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Winter As a College Student

Let me just tell you, there isn't a thing in the world fun about a dorm room in the winter!  On the happen chance that yours is as old as mine (pre-1960s, thank you very much) you probably have radiators too, which personally, I have very little control over.  Even on the off setting they exude so much heat that the room is stifling!  And then you open the window and snow starts blowing in... Yay Appalachian Mountains! Let's just all agree that is quite a process.  So what is one to do to combat these cold (and getting colder!) temperatures?

First, I've got two B's for you (mostly because I couldn't come up with a third...) 
Blankets and Bedwarmers!

Let's face it, dorm rooms are tiny and your bed is the focus of the majority of decor, as well as where you will be spending a large portion of your time (yay Netflix binges!) so you need to make sure it is super cozy!

Personally, I have my sheets and comforter that I sleep under every night.  And then at the foot of my bed, I have two big, warm, fleecy blankets that I can grab and cuddle up in at any time! There is also a blanket (from Disney of course!) hanging on the rails at the head of my bed to keep some of the cold air from the window out.  I also like to "nest" so to speak, so I have a TON of pillows!  Anything you feel would make your bed extra cozy throw it in there!  If you are looking, Arhaus has some really beautiful blankets that would be perfect to decorate for winter.

And that is where the second B, a bedwarmer, comes in... Honestly, it looks like I am sleeping in a hospital bed, but I don't even care.  I keep in on low and it is still insanely warm, I couldn't imagine what a higher setting would be like!  It makes uncomfortable dorm beds so much better, I highly reccomend getting one if you are cold natured like me.

Similarly to a bed in a dorm room, a couch is the focal point of a living room.  I feel like any of the above tips would apply just as well to them to.  I love having lots of blankets and pillows on my couch, there is nothing like curling up under an afghan to watch a movie with family!

Though most college students don't have room for a couch in their dorm, a futon can be decorated in the same way.

But if you are lucky enough to be that student with an apartment, I think the sectional couches at Arhaus are gorgeous as well! In my opinion, sectional couches represent all things warm and cozy, and I hope to have a house big enough to have one in it one day!

Rugs are also super important in dorm rooms (like mine) with cold, hard, tile floor... I love our rug in our dorm, but it is necessary to have a vacuum.  We didn't think to buy one, and have to borrow all the time, and it is not picture-able at the present time, so here is this one!  It is also from Arhaus, where they are having some pretty awesome sales right now, so check them out!

Finally, I just recommending bundling up and getting out of the room!  Put on ten layers, and get out, even if it just to go to the student union to hang out.  You will go stir crazy staying inside all the time, and the February Funk is a REAL thing!  Go outside, meet friends, and try to have a warm and cozy winter!


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