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Asheville Wedding Festival

So, despite the fact that I am not getting married anytime soon, there was a wedding festival in Asheville, NC the other day, and guys... I just couldn't resist! I heard about it first on Groupon, where I purchased a pack of tickets for my friend and I for $10!  Not a bad deal at all, and I don't regret it a bit, we had so much fun!
Upon entering the US Cellular Center in Asheville, I saw this table, and instantly fell in love! This was the registration table, and we were handed forms.  I thought we would be ok to just go in and have fun, but... The forms were covered with questions about when we were engaged, when our wedding date was, how many people were coming to our wedding... so we decided to just play along! I put my boyfriends name down, claimed we were engaged  in April, and that we are getting married on June 25th! I know... I'm horrible, but it was so much fun just playing along!
So all of those stickers on the registration table?  If we are going to fill out t…

It's my Blogoversary!

Hi, my name is Bethany!  
I am an 18 year old freshman currently attending Mayland Community College.  While not at school, I work at a daycare as a teacher of the 5-12 year olds.  I created this blog three years ago today in 2012.  At the time, I was a high school sophomore excited about going to the beach and in need of an outlet for projecting that.  That, my darlings, is how Summertime Sweety was born!   Since then, the goals of this blog have slightly changed as I've matured.  Most of my posts now are focused around my life, including travel, as well as daily activities and special events.  I also enjoy posting about baking, makeup, subscription boxes, and hauls.  If you can't tell, it's a pretty eclectic mix, but, such is life!
If you are a returning visitor you will see that things have changed quite a bit over the past year.  Not long ago I completely revamped the look and layout of this blog, and within the last week I have changed a few minor things, and am still in …

What I did This Month: Summer 2015 Part 2!

I am back with the last half of my Summer! Which was still hectic, but in completely different ways! Where June was covered in end of high school activities the remainder of the summer began pulling my more out into the real world with college and a full time job!
I'll begin where I left off, with the Fourth of July! I spent the early half of the day with Kaitlyn shopping at some new outlets in Asheville (which are amazing by the way...). This was the first Holiday I'd ever been posed the task of sharing.  Maze always comes with me to my family's get togethers, but rarely do I go with him, and apparently this is an important holiday to his family! Who would have known... So, we first ventured to his family's celebration to have hot dogs with cinnamon chocolate chili (it was interesting!) and see people in quite possibly the smallest town I've ever been to.  After, we returned to my house to set off fireworks and have ribs.  It actually worked out ok!
Later in July Maze an…

What I did this Month: Summer 2015 Part One!

So where to begin... I stopped posting when life got hectic around the end of Spring after prom season, and it hasn't slowed down since! So I figured it might be fun to celebrate the first day of Fall rehashing my Summer 
The fun began right before the end of my senior year in high school, with senior skip day where the entire senior class took a trip to a waterpark/campground! Trust me, we were beast at this kayak! At one point, we were even standing up while paddling and had perfect balance.  The only bobble of the entire trip would be when one of our friends was coming at us in his kayak with a fishing pole and hook sticking off the front.  He rammed us. And flipped us.  In water most defiantly NOT meant for swimming... It was disgusting. And this would be us, hot, sweaty, and drenched in swamp water on our final bus ride as high schoolers!
On the last day of school I never expected to be sad.  Let me tell you, I was ready for it, "senior-itus" had hit me hard and I was r…