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November Ipsy

It was a galaxy bag this month!    I'm not sure what I could really do with this one, but it is so cute!
As far as the actual contents of the bag, I really liked it!  I feel like each moth they are getting better.  There is less and less stuff that I'm not crazy about, and more and more high end.  This was an expensive bag!
The first thing I pulled out was this lip pencil.  I hadn't ever heard of this brand before, but the full size is $28.  It is a really nice matte color, and I've really enjoyed using it!
I was excited about this high end mechanical eyeliner (in black, "wild child"), that retails for $14.  Upon using it, I was pretty disappointed because it was dark at all!  It looked much more grey on than black.
I wasn't exactly excited when I saw this, but it has probably turned out to be my favorite in the whole bag!  It is a mattefying, but also is really moisturizing and feels very nice on the skin.  I have had very dry skin lately, and I've been u…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know this post is a little later than it would usually be, but I just wanted to tell you all how thankful I am for you. My blog has grown by leaps and bounds recently, and all of the credit goes to you all! I am so thankful for the opportunity to write and create, and share it with you.
 I am also very thankful for the friends and family I was blessed enough to have spent time with when we celebrated yesterday. We had some of the most people for dinner we'd had in years, and our house was overflowing with love, food, and thankfulness to be there together. 
I am thankful for my friends who I did not spend Thanksgiving with, as well friends who have been gone to college and returned safely for the Holiday.
I am incredibly thankful for the amazing boyfriend I have had for two years now. He has been such a blessing in my life, and I hope I have the chance to spend many more years with him!
More than anything I am thankful for God, my salvation, and all that he has blessed me with. This …

Themed Presents: Truffles All Around!

I know I have mentioned this to you all before, but I love giving presents. I love giving presents even more when they are themed!  Something seems just so pretty and put together when presents are all cohesive around one theme. Therefore, this year I thought it might be fun to have a little mini series in preparation for Christmas of some super cute themed presents
And my first one is... Truffles Because who doesn't like truffles? For this present I chose a combination of bath products called "Tub Truffles", and chocolate truffles!

The tub truffles are a bath melt, you place them in hot water and they begin to melt and flow through the water.  I ordered the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, and they truly look and smell edible!  As they melt they release their scent, and make the water feel so soft and silky!  They are made from cocoa butter, so not only does the water feel amazing, so does your skin!  You can get them for $14.99-$15.99 on Alexis Clare's Etsy shop, Whipped Up Wond…

Guest Post: DIY Desk Calendar

This week I had the pleasure of hosting my friend Anina for a guest blog post!
Anina is a freshman at NC State studying graphic design, she loves to bake, and travel!  I have known her throughout Middle School and High School, and I have loved watching her grow flourish in terms of herself, as well as her Blog and Youtube channel! Hang around until the end of the post for all of her links, and I hope you all enjoy!
DIY Desk Calendar  
What You’ll Need:Small, wooden box
White paint
1 sheet of patterned paper
3 small C-hooks
13 White gift tags
Modge podge
Watercolors & brush
Metallic paint

Directions:First, take the lid off of your box. You won’t be needing it. Then paint your box white. If you found a box that was already white, you can skip this step. 

While waiting for your box to dry, decorate the 13 gift tags with water color. You can do this however you want, but I put a strip of color on the bottom of the tags, and then made a sort of gradient by adding more water at t…

Three Ways to Christmas Shop on the Cheap

Christmas shopping is something a lot of us tend to put off until the last second, and then are scrambling the week before Christmas to buy things just because you feel like you have to.  You end up buying something, at exorbitant obnoxious prices, that you know the person you are buying for won’t even like!

I came up with a few ways you can get awesome presents, not have to kill yourself trying to get them at the last minute, and not break the bank...
My first suggestion, is to shop in advance! I know, this seems super simple, but you wouldn't believe the difference it makes to start a couple months in advance, and just buy things you know the person would like as you see them.  This year, I stopped in an antique shop on my way to work one day, just to look around.  I ended up leaving with this gorgeous bowl, mug, and tea set with I am planning to give to family members, and because the place was about to close down, I got them for half off the original price!That leads me right in…

Spa Weekend Haul!

So last Thursday and Friday, I went on a Spa Weekend trip with my friend Kaitlyn. Of course, we went shopping... Is that even a question??
Wedding Expo Gifts There were a few of the same vendors at this Expo as there was at the last one (like Stargazer Designs, who actually recognized me!), but mostly they were all new to me!

There was not as big of a collection of vendors, but we still got some cool stuff!
The bag at this event was significantly nicer and cuter than the last one. It says "To Have and To Hold... all of your wedding inspiration."  How cute is that? From some of the different vendor's I received a homemade chocolate truffle, a koozie, a photo booth picture strip, a tattoo and pin, dove chocolate, a baby flashlight! 
Sally Hanson Bleach - So far, I am super impressed with this stuff!  The first time I used it I made the large batch, my friend and I used it, and still had a TON left! So this will last quite a while.

Engagement Ring - Well... a fake one!  If yo…

Spa Weekend!

Day One7:30 My alarm just went off, and I could cry… But it is going to be a good day, so it's ok! This evening, my friend and I are going on our first ever spa weekend together! But first… I have to pack and go to school…
Today I am wearing: Plaid shirt from Rue 21 Cami from Forever 21 Not sure about the scarf…  American Eagle Skinny Jeans And Combat boots from Belk!
11:40 I am currently sitting in my college library, starring longingly out the window, just itching to get out of this place and get on the road! Actually, I'm working on homework and eating lunch, but the two are basically the same right?

I had my English class this morning and couldn't skip because I had a paper due. I have a three hour Biology class in about an hour, that I also can not skip because I can only miss 2 classes for the whole semester… You might think, why didn't we just plan this trip for another time? Because we are doing something super fun tonight, that would only be happening today. We are goin…