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Spa Weekend!

Day One

My alarm just went off, and I could cry… But it is going to be a good day, so it's ok! This evening, my friend and I are going on our first ever spa weekend together! But first… I have to pack and go to school…
Today I am wearing:
Plaid shirt from Rue 21
Cami from Forever 21
Not sure about the scarf…
 American Eagle Skinny Jeans
And Combat boots from Belk!

I am currently sitting in my college library, starring longingly out the window, just itching to get out of this place and get on the road! Actually, I'm working on homework and eating lunch, but the two are basically the same right?

I had my English class this morning and couldn't skip because I had a paper due. I have a three hour Biology class in about an hour, that I also can not skip because I can only miss 2 classes for the whole semester… You might think, why didn't we just plan this trip for another time? Because we are doing something super fun tonight, that would only be happening today. We are going to a wedding! A fake wedding actually. My Big Fake Wedding in Asheville to be exact! It is a play off of the traditional Wedding Expo, which Kaitlyn and I also went to… Guys, why am I doing this, I'm not even engaged!
With any luck, next time I check in with you we'll be on our way!

Just got out of class, and almost half an hour early! I did learn I have yet ANOTHER paper due, making me even more anxious to get this mini vacation started… Now I'm going to meet Kaitlyn, and our adventure begins!

We are on our way!!

We made it!!
We made a pit stop at Walmart and got engagement rings...
We are going all out with the fake brides thing!

I also got bleach, and a drink for tonight, and then we went though the drive through at Steak and Shake and got milkshakes. I got cookie butter, and it was sooooo good!

Leaving for the wedding!
My dress is from Dillard's (and was my Anniversary dress!), my shoes are from Rue 21, and my jacket is from Zulilly.
Kaitlyn's dress is from Rue 21, and cardigan from Walmart! Nice find in my opinion!

We just made it back to the hotel after the wedding and we had so much fun!

Let me recap...
We had some trouble finding parking, and had to walk forever to get to the place, we once we arrived we decided to skip the cocktail hour and find seats for the ceremony.
This was the beautiful backdrop, done by Kate Asire Flowers

So, if you are still confused by the concept of this event, it is basically a vow renewal.  But, instead of the couple paying for things and planning it themselves, the company The Big Fake Wedding rounds up local venders and has them help decorate, cater, and host the ceremony.  In turn the venders get advertisement, because there is also an expo where you can interact with them and ask questions.
The wedding was gorgeous, and this was the sweetest couple! They had been married for about a year, know each other less than two, and were so obviously in love.  They wrote their own vows, and his for her went on for at least 15 minutes, repeatedly thanking God for placing her in his life.  I didn't even know them and I wanted to cry! 

In the room where the expo was located there was this beautiful balcony with a seating area looking over downtown Asheville.

This was the wedding cake.  As beautiful as they were, it was quite disgusting... Blueberry and Lavender, it tasted like perfume...

The place setting at my table, because each of them were different!

And this was the food... The description said drinks and "light bites," but I beg to differ, I got so full!!
The cupcake was strawberry with whipped cream icing, and was made by Karen Donatelli Bakery+Cafe, it was heavenly
The cookie and macaroon were from French Broad Choclates
Everything on the bamboo plate (roasted veggie tart, flank steak with tomato jelly, a chicken popper, and Carolina trout cake) was from Saffron Fine Foods
Everything else on the plate (chicken pot pie bite, chicken salad on toast points, a grits cake, and lettuce wraps) came from Farm Burger.  I love this place and have been multiple times, and now approve of their catering as well!

They also had a popcorn bar! How cute is that?? I got pimento cheese, salted carmel, and garlic parmesan!  This was from Poppy Handcrafted, and they have a ton of flavors!

Reception selfies looking great!

And as we were leaving, I saw that instead of a guest book they had one of these collective letter/number pictures with their wedding date to sign! I love these, and I truly might use this idea one day.  This one was from Alphabet Art Photos on Etsy.

Overall, we had so much fun, and I could not have picked a better way to spend the first girls night away with my best friend! Now we are just going to hang out for a while, you know, bonding and all that jazz
Oh, and lot's of junk food!

