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Valentine's Day: Five Senses Present Idea

So I made this present for my boyfriend for our Anniversary, but because Valentine's Day is just as lovey-dovey, I think it would be perfect now as well!  This is called the Five Senses present, so each piece of the present is themed around one of the five senses.  I always like to do lots of little things instead of one big present, so when I fund this idea on Pinterest, I thought it was perfect!  This was in no way my idea (though I don't know who to credit...) but I thought I would show you all my take on it, as well as give some other options!

First of all, I numbered them because I wanted him to open them in a certain order, but that is in no way required!  I started with a good present, put two of the more mediocre ones in the middle, and then the two big ones at the end!

1.) Sight
For the first present, I gave him a framed picture of the two of us.  This is from the Avett Bothers concert we went to, which I actually did a post about if you'd like to see more!  I also gave him a Breaking Bad poster, which is one of his favorite shows.  Both of those went over really well and are hanging in his room!
You could also do something like a DVD, movie tickets, or tickets to a play.  Anything that is primarily visually stimulating!

2.) Taste
So this is one of the less fun ones, only because I am currently living in a dorm room without access to a kitchen... I could have had so much fun with this otherwise!  I made him a homemade mug cake mix, which you may have seen before when I originally posted the recipe before Christmas.  If you would like the recipe, you can fid it here!  It is really good, and I use it frequently now, but there are so many things you can do with this present!
Some of my top suggestions would be cupcakes, (whiskey) caramel and apples, homemade truffles, a special drink or drink mix you know they like, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos and peanut butter crackers,  literally just about anything chocolate covered!  The possibilities for this one are endless, and I highly suggest you try to outdo me and send me pictures bragging about it.

3.) Smell
First of all, I forgot to take a picture of my Dollar Shave Club box, but this is exactly like what I got in mine (though I do not claim the picture).  This to me was a cool idea, but he saw it as me telling him he should shave more... So definitely feel out your audience before giving them a razor apparently.  From my perspective, I saw this as a really nice and highly acclaimed shave set, the Shave Butter smells good, and if wasn't all that expensive.  I used the free trial and added on the more expensive razor and Shave Butter, so it wasn't totally free, but I am about positive it was less than $10.  If you are on a tight budget this could be a good solution, and complaints or not, he really seems to like it!
If you have some more funds to play with then I highly suggest going the route of cologne.  It makes the most sense, and is a very nice gift.  Another budget idea could be a nice bath set with body wash and the likes.  If you are going for more romantic or sexy and have access to a nice bathtub, you could also do bath oils or bombs for the two of you to use.

4.) Sound
So for sound I did tickets to a haunted corn maze since our anniversary was back in October, but that present is kind or irrelevant now!  I think a good suggestion would be for you to get tickets to the Brantley Gilbert concert in NC at the end of the month and come with me! 
Other options for sound could be CDs, an iTunes gift card, earbuds, or beats if you are going big!  This present was kind of difficult for me because my boyfriend has or doesn't use those things, so I had to get creative, but you can make it as easy or as complex as you desire!

5.) Touch
This one can be fun... I went a little bit on the sexier route and got him American Eagle Boxers, but if you wanted to go even further you could get yourself a present (*cough cough* lingerie) and give it to him too!  
Like I said, I had fun with this present, but if you would rather you could go much more innocent and get him a soft blanket or other clothing.

This is truly a fun present to give because you can make it as big and complex, simple and cheap, or sweet and heartfelt as you would like!  The possibilities are endless and I've only listed a few.  Do your research and know your guy, and the present ideas will come pouring in!


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