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Dorm Life VoxBox

I got another VoxBox from Influenster!  This is a company that sends complementary products to a group of people in exchange for reviews and posts about them.  So this is sponsored in a way, but all opinions are 100% true and my own!  If you want to see allllll of my sponsored posts then check out my Instagram, because they are coming!  I am @bethanyallen15.
This is called the #DormLife VoxBox and it is themed around all the different kinds of things a college girl might want or need!
Look at all of the stuff in this box!  It is packed to the brim, and with a large variety of things, so let's get into it.

This is the Not Your Mother's Naturals Tapioca and Rice Dry Shampoo.  I loooove dry shampoo and use it on the daily, but personally, I am very loyal to Batiste brand.  I have tried a couple others and not really been impressed, but Not Your Mother's is usually a very nice brand, so I was super excited to give this a shot.  This retails for about $9.
This is the Alba Bota…

SprezzaBox: September + Bonus Box!

You all may remember that I ordered a Sprezza box last year around this time of the year as a present for my boy.  If you want to see that box you can find it here!  I was amazed then, and then I ordered these and have been even more impressed!  These boxes are full of really nice quality products for men, and I love that there is a subscription company catering to the men in our lives and trying to make them dress better. When I ordered they were doing a promotion, which was the current box and a past box for $20.  I'm not sure if it is still active, but I used the code "BONUSBOX20" so you all can give it a shot!

The September box theme was "The Perry" with classic patterns, but heavier fabrics and darker colors for fall.

This box included: Bryt Dress Socks - $11.66FRESHeTech Earbuds - $29.95Peter Daniel Leather Bracelet - $10Sprezza Pocket Square - $18English Laundry Oxford Bleu Cologne - They said this small bottle was worth $20, but the full size 1.7 oz is …

Love With Food: September

I resubscribed to Love with Food!!
I used to really love this box when I had it about a year ago, but this one seemed to be a bit lacking... Even when I opened it there was a lot of empty space, which was so sad!  But there were still a few good items in it, and I got a three month subscription, so maybe they will get better.
These are The Daily Crave Veggie Chips.  I love the design of this bag, the newspaper scape is so eye catching.  I have had veggie chips before and have never had too strong of an opinion on them in either direction, so maybe these will change that!
This was probably my favorite thing out of this month's box, these were awesome!  These are the Popcorners White Cheddar chips.  I actually found these at the grocery store later, which never happens with these boxes it seems like!  I bought the Kettlecorn version.
This is the Chocolate Sea Salt RXBar.  All of the ingredients are listed right there on the front, which is kind of cool and kinda freaks me out...  I…

Nadine West Fifth Shipment

This actually ended up being my final shipment from Nadine West...  I loved the subscription while I had it, but after quitting my job and returning to school I felt the need to cut down on the amount of money I was spending.  I still reccomend this service 100%!
If you are looking into it then it is a clothing subscription service for $9.78 a month.  All of the clothes are under $30, and if you decide to keep anything then the price you paid for shipping goes to the price of the item(s).
This is the Floral Dream dress, featuring my pastel pink hair!  This was a thin jersey material as is typical with most clothing from Nadine West.  To be honest, I really liked the print and fit of this dress, but is was just a bit too tight for regular wear.  I couldn't think of an occasion to wear this to in the near future, so I didn't think I should keep it.  This retailed for $24.99.

This is the chloe top and the Indie Go shorts.  I don't really think they were supposed to go togeth…

Graze: August

I get these so sporadically these days it is almost funny!  I cancel, and they offer me a discount, so I delay my box for a few months, and then get another!  And then we repeat that cycle again.  Overall this was mostly a box of repeats, with a few new finds.  Not too bad to be honest.
These are the Fantastic Forest Fruits.  This contains blueberries, lingonberries, soft apple pieces, and cherry raisins.  I love dried fruit, so I am all about this!  Though, to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what lingonberries are...
This is the Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie snack!  This has baked salted peanuts, cocoa cookies, vanilla fudge, and redskin peanuts.  Even though I've had this one before, I'll never say no to fudge and cookies!
This is the Pizza Margherita snack, and to be honest I think I may have had it before.  This has tomato bread sticks, basil "crunchinis," and cheese flavored cashews.  If I remember correctly, I liked the bread and decided that maybe cashe…

Ipsy: August

As far as past Ipsy bags go, this one was just so-so.  The products that were good were really good!  But then again, the products that weren't my favorite weren't awful either.  There was only one thing I'm just totally not going to use.  So those aren't bad odds!
Isn't this an adorable bag?  They have been doing really well lately on their bags! I love the ombre, the glitter accent, and the tassel zipper was a really nice touch.
These are Face Food masks.  I always prefer makeup to masks and skin care, but I'm not upset about these because they are cream instead of sheet masks, which I'm not into.  One is a strawberry yoghurt brightening mask and the other is kiwi yoghurt revitalizing mask.  They feel and smell exactly like flavored yogurt, which I think is honestly really cool!  The packaging is also super cute!
This is the Aurora Pro Color Correcting Concealer in Pistachio.  I never did get into the whole color correcting craze, and though I have tried…