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Valentine's Day!

Y'all, I know some people get all up in arms about Valentine's being a fake holiday, or "Singles Awareness Day," but I love it!  I loved it even when I didn't have a boyfriend.  I would dress all pink and cute and bring cupcakes and other treats to school, I just think it is the best!  And my boyfriend had class on Valentine's day until 9:30 that night, so I celebrated Galentine's Day too!
Let's start on the actual fun of the day of Valentine's Day, and then we can get to the OOTD and date part!
I went to the post office on Valentine's Day to find a package from my wonderful mother... She is honestly the best, and one of my best friends.  Why else's mom goes to the trouble of decorating the box with hearts and a pop-up "hug from home"??  I should have done a little unboxing for you all because it only got cute the more things I pulled out.  Of course she sent me a ton of candy (when I still haven't finished the Halloween can…

U by Kotex Box

This is a slightly different post than I normally put up, but hey!  It is sort of a subscription box (which I am addicted to) so why not?  These are free boxes of pad and tampon samples that U by Kotex is currently offering, which I will link at the bottom of this post.  They have a rule about one per household like most samples do, so I cheated had one sent to my home and one to my PO Box (which you are welcome to send things to! It is Bethany Allen, ASU Box 09665, Boone, NC 28608)
In case you are wondering, it comes in a box like this sealed, so it isn't too terribly discreet, but it also doesn't scream "I'M ON MY PERIOD" either.
The first box is the U By Kotex Ultra Thin Pads - Regular.  It came with 1 CleanWear Regular pad with wings, 1 Security Regular pad with wings, 1 U by Kotex AllNighter pad with wings, 1 Security Overnight pad with wings, and 2 U by Kotex Barely There liners.  I tend to use pads more often than tampons honestly, and a box like this cou…

Amazon Beauty Box

So this is a box that Amazon offered exclusively to around Black Friday, and I debated a while before I got it, but I am super happy I did!  I know I am late getting it out to you, but I still thought it would be worth sharing!  (Plus I just realized you can still buy it!  So stay tuned until the end and I will link it for you all)
They offered two options, this basic beauty box for $11.99, a men's box for $9.99, and the luxury box for $19.99.  I decided on this one, because though the other had some cool brands, the sizes of what came in this box were better and I saw some of the products as more useful.  Now, the cool thing about these is that after you buy them you get the credit back and can buy anything in either the beauty or luxury beauty section, depending on which box you choose.  So in the end, you can order a product, and everything else you get in the box is like a free bonus!
It came with the Crest 3D White toothpaste, Crest 3D White 1 hour Express Whitening strip, a…

Book of the Month: January

Have you all ever heard of Book of the Month Club?  It is a subscription box unlike any other one I've seen!  Instead of makeup, food, or home goods like most boxes, you get to pick a book to have sent to you every month!  It is the perfect thing for bookworms like me!

This subscription is only $16.99 per month, and you can choose to skip a month at any time if the five options they are offering do not appeal to you.  But here is the catch, today is the last day of their Galentine's sale they are offering through the blog My Subscription Addiction (love that place!).  So if you use the code MSABOOKLOVER you can get a three month subscription for only $29.97 (normally $44.97) along with a Book of the Moth tote bag and free credit for an extra book ($9.99 value)!  So you are getting four books for only about $30, which is less than you could get them in a bookstore, and are saving $25 over what you would pay for a normal subscription!  I highly suggest you try it out!
I used a …

Popsugar: January

Though this box wasn't as good as December in my opinion, I am still loving this!  These are so much fun!!  I would like to apologize for my photography skills this time though... I was trying to hurry and shoot these before I left to come back to school a few weeks ago and I let quality slip.  I'll do my best not to let it happen again!
The theme words for January were new, fresh, detox, motivation, healthy, and revitalize.  That seems pretty standard for January, everyone is making an attempt at getting healthier for their new years resolutions!
This is the Daily Concepts Hair Wrap towel.  I'd seen these before at every grocery and beauty store while they were super popular, but I'd never really bought into it.  They are supposed to cut drying time and reduce frizz, so I guess we can give this a shot!  Though from first glance taking it out of its case, I'm not totally sure how to use it...  Anyway, this retails for $18 on the Daily Concepts website.
This Pepper…

Valentine's Day: Five Senses Present Idea

So I made this present for my boyfriend for our Anniversary, but because Valentine's Day is just as lovey-dovey, I think it would be perfect now as well!  This is called the Five Senses present, so each piece of the present is themed around one of the five senses.  I always like to do lots of little things instead of one big present, so when I fund this idea on Pinterest, I thought it was perfect!  This was in no way my idea (though I don't know who to credit...) but I thought I would show you all my take on it, as well as give some other options!
First of all, I numbered them because I wanted him to open them in a certain order, but that is in no way required!  I started with a good present, put two of the more mediocre ones in the middle, and then the two big ones at the end!
1.) Sight For the first present, I gave him a framed picture of the two of us.  This is from the Avett Bothers concert we went to, which I actually did a post about if you'd like to see more!  I als…

Winter As a College Student

Let me just tell you, there isn't a thing in the world fun about a dorm room in the winter!  On the happen chance that yours is as old as mine (pre-1960s, thank you very much) you probably have radiators too, which personally, I have very little control over.  Even on the off setting they exude so much heat that the room is stifling!  And then you open the window and snow starts blowing in... Yay Appalachian Mountains! Let's just all agree that is quite a process.  So what is one to do to combat these cold (and getting colder!) temperatures?
First, I've got two B's for you (mostly because I couldn't come up with a third...)  Blankets and Bedwarmers!
Let's face it, dorm rooms are tiny and your bed is the focus of the majority of decor, as well as where you will be spending a large portion of your time (yay Netflix binges!) so you need to make sure it is super cozy!
Personally, I have my sheets and comforter that I sleep under every night.  And then at the foot of…