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Beach Bag Essentials

I thought it would be fun to show you all what I keep in my beach bag while we are at the beach!
So the first thing we need to address is the bag.  You need one that is functional, as well as cute, don't think only about the cute factor!  My mom has one that I borrowed for my beach trip earlier this summer that functions as a bag on top with a cooler on the bottom!  This is simply a canvas Del Sol bag, but it sure gets the job done!

The first thing I find absolutely necessary at the beach is reading material!  This year I brought the second book in the Seafina series, as well as a set of James Patterson’s “book shots” called Kisses at Midnight.  I love reading, but I so rarely have the time to devote to a book.  The beach is the perfect place to finish them all!

If books aren’t your thing then try something a little lighter with a magazine.  I carried these two around all week and never cracked them open because I was so into my books, but my mom caught up on all of her magazine reading this week!  I just don’t really think magazines are my thing.  Oh, and no, I’m not getting married, but who says I can’t start planning it anyway??

I am all about headwear at the beach, more so to protect the top of my head from getting burnt instead of my face, but protecting your face is good too!  I usually wear my wide brimmed sun hat, but I also stick my baseball cap in the bag as well in case I want to switch to go in the water.  I’m pretty sure the sun hat is from Ross and the baseball cap is from Dollywood years ago.

Obviously you are going to need a towel!  This is actually one I got for free from Ulta earlier this summer when I bought some sunscreen for my first trip.  Believe it of not it is really good quality and has quickly became one of my favorites!  If you have the room it might even be good to bring two so you can have a backup to lay across your chair or in the sand.
On the medical side of things, I always tend to get headaches at the beach!  So it isn’t a bad idea to pack some Excedrine or Ibuprofen in your bag so you won’t have to trudge all the way back up to your room/car.  Also, definitely bring some chapstick, preferably with SPF, to protect your lips.  Did you know your lips can burn?  And it happens fairly easily!  Better safe than sorry!

Also in the realm of protection, BRING SUNSCREEN!  I usually put the lotion on before I leave the room, and then use a spray throughout the day.  I switch up what SPF I use depending on variables such as how sunny it is, how tan I am already, and if I feel like I’m already burning!  I know everyone says use as high an SPF as possible, but you can’t fault a girl for wanting a little tan right?

At the beach you need to stay hydrated!  I picked up this bottle on sale from Cracker Barrel and it has quickly became a favorite.  I picked it up out of the car one day where it had been sitting in the hot sun for hours and the outside was scalding to the touch, but inside there was still ice!  I’m also usually bad at the beach and have a Dr. Pepper handy as well, but that’s neither here nor there.

Snacks are a must if you are staying out all day!  It is nice to have fresh fruit like pineapple or blueberries handy, but lets be honest, it’s also nice to have chips and cookies.  So personally, I say just bring it all!  Keep your options open!

You are going to want to keep things like your keys and phone in a safe place.  Many websites suggest hiding them in Pringles cans or things like that, but personally I just keep them in a waterproof bag in a pocket of my beach bag.  I'm more worried about them getting wet than I am somebody stealing it!

Finally, my family and I are always the obnoxious looking people lugging three chairs, an umbrella, a sheet to lay out, a basket of beach toys, a boogie board and inner tube, a cooler, and bags full of towels and everything else listed above!  We stay out all day, so having all these things is what makes us comfortable.  If you are comfortable with no umbrella or chairs, then don't bring them!  It is whatever works for you and makes your day at the beach as perfect as it can be.


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