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Homemade Beauty... Self Tanner

In need of a tan and don't have the time to get one? And then it gets worse... You check your beauty cabinet and are out of Self-tanner as well... So what now??

Mix your favorite powdered bronzer with you moisturizer for a temporary self-tan. It won't stain your skin like a self-tanner, and will wash off in water, but it works for a quick fix! Bonus? Mix a drop of body oil or olive oil with moisturizer for an all-over shimmer. Or maybe even add some loose glitter for shimmer and sparkle :)

I Love Spring TAG

1. Favorite spring nail polish?
Light Pastel Pink :)

2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?
Bright Neon Pink

3. What's your favorite flower?
I like Day Lilies :)

4. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?
I like Sunglasses, especially big ones!

5. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)
I don't really keep up with trends... Was lightwash distressed jeans a trend? We are going to pretend like it was, so thats my favorite :)

6. Favorite spring candle?
Hmmm... I am still burning fall candles! I like warm seasons, but cold season sents :P

7. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
Butterfly Flower from Bath and Body Works! Hands down, no question!

8. What is spring like where you live?
Well right now it is still snowing... but we pretend it is warm ;)

9. What's your favorite thing about spring?
Flowers Blooming :)

10. Are you a spring cleaner?
I hate cleaning, so no...

11. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
We are planning a Summer …

Homemade Beauty... Elmer's Glue Pore Strip

Directions: Just like when you peeled it off your hands as a kid (is it bad I still do that now? ;) spread a thin layer on your face concentrating on the nose area, let it dry, and peel off. Keep clear of eyes.

A "Stay-cation"

Jut because you aren't jetting off to Hawaii to spend your Summer break, doesn't mean you have to mope around and feel sorry for yourself for two months! Here are a few ideas that you can try out to make you look and feel like you have been on a Summer getaway!

Visit your local museums:  Art, history, science, cars, sports, or whatever your intrest may be! I am partial to pirates personally... Every area of the country has its local attractions, some world class, others that are just fun.  Every area also has its architectural gems that are registered on the National Register of Historic places. Pretend you’re a tourist and go visit them! Go to the beach or pool:  Over half of all Americans live near the coast (lucky ducks...) and an even larger percentage live near a lake or river. Are you like me and have no beach in any way shape or form? Go to the pool!Go to a movie:  Yes, you could always rent a movie on Netflix or borrow one from the library and have an evening movie night…

Homemade Beauty... Kool-aid Lipstain

First I want you to know... this tastes amazing!!!  And it works too, try it out?
You Will Need: Kool-aid water Q-tips a small container
Directions: First you will need to pick a flavor, use the flavor guide below or mix them to make  it more you :)

Cherry = orange red Tropical Punch = bright red Peach Mango = peach Pink Lemonade = Barbie pink Strawberry Kiwi = light red Grape = purple

Next you will need to dampen your finger (or just lick it ;) and press it into the powder. Rub the powder onto your lips until you reach your desired shade. Lastly dampen the Q-tip and use it to smooth out any uneven edges or clumps. Your done! :)

Homemade Beauty... Deep Conditioner

You Will Need: 1/4 cup plain Yogurt 1/4 cup Mayonnaise 1 Egg White
Directions: Cover your hair with the mixture and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Leave it in your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it out. This helps to seal split ends and moisturize badly damaged hair

Homemade Beauty... Milk Bath

Do you have some milk in you fridge that is about to expire? Instead of just letting it sit there how about you put it to use!
You will need... The milk that is about to expire A few drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Draw a bath and add the milk and olive oil.Milk is a natural moisturizer that can do wonders for your skin, and the olive oil will make your skin super soft. Another option is to add add the milk and olive oil combo to a bowl with warm water to soak your hands or feet before giving yourself a DIY manicure or pedicure.

Sunburn Relief

Even when you wear sunscreen, sometimes the inevitable happens and you get the dreaded sunburn...
So what should you do? I have a few suggestions of the best way to be as comfortable as possible while you recover!
1.) Pain Reliever First things first, as soon as you discover your sunburn head to the medicine cabinet and take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Ibuprofen or Advil. These are anti-inflammatory medications which will help to reduce swelling and pressure from the sunburn, which will relive some of the pain.
2.) Hydrate The second most helpful thing you can possibly do is drink water! The sun has sucked all of the moisture from your skin, and it is literally begging for you to replenish it. Try to drink just water, since it is better for you and more hydrating than juice or sodas.
3.) Take a Bath Try to limit yourself to no more that 30 minutes, but that thirty minutes can do wonders for your skin! Use cool water, not hot because it sucks misture from your skin, and not cold …