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Nadine West: Third Shipment

Another Nadine West bag!  This is such a fun little bag, and I have really looked forward to every one thus far!
These are the Simple Sparkles "diamond" stud earrings.  Though these are very cute and I actually kinda wanted to keep them, I have too many pair that are too similar.  These did retail for $6.49 though, which is suuuuper reasonable.
This is the Make a Wish necklace.  I wanted to like this based off of the name, but it just really isn't my style!  I don't feel like I can pull off a crown necklace/princess persona...  But anyway, this retails for $17.99, which I feel is a bit much for cheap jewelry.
This is the Constance top.  It is like a baby pink chevron cami, and I wasn't into this really.  I have enough camis, and am not really into printed ones, so this just wasn't my style.  This retailed for $9.49, which isn't too bad
Fianlly, we have the Zipped floral romper, and as you might have guessed it has a zipper up the front allowing you to de…

Walmart Box: Summer

Walmart box time! It is always fun receiving this cheap quarterly box!  This wasn't even close to my favorite of the ones I have received in the past, but for $5 I think I can make the sacrifice every three months, and I still had a few good finds!
The first thing I pulled out of my box were these Eco Tools Mask Remover Sponges.I have actually never seen a product like this before and I am excited to try them out!Most of my brushes are Eco Tools brand and their products as a whole are awesome, so I have high expectations for these!I hope they work!
These are the imPress Press-on Manicure nails.  I have longer nails, so I never buy into the acrylics or gel or anything.  These ended up on a swap site and were actually snapped up pretty quick, so I'm not mad about it!
This is the Got2b Ultra Glued Styling Gel.  Gel isn't my thing, but my middle school brother is obsessed, as most of them are.  So I can promise you that this will in no way go to waste, he was very excited to ad…

Dirty Myrtle 2017: Day 8

8:00 It's the last day 😢 The intention this morning was to get up and go for a sunrise walk on the beach, but we were both dead tired so that sunrise walk turned into just a walk, which I am honestly ok with!

Rockin' last night's lipstick...
But we found seashells and sharks teeth!
Bye beach...
10:00 In about an hour we cleaned up from our walk, got ready, finished packing, and loaded the car to head home… Pretty impressive timing though! How about a room tour before we leave?
This was the entryway 
Which led into the kitchen
And then the living room!  We literally barely moved from these recliners this week
Then there was our bedroom.
And the interesting bathroom... It had one sink connected to a room with a shower and toilet, and one with just a toilet.
See what I mean?

Dirty Myrtle: Days 6 and 7

Day 6
12:00 Hello everyone! I just sat my butt down on the beach, and this is a little late for even us!

This morning Kaitlyn suggested walking to the Starbucks down the road, and who was I to turn her down? 
After that little endeavor we came back to put sunscreen on, and headed out to the beach! We are cooking in tonight, so we can stay out later since we don't have to dress up!Also update, thankfully the sunburns on our butts have faded out and aren't as painful 😂
4:55 So we ended up going in for lunch around 2:00 and had leftovers again, but then something exciting happened… I got to FaceTime my boyfriend! He is currently on a study abroad trip in Africa doing clinical shadowing in a hospital in Zambia. He has only been gone about a week so far, but I haven't gotten to talk to him very much, so I was really happy about that!

Pretty awesome view while talking to him too!
We are cooking dinner again tonight! We are having chicken Alfredo with roasted tomatoes and salad. 

Dirty Myrtle 2017: Days 4 and 5

Day 4 11:40 Well… I can't really say good morning now can I? We slept in today and then I had a super exciting breakfast of pop tarts! Now we are just sitting on the beach, which will basically be the extent of our day!

1:30 We decided to go in for lunch about 1:30, but we just had leftovers, nothing too exciting! But tonight we are going to a place called Art Burger and Sushi Bar, and I am kind of crazy excited! Until then we will just be chilling on the beach and in the lazy river (that isn't ours) 😅

7:50 Made it to dinner!
My outfit: Shirt is from American Eagle, shorts are from Target, and bracelets are Alex and Ani
Kaitlyn's outfit: Her shirt is from Old Navy andshorts are from Target!
Check out how cute these menus are?
We ordered The Dahli burger, which had fried pickles and avocado ranch on it, a shrimp tempura roll, and a fried chicken roll with mac and cheese and BBQ sauce! It is insanely good, and honestly not that expensive!
8:30 Dinner was amazing… Like, I can't ev…