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Hauls Upon Hauls: Part 2, 18th Birthday!

So my Birthday was actually back on December 15th... But you still wanna see what I got right? Right! 

From Maze
  • Minion T-shirt
  • Simba T-shirt
  • Lots of Candy which has already been eaten!

From Friends
  • Journal
  • Hand Painted Shoes - My friend made these herself! I am so excited about them!
  • Handmade Cupcake Bath Bombs - Also from the crafty friend, they really smell like cupcakes!
  • Minnie Mouse Car Tag - eve though I have yet to put this on my baby car, I can not get over how cute it is!!
  • Two Cupcake Cookbooks
  • Cupcake Set - silicone baking cups, fondant tools, cupcake wrappers, and including another cookbook!
  • Bath and Body Works Frosted Snowberry lotion
  • Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla lotion

  • Under Armor Sweatshirt and Pants - This was a Secret Santa/Birthday Present. I don’t work out much, but these would about spur me into it! (...about) She said I don’t wear sweatpants enough, so she had to buy me some!

  • Lace Shoulder Top
  • Skirt

From Grandparents (Both Sets)
  • Cupcake Sweater
  • Boots - Which I picked out and bought myself on Black Friday, and then she gave me the money for later ;) I love them, so I don’t even care!
  • Handmade Pocketbook - I have crafty friends as well as crafty grandparents! Isn’t this pretty??
  • Coral Lace Dress

  • Sparries - My parents gave me money for my birthday, so I went and bought my first pair of Sparries! I love them so much!
  • Red Flannel - I bought this myself to wear on my Birthday, but it turns out my mom had bought me one exactly like it!
Watch for the final part of this mini series coming soon, my after Christmas Haul!


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