, and highlight products. CheeksBlushHighlightBronzer In the back of my desk organizer I keep my letter organizer with my eyeshadow palletes EyeshadowEye PrimerPalletes - I suggest bringing primarily your favorite pallete, such as my Naked 3, instead of dealing with the clutter of single eyeshadows (even though I brought a few of those too...)Cream Eyeshadow This is my cluttered drawer with my eye…

College Countdown: Packing Clothing and Cleaning Out

Let's tackle the packing part first... Instead of folding or rolling all of the clothes which needed to be hung up and carting them to college in a suitcase, I left them on hangers and wrapped a trash bag around them.  Once arriving in my dorm I hung them up, cut off the bags, and everything was great!  Also, if you can guarantee that you won't need your warm winter kind of clothing until after Fall Break, then don't bring it!  Take home summer clothes over Spring Break and bring back any fall clothes (which I'll mark on this list with a * for convenience). Many people on the Internet strictly recommend the thin felt hangers, I have used cheap Walmart hangers and haven't had a problem, so I guess it's personal preference! DressesLittle Black DressVersatile Skirt"Party" DressSunday DressShirtsButton Downs - Can be worn as light jackets in the spring and fall, or more formally if needed.  I suggest bringing:Denim/Chambray FlannelWhiteT-shirts - Don'…

College Countdown: Basic College Packing List

In this list I'm not going to go over every single thing.  Throughout this week I will do separate posts on Clothing and Makeup etc.  On Saturday of this week I will post a concise version of this including everything mentioned.  For now I would just like to go over basics such as kitchen items, "school supplies" and other items you may not have thought of!

These are basics that you might need if you are in a dorm and do not necessarily have a kitchen.  I will have a sink, so it will be doable for me to wash dishes as needed.  If you do not have a sink you might consider buying disposable silverware and dishes so you won't have to wash them in the bathroom. Plastic BowlsPlastic CupsTumblers or Reusable Water Bottles - I recommend this regardless of if you have a sink.Brita Pitcher - The water will probably be different from what you are used to, and this will make the transition easierIce Cube TraysPlastic Ice Cubes - If the water is just too gross or you don…

College Countdown: Dorm Haul

So this obviously isn't every single thing I bought for college... Doing a post like that would be ten miles long!  These are some of the more stand out, good deals, or cute things I bought!

Hamper - A nice, durable, super pretty one that my mom bought me for EasterShower CaddyHand Towel - A pretty yellow one that matches my room from the kitchen departmentWashcloths Hangers - Just the cheap plastic ones, I think they work as well as the felt ones everyone loves!Bowls and Cups - Just cheap plastic ones, I wasn't looking for durable and long lasting, it's college!
Comforter - I fount this set on sale after the dorm craze last year and I was so extited!  It was EXACTLY what I wanted, and came with sheets, the sham, a baby pillow, and the comforter.Jersey SheetsMattress Pad - I found a 2.5 inch thick foam one also on sale, and for only $40!  That's a great deal compared to the price they are most placesHeated Mattress Cover - This was also on sale for only $15!  So …

College Countdown: Planer and Week at a Glance

The week prior to move in is going to be crazy!! 
We are getting back from Disney the night of August 11th, and I move in between 1:00 and 4:00 on the 12th… Between driving over ten hours back home, unpacking from Disney, finishing packing for college, and then finally moving in, it is going to be a chaotic two days!  
Once I'm home I have to pack up my clothes (which I've already picked out), pack any toiletries I haven't been able to, and anything else last minute which I wasn't able to before the Disney trip!
My schedule for the day went something like this... Staying up late into the night packing and then waking up much too early to continue 12:00 Lunch at my Grandmother's house with my extended family since I haven't seen them in a while and won't see them again for a longer while!2:00 Leave for College with pitstops at the place I used to work to pick up my check, the bank to cash the check, and then off to college!3:45 Moving in... Right before move i…

Pigeon Forge Girls Weekend!

Day 1, Sunday
7:20 p.m. Surprise, I'm in Pigeon Forge for a mini vacation! 

My best friend in the entire world, Kaitlyn, and I left after church this morning. We wanted to spend a few nights together before college begins, and we live hours and hours apart... We just arrived at our cabin, and we thought since it was in a gated community it would be pretty close together and accessible... No. We are in the middle of nowhere up an itty bitty winding road, but it's really pretty inside and out!
Heads up, I got lazy and did not actually take these pictures, I stole them from the cabin's website... 

This was our bedroom, it was supposed to be a honeymoon cabin, but it worked for us!

Loft/Game Room with it's own private balcony 

The downstairs with the kitchen, dining room table, and living room!  The hall beside the kitchen led to our bedroom, the laundry room, and bathroom.

See the hot tub?  We spent a LOT of time in that

Also, the view from our hot tub, minus the snow, because it …