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Updated Packing List ***OUTDATED***

This is an outdated version in my opinion. Feel free to use it, but I have posted the latesest version here:

Here is an updated version of my packing list for the beach! I hope this helps you out some!

Beach Vacation Packing List!!

Toiletries and Personal Care  Toothbrush, Toothpaste, and Floss   Deodorant   Nails      - Clips      - Nail polish      - Nail polish remover      - Emery Board      - Cotton Balls    Hair      - Brush      - Comb      - Hair styling products      - Hair Straightener      - Blow Dryer      - Dry Shampoo      - Hair-bows           - Elastics           - Claws           - Bobby pins           - Hair Bands   Body lotion   After-sun aid      - Aloe Lotion or Gel   Perfume   Feminine Products   Skincare Products      - Sunscreen      - Oil Blotting Sheets      - Makeup Remover      - Acne Meds   Eyes (if this applies to you)       - Contacts Case        - Saline Solution       - Extra Contacts       …

Tone at Home

So I found these really cute "Tone at Home" workouts that come in parts one, two, and three. I hope you try them out!

Mad Abs March

Amazing News Guys! Like I told you when I found the first calendar I am searching for them all... and here's March! I hope you try it out!!