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Outer Banks 2013: Day 3, Sunday June 9th

8:20 AM
...It is 8:20 in the morning. Let me say that one more time, I went to bed at 1 AM last night and IT IS 8:20 IN THE MORNING!!!! If you thought my little brother getting up at 8:30 yesterday was bad you should have seen him today! 6:30!!!!!!! He woke up at 6 #*#&#*@ 30!!!!! Well I am just kidding... kind of ;) But seriously though, who does that?
Well today might be a little bit of a boring day for you all, bit I am sooooo excited! We are finally going down to the beach today!! I can't wait!

10:30 AM
Just got all sunscreaned up and ready for the beach! Not a whole lot has happened since I woke up mad at the world this morning ;) I had a blueberry cream cheese muffin for breakfast (I like muffins lately...) and I got to eat it out on the deck of our condo while I finished my book! 
We haven't even made it down to the beach yet and I am already loving this vacation! :)

2:10 PM
Just finished lunch! Getting ready to head back down to the beach soon! :)

7:15 PM
Well we finally came in from the beach! We came back to the condo from the swimming pool at around 6:15, and since then have been getting ready to do out to eat
At the beach today we threw the football, went on a walk to find seashells, and laid in the sun :) 

We also found sand fleas! 
They are little crabs (with no pinchers) that look like over grow fleas.
 I attempted to take my boogie board out into the ocean and ride the waves but, because of the tropical storm, we have really chopy waves and it is hard to get a good ride.
Check back with you all later!

9:30 PM
Just finished having dinner at Flippers! I had Spinach Artichoke Dip... which was just ok. 

Now we are on our way to play putt-putt golf at The Emerald Forest!

mom golfing :)

10:40 PM
Finally made it back to the condo and man 'o man has it been a long day! We stayed down at the beach for a few hours, came back to the condo to eat lunch, went back down to the beach for around three more hours, went to the pool for an hour, came back to the condo, got ready, went out to eat, played putt-putt, and then here we are now! :)
Right now we are all chilling in the living room of our condo while watching the Karate Kid and eating oreos :)
Oh just by the way, I got fried today! Obviously I am not good at putting on sunscreen... I have little strips and spots all over me that I missed, but the biggest one? I missed the whole backside of my legs... No. Joke. Oh well, maybe I will just get tan :)

12:25 AM
Just wanted to get back on really quick and tell you all goodnight and I love you! :) Sleep tight!


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