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Outer Banks 2013: Day 10, Sunday June 16th

8:00 AM Well my little brother woke everyone in the room up again today, but today it was because he didn't feel good :( I hope he starts feeling better soon so he can enjoy the rest of this vacation! Well, since we are up me and dad are going to get ready and go get breakfast.

10:00 AM I really like this hotel's breakfast :) I made my own waffles this morning! :) After we took breakfast back to mom and Elijah, and had breakfast ourselves, we walked down to the beach. It turns out there was some type of obstical race on the beach this morning and we caught the tail end of it as some of the last people were climbing fences to get to the finish line! :)
We are going to Bodie Lighthouse today, but sadly mom and Elijah won't be coming with us :( Elijah still  feels bad so she is going to stay back at the room with him.

12:00 PM Me and dad just got back to the room! We had a lot of fun :)

Something I didn't know, at some point the name of the Lighthouse changed from "Body'…

Outer Banks 2013: Day 9, Saturday June 15th

6:00 AM We woke up early this morning so me and mom could walk down to the beach and watch the sunrise :)

7:00 AM Just got back :) we found a lot of really pretty seashells and watched the sunrise behind buildings/over the water ;) 

Now we are getting ready to leave and finishing up our repacking. I got most of my stuff packed up last night, but I have a few things left. I just had breakfast, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut again :)

9:00 AM Finished packing any getting ready, we just loaded the car, and we are now ready to go! We are on our way up the Outer Banks today, but first we are going to stop off at Emerald Plantation again :)

11:00 AM We just left Emerald Plantation, and now we are on our way off the Island :( We are heading up the coast to the Roanoke Aquarium, and then on over the Kill Devil Hills to stay a few nights!

4:00 PM Well instead of going straight to Kill Devil Hills, we ended up stopping at a shopping center in Morehead city... Which kind of messes up our plans to go to the Aquari…

Outer Banks 2013: Day 8, Friday June 14th

9:00 AM Just woke up... and ate more Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ;)  Breakfast isn't a fun meal to talk about, it is the same everyday!
Well today is our last day in Emerald Isle... After this we are going to a few other places, but this is our last actual beach day...which is kind of sad

1:00 PM Well, to make my little brother happy we made a deal with him that we would go to the pool first this morning. We ended up staying at the pool until lunch because it didn't make any sense to walk all the way down to the beach to just walk back an hour later! So we swam and floated around on the pool all morning :)

7:00 PM We wanted to stay out at the beach as long as possible today, so we stayed out until now!
I wrote my name in the sand :)

Summer 2013
Look at this awesome sandcastle we found!!

I am going to stay in this house one day... It looks like a Barbie House!
And if that is Barbie's House, then this has to be Ken's :)  It was a colder day on the beach today, but this was the best waves…

Outer Banks 2013: Day 7, Thursday June 13th

10:30 AM Goodmorning everybody! I have been up since 8 this morning, but just now got the chance to write! We have been pretty busy getting ready this morning, because today we are going to Cape Lookout! It is an uninhabited island in the OBX, with a lighthouse on it. It is sooo pretty, and has some of the biggest seashells I have ever seen! We are driving through Harkers Island right now to get to the ferry that will give us a ride over. Our directions for getting to the ferry was to drive until we ran out of land, and that is where they would be :) It might be a while before I post again, but when I do I will have a yon of pictures!!
Other than that It has been a fairly uneventful morning so far. But guess what I had for breakfast! For once, not a muffin! I had a Krispy Kream doughnut :) I am such a healthy eater ;)

4:30 PM Just got off of the Island! We had so much fun :) The very first thing the "Captain" said when we got on the boat was
"I am saying this because the Coa…

Outer Banks 2013: Day 6, Wednesday June 12th

9:15 AM Goodmorning everyone :) I woke up surprisingly early for someone who stayed up until 1 in the morning! ;) Once again, I had a Blueberry Cream cheese muffin for breakfast... those things are amazing! Today we are just spending the day down at the beach again :)

2:45 PM Just came in for lunch! Today is the perfect day to be down at the beach! It is warm and not windy, just perfect :) I told you all earlier this week about the German Soldiers at our hotel, because they came to train at a military camp. We have 3 camps around us and helicopters and other huge flying things are going over constantly! They are flying so low that you can see the people inside of them! It is cool and kind of scary at the same time! :)

8:30 PM We decided to spend as long as we could down on the beach today since we only have one other day left :(
We just came in from the pool, where I rediscovered my love for swimming underwater! I forgot how much fun it was! I stopped a few years back because I didn't…