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Sunburn Relief

Even when you wear sunscreen, sometimes the inevitable happens and you get the dreaded sunburn...

So what should you do?
I have a few suggestions of the best way to be as comfortable as possible while you recover!

1.) Pain Reliever
First things first, as soon as you discover your sunburn head to the medicine cabinet and take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Ibuprofen or Advil. These are anti-inflammatory medications which will help to reduce swelling and pressure from the sunburn, which will relive some of the pain.

2.) Hydrate
The second most helpful thing you can possibly do is drink water! The sun has sucked all of the moisture from your skin, and it is literally begging for you to replenish it. Try to drink just water, since it is better for you and more hydrating than juice or sodas.

3.) Take a Bath
Try to limit yourself to no more that 30 minutes, but that thirty minutes can do wonders for your skin! Use cool water, not hot because it sucks misture from your skin, and not cold because it can send your body into shock, just... cool :) For added benefits you could add a few heaping tablespoons of Baking Soda to your bath. It will cool down your skin and help it to retain moisture. Another option is to add 1/2-1 cup of oatmeal ground into a fine powder to your bath. It can speed up the healing of the burn and reduce the itch that comes with it. No matter what you do, resist the urge to add bubble bath, bath salts, oils, or bombs since they can further irritate your skin. And remember to pat dry when you get out of the bath!
4.) Aloe
I could go on and on about the benefits of the Aloe Vera plant, but a huge one that is going to help you right now is the effects it can have on a sunburn. It has many cooling properties, and can make your skin feel very soother and hydrated. You can use it squeezed straight from the leaves of the plant, or buy the gel from a drugstore (you can buy it most places fairly cheap).

5.) Moisturize
When you have a sunburn, you need to moisturize and keep your skin hydrated so your don't peel like a snake. But please, please, please resist the urge to apply a moisturizer 50 times a day... When you do this it it like putting on a winter coat in the middle of summer, all it does is hold in the heat. And when you hold in all of that heat and don't let your skin breath, it raises your internal body temperature which makes you even more uncomfortable. Find a happy medium. Maybe try, when you wake up in the morning, after your shower/bath, before bed, and as needed if your skin is feeling extremely dry.

6.) Wear loose Clothing
This is a huge deal, especially for girls. You need to resist the urge to squeeze into those skinny jeans with your burnt thighs, and wear that super tight tank-top with the straps that will rub your fried shoulders raw. Doesn't sound very comfortable does it? You can look just as cute in cargo shorts and V-neck t-shirt, all a long necklace of you want to spice it up a little more :) But then their are those pesky bra straps... If there is absolutely no way you can get around the tight straps, dust a little cornstarch or baby powder onto the burn before you get dressed. It works almost like a lubricant so the clothes won't stick to your body.

7.) Limit Sun Exposure
This might be one of the most important tips I can give you. When you have a sunburn, exposing it to more sun is about the worst possible thing you can do. Now, I will admit that I have done it myself. Sometimes it just can't be helped. If you are on a beach vacation see if you can take a break for the day. Find inside activities in your area, such as an aquarium or have a day of shopping. It will amaze you what just one day out of the sun can do for how you feel! If you insist on still going out in the sun, remember to apply sunscreen and re-apply often. Wear a cover over your bathing suit if you are taking a walk or doing activities out of the water, and (if possible) sit in the shade or under an umbrella while reading or resting.

**Remember that these tips are for someone who has a mild sunburn with NO blistering. If your skin blisters consult a doctor, nurse, or (at the very least) your mother before trying any home remedies.**
The best possible thing you can do is get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water to boost your immune system and help your burn heal faster. Their is no way to completely cure a sunburn but these are just a few ways to help it heal faster and make you more comfortable while your body is doing what it does best!


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