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FOMO and Money Matters

Have you ever been dying to go shopping, but low on funds?  Or attempting to figure out what to do this weekend, but unable to make plans with your friends for the same reason? What about Spring Break??  That is a bank breaker...
Have you ever heard of FOMO?  It is the Fear of Missing Out, and I'd have to say that I have been subjected to this on more than one occasion!
Today, I want to show you girls some easy ways to save money, make money, and get things completely for free, so you will never subjected to FOMO again so you can shop and make plans however you please!

Saving Money
1.) Cartwheel - If you shop at Target frequently (or ever!) this app is absolutely necessary!  It has coupons for Target that you can't find anywhere else, which run for a short period of time.  You are also given an allotted amount of coupons per transaction, I think you start with 15.  You add the coupons to your "barcode" and instead of having to scan each coupon individually, so it combines them into one personalized barcode which the cashier scans and applies your savings!  The more you use this app, the more coupon spots you gain!  For example, I used a 20% off Cadbury Egg offer, in conjunction with a Target sales ad offer, got each candy for only $0.52, and gained four more coupon slots!

2.) Groupon and Jane - The way I use these, I'm not even sure it can be considered saving money...  These are both essentially websites (and apps) that sell things at a discounted rate.  Groupon is like Walmart, they have EVERYTHING!  In the past I have bought discounted gift cards to restaurants, spa packages, online classes, Aquarium tickets, Wedding Expo tickets (remember that? I posted about it here!), a magazine subscription, and a Fitbit Flex (which was only $40!).  They also have goods such as clothing, jewelry, and home decor, their selection is endless!  In addition, they have frequent sales and promo codes which you can use to further discount purchases.  Jane is centered much more toward women's clothing and accessories, especially of the monogramed variety!  From this site I have purchase a monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer inspired state t-shirt (can it get any more white girl than that?), a poster, and a jewelry grab bag.  The thing about these sites are that the deals only last for a limited amount of time.  They usually bring back the most popular deals, but there are no guarantees, so buy it when you see it!  Click here to create a Groupon account:

3.) RetailMeNot - This was originally a website (but is way more useful in app form)  that you can look up coupons for any shop, and even some restaurants!  I say it is more useful as an app, because if you have your location on, it alerts you when you get to somewhere like the mall and tells you what coupons are available at what stores.  It also has a feature where you can choose to look at only coupons for these stores online, and get online codes too!

4.) Email Lists - This one is super simple, kind of pointless to even mention, but sign up for the email lists!  Even if you just send it to a junk email account, check that email every once in a while to see if the stores you like have any good sales going on.  Also, like the brand on Facebook, you never know what kind of flash deals they might decide to post.

Making Money
1.) Shopkick - This app is a new one for me, but it is so easy and super fun.  You earn points for completing activities, and then redeem the points for gift cards.  The activities are super simple!  For example, at Walmart right now you get 30 points for walking in the door (with bluetooth on and app open), 10 points for scanning things such as Caress Body Wash or a Ghirardelli Chocolate bar, and then the points for scans go up from there, such as 45 for scanning a Straight Talk phone.  You can also scan your receipt and get points for buying some of the items listed, and at stores like American Eagle, if you link your Credit/Debit card you can receive a point for each dollar spent!  Finally, each day when you open up the app it will give you a point or two, and if you look through their catalogs they occasionally reward you with points.  A two dollar gift card for Walmart is 500 points, but trust me, the points add up very quickly.  Even if it isn't much, you aren't really exerting any effort and it's free money!  To get this app easily, click here (on computer or mobile!):

2.) Swagbucks - This is a similar concept to the site listed above, but I prefer this one on a computer as opposed to using the app version.  To earn points on this site, you answer polls, watch videos, click through ads, and the likes.  It is very easy to just click through the videos and leave them playing in the background while you do other things on your computer.  It can be time consuming, so I used this a lot when I was younger and had more time (such as in class...).  Regardless, it is a good resource to get free gift cards (I always choose Amazon), and I've probably gotten around $60 over the past couple of years! You can sign up here: 

3.) Sell! - Clean out your closet, dresser, old toy box, jewelry box, and sell everything you no longer use (or have an emotional attachment too)!  Most towns have seasonal consignment sales or a consignment store that will sell your items for you, for a fee or piece of the profit.  Also, I have recently discovered local Facebook groups which are designed like an online yard sale!  You post your items with a price, people who are interested comment on the photo, and then you agree on a time and place to meet and make the trade.  All else fails, go the route of an old fashioned yard sale and get rid of everything at one time!  Just remember to price realistically.  You may have paid $200 for your prom dress, but no one else is going to pay that price for a used one.  Also, please donate whatever you can't sell, because there is always someone out there who can use what you no longer need!

Freebies Babies!
1.) Influenster - If you have seen me post VoxBox unboxing reviews before, that is the type and amount of products you could be getting for free!  I have received body products, nail polish, cough drops, toothpaste, razors, hair products, food, even a Sargento lunch box and coupons for cheese!   All you have to do is commit to reviewing the products on a blog, YouTube channel, or social media (ideally all three!) and complete surveys after trying the product out.  I have no doubt I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of products, simply to review!  You can sign up here: 

2.) Sample Sites - Finally, frequently check Sample Sites to see what kind of new options they have!  I have received tons of stickers, hair and body products, feminine products (which can get expensive...), even makeup bags and makeup.  Check out this post from a while back (2013!) showing some of the cool things I have found!  You never know what you may find, but it is worth a look!  My favorite to use are:

I would like to warn you that aside from the sample sites, the links to the apps and websites are my referral links.  All this means is that by signing up using these, you are showing how much you love me, it doesn't cost anything or change the sign up process!

As you begin to get used to this new life of money saving, remember to save some (college... my life right now).  But at the same time, treat yo' self and check out the events on to find tickets to events, conferences, and classes near you!
I hope you all will try a few of these things out, and that it frees up some funds, so you all avoid the horror that is FOMO!


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