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Clutch Essentials

It is Prom season!  I have been out of school for two years now so Prom isn't exactly a relevant thing for me anymore, but I miss it...  The picking out a dress and getting ready... I'd do that over and over and just skip the whole prom thing honestly!  It always seems like a mini wedding, and does it sound too self-centered to say I like the pictures and attention?

Anyway, I was packing my clutch for my Valentine's Date and  I thought, why not make this more fun?  Here are my absolute clutch essentials for an important night out!

  • Money and ID - You never know what kind of situation you could end up in where you are going to need actual cash instead of the oh so common card!  I always have cash with me just in case.  I also reccomend bringing your actual license instead of school ID, but I didn't want to show my license!
  • Blotting Sheets - I have a real tendency to get shiny and if you have a night full of pictures ahead, that is not flattering.  A quick trip to the bathroom with this thin pack of blotting sheets can fix that right up!
  • Hair Tie and Bobby Pins -  What if your intricate hairdo starts to fall out and you need to pin it back up?  Or your straight hair starts to curl up from hot sweaty dancing and you want to put it up out of your face?  These don't take up much space so they are necessary no matter what kind of thing you are going to or hair you have!
  • Hairspray - Once you've pinned your hair back up you need to spray it into place!  I hate hairspray, but the need for it with perfect hairstyles outweighs my hate...
  • Makeup Remover - No matter what kind of mascara I wear it always ends up coming down below my eyes, and that is not a hot look in my personal opinion.  I have just brought a couple makeup remover wipes in a bag with me before and that works well, but I thought these little q-tips filled with makeup remover were a really cool concept!
  • Band-Aids - What if your shoe rubs blisters on your heel?  What if your date falls and skins their knee?  You will be prepared to nurse them back to health!  Bonus points it your band-aids have Disney characters on them.
  • Fashion Tape - I always tape my dresses up top and I don't even have that much to hold in!  I want my clothes to stay in the spot that looks the best.  Even though that is something you'd usually do before you left the house I think it is important to keep a few strips and maybe some safety pins in your bag in case of an emergency.  One year at prom I had to tape and pin one of my friends back into her dress because it started ripping!
  • Pepper Spray - This is a necessity because I just never leave the house without it.  I have a couple bottle with one in each jacket pocket during the winter and in my wallet during the summer.  Better safe than sorry!
  • Lipstick and Chapstick - I always have to have chapstick with me, no matter where I am going, and the Prom will be no exception.  You will also need to bring the lip color you are wearing that nigh for touch ups after dinner and throughout the night!
  • Hand Sanitizer - Germs are yucky and are everywhere, and personally I do not like to associate myself with them...
  • Face Powder - This goes back to the whole shiny face thing, so you don't necessarily need both, but I like having them.  Just make sure if you bring a powder that it has some color and isn't translucent.  A translucent powder will wash you out in the ten million pictures you have to take on Prom night.
  • Mints/Gum - Let's say you have Italian for dinner, do you want to go around smelling like a clove of garlic for the rest of the night?  I think not!  You can get super small packs of altoids, it will be worth the space in your clutch. 
  • Tampon or Pad - Even if you aren't expecting it Aunt Flo can show up unannounced and unwelcome at anytime... I always suggest being prepared.  The U by Kotex click tampons are super compact but easy to use.  I highly reccomend them for small clutches.
As I said, these are my essentials, so there are always things you may want to add or take away!  I didn't mention things like your cell phone and keys, which are absolutely necessary.  You could also add things like a roller ball of perfume or other makeup to touch up with.  It it totally up to you!  Whatever makes you feel most comfortable for your amazing prom night!


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