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Outer Banks 2013: Day 2, Saturday June 8th

10:45 AM
Goodmorning everyone! :) 

It it a beautiful day out already this morning in Morehead City and I am excited to get out and get it started!! It is cloudy, but sooooo warm :)
We all woke up at like 7:00 this morning because of a certain little 8 year old brother who doesn't believe in sleeping in ;) We just kind of threw on some clothes so we could go down and eat breakfast, I had a cinnamon roll and a blueberry muffin. Yummy :) Today we are planning on going back up to Beaufort to walk around town and go to some historical places. Me and my dad both looove history, and especially Outer Banks history!

5:45 PM
It's been quite a while since I last checked in with you all! It has been a full day already, and it's not over yet!
After we left the hotel this morning we went to the Maritime Museum, which is a museum about pirates! I have a small obsession with pirates ;) This is the museum hosting Blackbeard's Queens Ann's Revenge shipwreck.

 The full skeleton of a whale hanging above our heads!

 A gun found in the Queen Ann's Revenge wreck

 A gun plate. I think it is odd as rough and tough as pirates are portrayed to be, they would have pieces as pretty as this :)

Lead shot. This is what they have found the most of in the Queen Ann wreck

 Glass Stemware... what would a pirate need with stemware?

 I don't understand how you could possibly find beads in a shipwreck!

 Gold found in the QAR wreck

A canon :)
After that we decided it was time for some lunch, guess where we ended up again? Clawson's that we ate at last night! 
My mom really likes to eat there :) This time a had a Chicken Ranch Wrap with fries, which was very good. 
After lunch it was time for some shopping! I got a few books...
but my mom got a Vera Bradley purse and wallet that was on sale. They are pretty, but I just can't justify spending that much on a purse! 
Finally after walking down the water front for a while, we went to a historical graveyard.
Looks pretty scary right? ;)

Vienna Dill (1863-1865)
 This child died of yellow fever and was buried in a glass top case. Years later vandals dug up the grave and found that she was completely intact. They opened the case and she disintegrated

Nathan Fouller (1750-1800)
 His ancestors are believed to have come to America on the Mayflower. He was honored in 1987 by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

 Sarah Gibbs (d.1792) & Jacob Shepard (d.1773)
Sarah was married to Jacob Shepard, a seaman. Jacob’s ship went to sea, but never returned. He was presumed to be dead. Later, Sarah married Nathaniel Gibbs and had a child with him. After an absence of several years, the shipwrecked Jacob Shepard unexpectedly returned to Beaufort to find his wife married to another man. The two men agreed that Sarah would remain with Gibbs as long as she lived, but must spend eternity at the side of Jacob Shepard.
(This is my favorite story in this graveyard)

They didn't have time to bury them individually, so they made one mass grave. This is one of two mass graves on the site.

 This British officer was buried standing up, fully clothed, and facing England in salute to King George the 3rd

Captain Otway Burns (1775-1850)
 Historians say he was one of North Carolina’s greatest naval heroes in the War of 1812. His tomb is surmounted by a cannon taken from his privateer, Snapdragon. After the war, Captain Burns was a member of the North Carolina Legislature. Later, a grateful state made him light-ship keeper near Portsmouth. He died there and was brought by sharpie to Beaufort for burial. The town of Burnsville, in the mountains of North Carolina, was named for Otway Burns and a statue of him stands in the center of that town’s square.

Girl in Barrel of Rum 
 Here is the grave of a girl buried in a barrel of rum. In the 1700s an English family, including an infant daughter, came to Beaufort. The girl grew up with a desire to see her homeland, and finally persuaded her mother to allow her to make the voyage. Her father promised his wife he would return the girl safely. The girl enjoyed her visit to London, but died on the voyage home. She would have been buried at sea, but her father could not bear to break his promise. He purchased a barrel of rum from the captain, placed her body in it, and brought it to Beaufort for burial.
Legend says she comes alive at night to play in the graveyard, so people leave toys for her. If you leave a toy, it will bring you good luck, if you take one she will come back to haunt you! ;)

And that brings us to now! At this moment we are driving through Indian Beach on our way to Emerald Isle to get the keys for our condo! On the part of the Island we are at right now, you can look out one car window and see the Bouge Sound and look out the other window and see the Atlantic Ocean! That is a thin strip of land!

7:30 PM
Just got to the condo! Loving this :) 
 This is our Living room...

 And here is the Kitchen...

And here is our view from the balcony (not an amazing view, but it works ;)...

My Parents room...

A sign that I love in my Parents room :P ...

The steps up to mine and my brothers room...

 My Bed...

My Brother's Bed(s), he couldn't decide which one to sleep on :)
I am sitting out on the deck blogging right now! My little brother just walked up to me and grinned, when I asked him why he was so excited he says "Beach! Pool!! Everything!!!" Cutie Pututie ;)
For once I tried to unpack a little, which I am enjoying. I love packing, so unpacking in a whole new room is just as fun!
I am dead to just jump off this balcony and take off running to the beach! But alas... I must restrain... We are having issues with the air conditioning in our condo, so we have to hang out in here for a little while.

10:20 PM
Got the AC fixed! This condo complex is always good about fixing any problems that come up, they came quickly after we called and had it fixed within minutes!
After they left we went out to eat at a resterant called RuckerJohn's in a strip mall called Emerald Plantation.

I had a meat lover's pizza, but only ended up eating half before I was totally full! After eating Dinner we headed on over to Food Lion to get some groceries, and now we are back to the condo again!
Today wasn't nearly as rough as yesterday, and we have had beautiful weather all day, so tonight might be a little later night ;)

12:15 AM
Well... I told you I would be up later :) I got caught up in reading this book I am about to finish and didn't realize what time it was! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all Goodnight and Thanks for spending Vacation Day 2 with me! Love you all! :)


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