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Clutch Essentials

It is Prom season!  I have been out of school for two years now so Prom isn't exactly a relevant thing for me anymore, but I miss it...  The picking out a dress and getting ready... I'd do that over and over and just skip the whole prom thing honestly!  It always seems like a mini wedding, and does it sound too self-centered to say I like the pictures and attention?
Anyway, I was packing my clutch for my Valentine's Date and  I thought, why not make this more fun?  Here are my absolute clutch essentials for an important night out!

Money and ID - You never know what kind of situation you could end up in where you are going to need actual cash instead of the oh so common card!  I always have cash with me just in case.  I also reccomend bringing your actual license instead of school ID, but I didn't want to show my license!Blotting Sheets - I have a real tendency to get shiny and if you have a night full of pictures ahead, that is not flattering.  A quick trip to the bath…

Walmart Box: Winter

Now I know it isn't winter anymore, but the Walmart Box is still one of my favorites so I wanted to make sure and get it up anyway!
This box is only $5 and comes once a season, so if you are looking for an affordable option that gives the most bang for your buck I highly suggest this!
I also thought this box was even prettier than the past few ones!  When they started this program they had a very basic box, but now they are getting prettier and better themed with each season!  I really liked the snowflakes on the paper, super cute.
This is the Dove Nutrium Moisture body wash.  If you remember, I also got this sample in my Amazon box, so Dove was really trying to promote this product this winter!  As I said before, it feels soft and moisturizing, and it makes a ton of bubbles!  I remember my grandmother using a similar body wash when I was little, so I can't figure out if this is a rerelease or the same product or what, but that's all I can think of!
This is the Pond's …

Graze: February

I decided to pause my Graze subscription over winter break since I was going to be at home, so this is the first one I have received since November!  If you all remember, I originally purchased a discounted subscription of six months for around $20 or something like that from Groupon, so I only have one more month left after this!  I have loved this box, so that is kind of sad!
The box this month was adorable, it was very bright and Spring-y.  I love that they are changing up their boxes for the seasons now!
So I’m pretty sure I chose that I loved these Thai Sweet Chili Dippers before I ever received them just because I love the dippers and wanted to give it a try.  They were a little spicier than I expected, but they were still really good!  I would like to find the crackers just in a box, I could eat those all day!
I have tried a few of their other flapjacks now, which is their version of granola bars, and they have all been really good!  They are also usually higher in protein, but th…

Popsugar: February

The February box is my last one from the three month subscription I received for Christmas, and though that is very sad, we went out with a bang!  I loved every single item in this box, which is an amazing feeling, and I have been so excited about using them all! First of all, can we notice how much cuter than normal this is?  Look at all of the crinkly stuff!
This candy bar from Chuao Chocolatier is literally heaven in your mouth... It says it is a Cinnamon Cereal Smooch Chocolate Bar, so, Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  My favorite cereal??  I approve.  The retail on this says $6, but I saw this brand at Biltmore going for around $8, which seems a bit steep for chocolate to me... But I guess we are talking about fancy chocolate here!
This is the Tribe Alive Foldover Clutch in the pattern Atitl├ín Brocade.  It is reversible, so if you fold it the opposite direction you basically have a brand new clutch, and it is gorgeous either way.  It is hand woven, and the Tribe Alive brand partners with…

Update and OOTD

Hi guys!  So it is March first and we are now half way through the semester!  I was originally planning to only do Wednesday posts while we were out for Christmas break, but then it came time for Disney Posts (which you can find here if you missed them!) and I was posting on the daily which coincided with the beginning of classes!  Ahhh!  It was kind of a crazy time, so I took a break for a couple weeks, and when I went back to posting I had so much content that I wanted to get out I needed to go back to posting on  Wednesdays!  As everything has calmed down, I've decided that now is as good of a time as any to go back to Saturdays.
I have really enjoyed posting recently and I've still got some really cool things coming your way!  (Popsugar, Graze, Walmart Box, Empties, Clutch Essentials...)  So don't think I'm just slacking off!  I want whatever comes your way to be quality content!
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