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Influenster Dessange Paris Hair Products

I would like to immediately disclose that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but that all opinions are completely my own! :)
I received these products about a month ago, and have been using the products since then.  As described by the Influenster website:
"DESSANGE Paris introduces the California Blonde collection, a nourishing hair care system designed to moisturize and protect color treated blonde hair. Blonde is a fragile shade that can lose its luster, fade, and weaken with time, so it is important to protect your shade as soon as you color. The special formula, enriched with passion flower extract, delivers infallible shine and luminosity for a radiant blonde color."
Though I usually have blonde highlights, they have faded quite a bit, and I have red at the moment. I went ahead and used it to review, but I am having the highlights put in again next week and can't wait to try it again and update you all again within the n…

OOTD's, Promposals, and the likes

After all of the open boxes videos I have posted lately, I thought it might be time for something different, a little life update maybe? :)
This week has been absolutely crazy, but I feel like I might actually be beginning to get ahold of this whole non-procrastination thing!! Well, sort of... I have been keeping up with my AP English and Public Speaking homework really well, AP Environmental Science? Not so much... The other three classes I am taking this semester are Foods II and Art Appreciation.  Considering two are AP, two are Duel Enrollment college courses, and I'm taking 5 classes when I'm only supposed to be taking 4, I would say I'm doing alright!

But school isn't always boring, sometimes you get to play with the fake butts in the prop closet!
And sometimes you get to add sarcastic Spongebob timecards to insane amounts of busy work!
And when you get to drive to school looking at this :)
Also this week, I have had Church Camp Meeting all week, which is kind of like…

Graze, February 22-28

This is the box I got from the Graze company, which I heard about while listening to Pandora! This was from the week of February 22-28, and was completely free!
 This was how the outside looked...
Upon opening it, I saw it was very similar to the Nibblr box I received about two months ago, but I like it better!
 The first thing on top was a paper explaining the box, with little friends and family coupons with my referral code on it (6FZ4FVQVP) and on the back it had the nutrition facts for the snacks, which was really handy.
 The first snack was Key Lime Pie, which consisted of: lime raisins, mini meringues, vanilla cookies, and green raisins
Well... I wasn't really a fan of this one.  The green raisins and the mini meringues were ok, and my friend liked the cookies, but I am just not a fan of lime.
 These were oat spelt and cocoa cookies with a cherry compote to dip them in!
I loved these! The cookies were really soft and crumbly and the compote was kind of bitter, you could tell it was…

2014-2015 Plum Paper Planner!

This is my new Plum Paper Planner, and is most definitely one of my favorite possessions right now!
 It came packaged like this...
 I got this design, and added on an extra six months, making it an 18 month planner.  That was the really cool thing about this company, everything is customizable.  You can get your name and monogram on certain planner designs for free, you can add extra months like I did, add extra notes pages, budget pages, and more!  The standard planner with an extra six months was $48.75, which was pretty expensive... but it was a Christmas present, and will last me through the first year of college, so I could justify it!
It has tabs on the side, which are laminated and reinforced
 One of the first pages in the planner is a full 2015 planner, and on the next pages a 2016 calendar.
 Each month begins with two note pages, which I haven't fully decided what to do with yet..
For now I am just using it as a catch all for sticky notes when I am planning an event, these are …