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Planner and Decor Haul

So, I have done some (meaning way too much) shopping recently, and I thought it might be fun to let you all in on some of the purchases I have made that are slightly atypical for me!  Usually when I shop I am focused on buying obnoxious amounts of clothing and makeup which I most certainly do not need.  Instead, I have recently been purchasing obnoxious amounts of room decor and planner accessories, that I also do not need!
Along with the clothing and makeup...
Good trade off right?

The first store I hit up (twice actually) was Target.  You guys, that dollar section at the front of the store gets me every time! It is like a vortex that slowly sucks you in until you are buying fairy wands and bowls with straws and believing that these things have completely legitimate purposes!

A bought quite a few things from that dollar section on this trip, including: Chevron Burlap ribbon, a bronze cut out candle holder, a metal bucket, and polka dot coasters!

The burlap I have used as a runner on my bookshelf, under the candle holder!  To be a dollar each, they have made very cute fall (and possibly beyond) decorations!

The coasters I saw the first time I was in Target, carried them around, and then changed my mind because I didn't think I needed them.  When I got home I noticed the water rings on my bedside table... therefore coasters were purchased.
The bucket has yet to find a place or a purpose, but it's cute!

I also ended up buying a few random things, which consequently, were the only things bought out of the dollar section!

I bought two tank tops that can be worn in the Summer, or layered in the Fall, as well as a gap shoulder shirt that I have been loving!  All of which were on sale, the only way I like things!
Finally, I also bought a Rimmel Matte Kate Lipstick in Rosetto

I truly love this store...  

This first things I bought, which I plan to use to decorate my planner!
There were so many to choose from, but I finally decided on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mickey Christmas Sticker books!
See the Mickey one in the middle?  I plan to use those during the week we go to Disney!
Planner Stickers on Etsy are crazy expensive, and you don't have to have those to make your planner cute!

In the decorating department I bought a "B", because I am the epitome of white girl, and it was $1.50

My random purchases from this store included blank cards that were on sale, because I'm a horrible person and still haven't written thank you notes for graduation presents, and an adorable glass cup!

For some reason, my Walmart has had crazy sales on some furniture items recently!

My room is crazy dim, and I have been wanting to buy a lamp for a while, but have just never gotten around to it.  I was going through the sale section and found this 5'11" silver lamp (which I put together myself) for $5!  To be a cheap Walmart lamp, it helps the lighting in my room tremendously.

I also bought Candy corn to out in a dish in my room as decoration, because it tastes like sugary wax and I don't recommend eating...

I am so incredibly in love with this Etsy shop, I just placed my third order this week, and my second ever was within the past month! 
My planner is an addiction which I just can not overcome...
But do I really want to?

In the second order I placed I bought: Disney Countdown Stickers(middle), 50 random punches(bottom), a pocket and washi planner kit(top left), a Christmas punches and washi planner kit(top right) and a random washi sample card(top middle), and a sticker sample gift from her(right middle)!

I placed my third order through a crazy Facebook sale she was having.  I ordered a Cupcake/washi/sticker planner kit, and Halloween washi tape, which I haven't received yet to take a picture of!

If you would like to see my first order ever from this shop check out this post!

And that is basically all I have bought!
Though I shop on the cheap, I have done entirely too much of it recently and I need to stop...  But I'm so excited about all I have gotten, and definetly suggest checking these things out!


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