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St. Ives Influenster VoxBox

Good news, I received another Influenster VoxBox!! This was a Holiday campaign following New Years, and was sponsored by St. Ives.  Now as always, I did receive these products for reviewing purposes, but all opinions are completely my own!
Oatmeal Scrub and Mask If you are used to their ever popular Apricot Scrub, this is quite a different experience.  Where the Apricot Scrub has large abrasive pieces, the Oatmeal Scrub has smaller and gentler pieces, but significantly more of them.  This also has a much thicker and stickier consistency, with a smell that is reminiscent of sunscreen.  The way I chose to use this was as a mask.  I applied a generous amount to my face, rubbing in circular motions, making sure it was fully scrubbed and evenly covered.  The bottle recommends letting it soak in for 5-7 minutes.  After the lime elapsed, I put some water on my fingers and rewet the mask, scrubbing in circular motions once again, and then rinsed!  This was the 6 oz bottle, which retails betwe…