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Review: Etsy Planner Stickers!

I decided back at the beginning of November to reach out to a few Etsy planner sticker shops in hopes that they would like to partner up with me for a review!  There were a few shops that truly stood out to me, which sent me stickers, and I have been truly enjoying using them!  Though the shops did send me these stickers for free, the opinions are completely my own.
Lilly Top This sticker package was from Lilly Top.  She sent me five full sheets (from left to right): The New Year Party stickers, Spring stickers, Build a Tree Christmas stickers, Heart Check Marks in Solid Colors, and the Notebook Stickers with words.  She also sent me her small winter sampler with a ton of cute Christmas-y designs, and a small two sticker sample of more of the notebooks.  Overall, I have really enjoyed her stickers!  They have a nice matte look, so they are easy to write on.  I also noticed that if you are willing to pay a bit more, she will make certain stickers in the shop removable, and with some st…

What I got for Christmas Highlights!

I understand that everybody else had their posts like this up the day of Christmas...
But I am a rebel (and lazy)
So why not throw it back to the magical Christmas season halfway through the new year, to soften the blow as all the resolutions crumble!

Makeup and Haircare Th Naked 3 Palette - So this was technically for my Birthday from my boyfriend, but I had to include it because it is so exciting!! I have been wearing it constantly, and I could not be happier with it.  Needless to say, he did well.
Pur Palette - My grandmother got me this, and even though it has pretty similar colors to the Naked palette, I still really love it, and it came with a mascara!
Smashbox Set - So this was kind of a Christmas present for myself...  My friend and I went shopping the day after Christmas, and the deals we got at Ulta were INSANE!  We decided to split a set (the one's I chose are in bold) that had a lipgloss, lipstick, full sized mascara, and two eyeshadow trios.  The set was on sale for $…

I'm Back, So Let's Talk + GIVEAWAY!

(If you want to see the Giveaway, skip on down to the bottom...)
So as all Holidays are, December has been a crazy month...  Fun! But crazy none the less.
The month began with a birthday trip, for meeee! To Pigeon Forge and Dollywood for a weekend to see the Christmas lights! If you would like to see more details about this trip, you can see the first two days here, the third and fourth days here, and my haul here!!
Besides that, most of my time in December was devoted to Christmas play practice at my church every Wednesday and Sunday night, and then some in between!

On the left you can see one of the stage arrangements, simple, but we were happy with it!  On the right is my brother and grandmother sitting at the the edge of the stage before the curtains opened.  We  have done a set of plays the past few years, where we all play the same characters each year.  This year my brother decided he wanted to write the play, so they let him!  We all kept the same rolls as before, and just did…