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Apartment Tour + Fall Decor!

It's coming a bit late, because by this point I have Christmas decor up, but why not?  It isn't December yet, and I loved my fall decor and wanted to show it off!
Entrance and "Dining Room" We did our best to section off the living room/dining room/kitchen area so it had a house feel that trashy college apartment.  We also tried to add all the things we could to make it feel more bright and homey since only one piece of furniture in here is actually ours!  The rest was provided for us. So for the dining are my roommate who replaced her desk chair with a comfy version brought out her chair so we could have 5 seats.  We then added cute placemats which stay out year round For fall decor I added the glittery leaf centerpiece and a few candles, as well as the wine bottles!
I painted these, and though they aren't my best I still liked them!  I used twine on the top, stickers from Target around the sides, and painters tape to make the letters, and then filled it in with…

Fall Bucket List

So for Fall this year I decided it would be fun to make a bucket list!  There are always things I want to do and wish I had done after the season is over, in both fall and winter.  But, after everything is said and done, it seems like I did very little of it!  I missed all the best movies and activities, and what do I have to show?
This year wasn't going to be like that!  Though I didn't finish every single activity, I made a good effort and had a ton of fun making this.  I would totally reccomend making one for yourself for the Christmas season, I am!

Watch Scary Movies I'm not a huge huge fan of scary movies, but every once in a while I love watching one with my boyfriend (as long as he promises not to leave after, because I'm gonna be terrified...)  This year, we were on a Stranger Things kick.  We had waited impatiently for a year for the second season to come out, and thus far it has not disappointed!  And I totally count this as a scary movie because it never fai…