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Nadine West Fifth Shipment

This actually ended up being my final shipment from Nadine West...  I loved the subscription while I had it, but after quitting my job and returning to school I felt the need to cut down on the amount of money I was spending.  I still reccomend this service 100%!

If you are looking into it then it is a clothing subscription service for $9.78 a month.  All of the clothes are under $30, and if you decide to keep anything then the price you paid for shipping goes to the price of the item(s).

This is the Floral Dream dress, featuring my pastel pink hair!  This was a thin jersey material as is typical with most clothing from Nadine West.  To be honest, I really liked the print and fit of this dress, but is was just a bit too tight for regular wear.  I couldn't think of an occasion to wear this to in the near future, so I didn't think I should keep it.  This retailed for $24.99.

This is the chloe top and the Indie Go shorts.  I don't really think they were supposed to go together, but I figured I'd give it a shot!  

The top was very big and loose, which I am usually into, but the arm holes came a bit low for comfort.  I feel as if the straps needed to be taken up, and I don't really want to have to alter clothing from this subscription.  It was cute, and I did consider keeping it, but decided against it because I already have too many tank-tops.  It retailed for $11.49.

The shorts were super cute!  They are soft and comfy, and could be worn out or as lounge shorts.  I really didn't need these, but decided to keep them anyway because I'm a shop-a-holic.  These retailed for $19.99, which is a bit steep for cloth shorts, but I liked them enough I guess!

I think the outfit totally goes together if you hold a puppy though, wouldn't you agree?
Also, why can I never seem to style these outfits with shoes?  I always forget...

These are the Buttoned and Beautiful earrings.  I honestly really liked these and considered keeping them as well.  If I am going to be wearing earrings that dangle, I want them to be subtle like this.  These retailed for $11.99, and though I didn't keep them, I kind of wish I would have!

Finally, this is the Mustache bracelet... Why?  Why is the mustache trend still around?  This was very very bad.  When I first saw it was a bangle I got pretty excited because I thought it would look good with my Alex and Ani bracelets, but then I saw the icon.  This retailed for $11.99 as well, and I couldn't send it back fast enough.

So though I only kept one thing, I honestly loved all of the items aside from the bracelet!  I also shared my bag on Facebook this time, which gave me a $3.00 discount on the clothes I kept, making the shorts only $7.21 above the original price of the bag!

Once again I have to say, this is one of the best subscriptions I've ever tried.  It is super affordable and fun to try and I reccomend it 100%!  The customer service team is the best I've ever seen, offering solutions to problems and discounts when they didn't have to.  They were ready to go above and beyond to keep their customers happy, and that means a lot to me.  Though I am no longer a current subscriber, I plan to re-up in the future when I have enough money to spare!


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