Well, we decided to start our spa day early here at the hotel, and bleach every hair on our bodies! Well, not every hair, but I did my arms and was super impressed with the results!
I have spent the rest of the night watching How I Met Your Mother and working on my blogging course, while Kaitlyn watches The Walking Dead.  So I think I'll go ahead and sign off, goodnight, and I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me!

Day Two

Good morning my lovelies! I just woke up from sleeping in a very comfy bed, which I am trying to pry myself out of to get ready for our spa appointment!
My outfit today:
Leggings are from Zulilly
Shirt is from Rue 21
Not sure about the scarf…
Boots from Belks
Kaitlyn's outfit:
Shirt from Maurice's
Leggings from JC Penny's
Purse from Michael Kors

For breakfast I had pancakes and sausage, with a cinnamon roll, super healthy right?

We just checked out of our hotel and am now at the Kia Dealership in Asheville getting copies of my key made (because I locked myself out twice last week…)

At the Spa!
Filling out paperwork with our neck wraps...
and then with our feet soaking!

So we left the spa around 1:00...
And I can not even begin to tell you how amazing that was.  We went to Serenity Wellness Spa in Asheville, which I found through Groupon.  It seemed a little odd when we pulled up, because it was in the upstairs of an office building, but it had great reviews, and they came through! We arrived around 11 for out appointment at 11:15, and were immediately served drinks (I had green tea, but they also had water, herbal tea, coffee, and white and red wine).  We were ushered into the plush lobby area to fill out paper work, and were given our neck wraps.  The lobby was decorated in muted teal and neutrals, with pretty twinkly lights.  
Upon completing the paper work we were promptly brought into the massage room where mine and Kaitlyn's massage therapists placed our feet in a warm herbal foot soak.  They left us to relax on yet another plush couch in a dimly lit room with soft music playing.  We were left like to soak and hang out for about 15 minutes.  They then came back to remove our feet from the soak, and ask which of us were going to be the brave one and have the male doing their massage.  I volunteered, they explained the process, and left us to undress and climb onto our massage tables!
The massage was literally the best thing i have ever felt... He began by placing a hot compress similar to the neck wrap on my back, and doing my legs.  He also did my arms, hands, feet, neck, shoulders, back, head, and (weirdly enough) my ears!
We had also added a Pumpkin Spice Facial (like the one I posted last Wednesday!) onto our package.  About three fourths of the way through the 75 minute massage he had me flip over onto my back and painted the facial onto my face.  It smelled so good... I could have licked it right off!  While the facial settled in, he moisturized and wrapped hot towels around my feet, and continued to massage my arms and legs.  After he removed the facial the massage continued for a short period of time, and then it was finally time to leave...
My massage therapist was Bubba, and I would recommend him ten times over! I was very apprehensive about having a male, but he had almost a friendly dad kind of aura, and was completely professional.  When (not if...) we return, I plan to request him again!

After, we went to Atlanta Bread Company for lunch, which we felt was a very spa kind of place to eat!
I had a chopstick salad and a chicken salad sandwich, and it was quite amazing

Now, it's time for shopping!

Just finished dinner at Whole Foods! 
I had a Lasagna Roltini and Kaitlyn had some kind of unpronounceable  pizza that was really good, and then we split a caramel apple cupcake for dessert! It was all amazing

Since I last checked in we went to the mall and spent obnoxious amounts of money… And now we are on our way to the outlets to spend some more!

Just left the outlets! We only really came for the Vera Bradley outlet, and I wanted everything there! I only ended up getting one thing for me, as well as an amazing Christmas present for one of my family members! It was the large size of a duffle bag, originally $85, but was 70% off, making it $25.50! I was so unbelievably shocked at that deal.
Now time to head home...

I've been home for about three hours now, and spent a large majority of the time telling mom about this weekend, and showering! As amazing as that massage was, I have been covered in oil all day and it's been killing me! Especially the fact that it was in my hair, I hate greasy hair…
As for this trip, I'm going to go ahead and and say goodnight! I have to write a post, finish my blogging course, and go to bed at a reasonable hour because I have to go to a class tomorrow! (which I dread so badly…)

Thank you guys for coming with me on this trip, please subscribe, and check back on Saturday for my haul! 


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