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Love With Food: May

This is the May Love With Food box, and it was really cute!  It had a nice variety, and some very cool different things that I wouldn't normally have bought myself, but I plan to look for again!
The flavor of this Kutoa Peanut Butter and Jelly bar was pretty good, but the texture really threw me off...  It had a very soft texture, and I like my bars like this to have a little crunch.  That soft texture in addition to the subtle flavor just wasn't a great combination.
These Smarty Pants Women's Vitamin Gummies were a "bonus" this month and not technically counted as one of the food items, which I thought was cool!  There were enough in there for a few days worth of doses, and even though they weren't my favorite gummy vitamins ever, they were pretty good!
Trail Mix isn't really my thing because I tend to pick out what I want and leave the rest... But this Emily's trail mix wasn't bad, it just isn't my favorite
I don't really like jelly bea…

Ipsy: May

Look How cute this bag is!  It is an envelope style with a button closure and different landmarks covering it. In this bag I really enjoyed three, was pretty apathetic about one, and HATED the last one...  But this is my third to last bag before I cancel the subscription and head off to college, so I'm trying to make the most of them!
This is the eva-nyc Hungry Hair Oil treatment.  Hair oil isn't really my thing, but this smells nice and will be nice for traveling, so I'm pretty apathetic about it.
I have absolutely been loving this Jelly Pong Pong blush and bronzer duo!  The bronzer is the perfect shade for my fair skin tone, and the blush is a nice coral color for summer and I have been enjoying it as well.  I truthfully wasn't too excited about this brand, but I was nicely surprised!
I am so upset about this that I refuse to even try it... It is a sparkly bubblegum pink that looks like something I would have loved in middle school.  I'm trying to trade it on My…

Let's Talk...

I feel so bad, I have been such a flake with posting recently and the past month is when I should have been really focused on getting out content, because.... My summer classes started this week. And they are intense. Like, more so than I expected and I'm only a week in.
Also, I just got my Summer schedule for the daycare I work at, and instead of my normal 9:30-5:30, I was switched to  6:00-12:30...  That is a huge difference, I've never gotten up that early in my life!  It is a lot better in some ways because I now have my full days free, but it's a difficult sleep schedule to get used to.  
As a result, I've been spending my mornings at work, and my evenings doing homework, or attempting to have a social life...  This is my last Summer before college after all, so I want to have fun!  But it just makes things more difficult when I need to be in bed early for work, balance homework, and then there is this blog.
I love having this creative outlet, and I'm not ready …