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January Love With Food Subscription Box

(Stay tuned for a special Valentine's giveaway towards the end of this post!)
So after searching around on My Subscription Addiction for a subscription box to try out for free or on the cheap to see if I liked it, I found this Love with Food box! They had a promotion going where the first month was free (except for shipping), so for all of this I paid $2!
The first thing I found upon opening my box was this pamphlet giving a description of all of the products inside! Isn't it cute?? It says... "What does 2015 have in store? All good things! While now's the time for New Year's Resolutions and looking foreword, give yourself a little love for what you have already achieved. With the purchase of this box, you helped to feed a hungry child. If that's not a great way to start off the New Year, we're not sure what is!"
And this was what I saw after moving all of the paper...
The first thing on top was Breakfast in Paris Black Tea by Stash "Ideal for that sle…

Hauls Upon Hauls: Final Part 3, After Christmas Sales!!

My name is Bethany and I am a shopaholic… Except not really because this is from more than one shopping trip, so that makes it better right?? 
If I know the prices I will list them, and if not, well, just assume it was pretty cheap ;)
Walmart The majority of everything I bought from Walmart was part of the After Christmas sale! I will specify if it was not. Flower Gift Set in Cherished which includes Cherished perfume (.5 fl oz), lipstick in LB5 Haute Honeysuckle, and nail polish in NP4 Gorgeous Gerbera - This was less than $5… Can you believe that?? The perfume alone is regularly almost $20!Flower Nail Polish in NP3 Fanatical Botanical and TC1 Rose Gold Top CoatFlower Lipstick in LB3 Rose-y Future - (So, I actually bought two of the perfume gift sets and a nail polish gift set, and just put the things I didn't like up to give away later… Is that horrible of me??But C’mon I paid less than $15 for five nail polishes, two lipsticks, and two perfumes, and they are all normally on the mor…

Hauls Upon Hauls: Part 2, 18th Birthday!

So my Birthday was actually back on December 15th... But you still wanna see what I got right? Right! 
From Maze Minion T-shirtSimba T-shirtLots of Candy which has already been eaten!

From Friends JournalHand Painted Shoes - My friend made these herself! I am so excited about them!Handmade Cupcake Bath Bombs - Also from the crafty friend, they really smell like cupcakes!Minnie Mouse Car Tag - eve though I have yet to put this on my baby car, I can not get over how cute it is!!Two Cupcake CookbooksCupcake Set - silicone baking cups, fondant tools, cupcake wrappers, and including another cookbook!Bath and Body Works Frosted Snowberry lotionBath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla lotion
Under Armor Sweatshirt and Pants - This was a Secret Santa/Birthday Present. I don’t work out much, but these would about spur me into it! (...about) She said I don’t wear sweatpants enough, so she had to buy me some!
Lace Shoulder TopSkirt

From Grandparents (Both Sets) Cupcake SweaterBoots - Which I picked o…


Just wanted to let you all know the extreme level of excitement I have right now! I just received my Plumpaper personalized planner, and my FREE Love With Food subscription box! I will be updating last week's Christmas post with a picture of my planner, and be doing an in depth post on the planner, and accessories I ordered, in late February after I have used it for a bit! Also, keep your eye out for my TWO (yes I said two) subscription box posts coming soon! See you later this week with my regularly scheduled post!

Hauls Upon Hauls: Part 1, Christmas!

This is going to be a three part Haul series detailing everything I have received or bought from my Birthday on December 15th to just lately!
From Co-Workers Beautiful Day Lotion from Bath and Body WorksChristmas EarringsCandle from Walmart - I had actually looked at buying this, so I am happy I got it!Snowman socks from Walmart and Earwarmers from Walmart both of which aren't pictured only because I couldn't find them... but I do like them!

From Maze (boyfriend :) Two Minion Cups - I love minis, but I am still a little baffled as to why I needed two… ;)Toy Story SocksTinkerbell Sticker - You can’t really see it well, but I promise it is cute!Frozen patterned Heating pad - His mom got this for me, and he is still completely baffled as to why this was my favorite present from him! ;)Minion Peeps!

From Kaitlyn (aka my best friend ever!) Oahu Bath and Body Works Shower Gel - I have the rest of the set, and this completes it!Green and Purple Box - This might seem kind of odd, but I love…

New Years Resolutions

I have been so M.I.A the past... what? 6 months? Year? I'm pretty sure if I was an actual missing person I would be assumed to be dead by now. Are we past the point of apologies? Because I think we are. If I did it again you probably wouldn't even take me seriously, so I'm not going to! 

If you haven't already noticed there have been quite a few big changes to the layout of this blog! As for the core, important things, they are the same, I just figured it was time for a new look! I have grown up quite a bit since I created this blog, and not only this, but the content and goals have been slightly altered since the beginning as well, so along with that I reformatted and am going to try to turn over a new leaf :)

In my College Transfer Success class this past semester, I learned something very important.  Goals need to be specific, they need to be time bound, and they need to be feasible.   My first goal for the new year is to improve upon this blog so that I can be like the…