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Empties Part 1: Hair and Body Products

Please don't judge the amount of products I have here! This is probably collective from the past 6 months of more, and I just did a clean out of some old products.  To make things easier I will underline the products I have repurchased or would consider buying again in the future.

Hair Products
These are all of the mousses I've used recently! I use a lot of mousse... 
And also somehow a hairspray snuck it's way in there
  • Got2B Kinky - Can't say I'd buy this again... I generally buy whatever is on sale because I like to try new things, but this was a bad choice.  It didn't have a good hold, and had a very different smell that I wasn't crazy over.  Not repurchasing.
  • Herbal Essences Curl Booster - This one I liked a lot better.  The hold wasn't steller, but my hair was always very soft when I used it.  I haven't repurchased this currently, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.
  • Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray - This literally took me FOREVER to use because I use hairspray so infrequently! But, that isn't a bad thing.  This had a good hold, and my friend said it smelled good, but personally I just thought it smelled like chemically hairspray... The only downside to this is that the product cakes up bellow the nozzle and gets ROCK SOLID! Like, no chance it's coming off.  I haven't currently repurchased this because I'm using up some sample sizes from subscription boxes, but one of the samples is actually this product!

These are some of the more random hair products that I've used, all sprays!
  • Brocato Swell Volume Leave-in Conditioner - I got this a while back, and it's not even empty... It was just bad.  It was like spraying water into your hair, no moisture, no volume, nothing.  Definitely not repurchasing.
  • Batiste Light to Blonde Dry Shampoo - This is one of my holy grail all time favorite products!  It was my first time trying the blonde version, and I think I might actually like the plain white versions better, but it wasn't bad by any means.  I have tried the Blush scent, am currently using the Flirty scent, and I think I have a back up of the Cherry!  Needless to say I have already repurchased it.
  • Suave Kids Detangler - Yes, I know, I am not a kid, but this stuff works wonders.  I always use it when I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet.  This is like my third bottle, so I plan to keep buying it (the apple scent specifically).

And now for shampoo and Conditioner!
  • Garnier Fructis Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner - I bought this after I had red highlights put in my hair, and I think it worked well enough.  It's hard to tell with red because no matter what you do it just fades fast!  But this had a good lather and my hair was always clean.  I'm pretty sure this was my second time buying and using this, but I haven't currently repurchased because I haven't had the red highlights re-done.

  • Herbal Essences Totally Twister Conditioner - This smelled so fruity!  My hair is naturally kinky, and I really didn't notice much difference in the curliness, but I liked it well enough to finish the bottle.  I haven't currently repurchased because I like to change up my hair products

  • Garnier Fructis Full and Plush Shampoo - I had a sample of this shampoo and conditioner, and I enjoyed it, so I went out and bought some! I only tried the full size of the shampoo in this because I have a very moisturizing conditioner I'm using right now, and I thought they would balance each other out. It smelled really good and I enjoyed using it, but I haven't currently repurchased.

A few of the hair product samples I actually finished (because that rarely happens...)
  • Suave Natural Infusion Light Leave-In Cream - I brought this packet with me while traveling a few times, and I actually really liked it!  It was light (obviously) so it didn't weight my hair down or make it greasy, it was perfect to just moisturize and seal the split ends.  I haven't purchased this because I have a huge bottle of leave-in conditioner that I don't think will ever end, but I might buy it in the future!
  • John Frieda Full Repair Conditioner - I probably tried the shampoo in this at some point, but the packet was no where to be found... It smelled nice and had a nice lather, but for a "drugstore" shampoo, but I think John Frieda is a bit more expensive, and I don't buy their products unless I really love it.  It's hard to tell if you love something from a foil packet...
  • L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner - Like I said with the John Frieda, it is kind of hard to tell if you love something or if it makes a big color vibrancy difference from one or two uses.  This also had a nice subtle scent and lathered well, but I haven't tried it right now.  I would consider it in the future though if I had colored my hair and it was a good price!

Body Products

All the things I've been using to fake my tan...
  • Jergens Natural Glow - This is the basic tanner that all typical girls start with, before they move on to the more expensive stuff.  As for me, I like this and am staying here!  I generally buy the medium to tan shade (even though I'm definitely not...) because it provides more color.  The color lasts well, and the only experience I've had with any sort of orange tint is when I was applying it about twice a day before prom last year, my ankles got a little streaky.  Thankfully, with some exfoliation it went back to normal!  I have sensitive skin on my chest and stomach so I don't generally use this there because it will break me out, but I've never had any problems on my arms or legs.  I have already repurchased the firming version, and am on my third bottle!
  • Neutrogena Instant Bronze - This has been under my sink forever and I finally decided to toss the little bit that was left.  The color was too dark and orangy, and because of the foam application it was pretty streaky.  Also, this wasn't a permanent tanner, when I showered that night I saw all of the color go down the drain.  In short, I wouldn't repurchase.

The Bath and Body Works products I FINALLY finished!
  • Forever Sunshine Body Lotion - This is one of my favorite all time BBW scents.  It is a nice bright summer scent that isn't too strong.  I like the consistency of BBW lotion, especially for summer, because since it isn't super moisturizing it soaks in well and doesn't stay sticky when you get hot.  The smell lingers well, and I've already repurchased another bottle!  That's a big deal with Bath and Body works products, because girls generally have so many that we never totally finish a bottle.
  • Dark Kiss Body Butter - I'm pretty sure this mini size was a gift, and I'm glad it was a mini because I couldn't stand the scent.  It was very strong, and was one of those scents that give you a headache if it hangs around too long.  I like the BBW body butter, but because it is thicker and more moisturizing it feels tackier.  So though I like the product in other scents, I didn't finish or repurchase this one.

These are a few samples of body products that I've collected and tried recently.
  • Nivea Extended Moisture - I've gotten a few samples of this product over the years from subscription boxes and for free.  I like it, and it is very moisturizing, but I haven't ever purchased it because I have other body lotions that I am currently committed to (namely Equate Cocoa Butter Lotion and Body Butter!)
  • Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion - Nivea tends to freely give samples, and I really enjoy that!  There was enough in this packet for me to get two uses out of it (which is key when giving samples!), and I have been sent another packet since then.  My skin felt very hydrated and soft when I got out of the shower, but the action of rinsing off lotion seemed so counter productive to me!  After I try this other packet I might look into buying it.
  • Avon Bubble Bath in Vanilla Creme - This had that cheap vanilla scent from products you will get at Walmart or something.  I mixed this with tea tree oil and used it as a body wash when we had a lice outbreak at the daycare I work at (because tea tree repels lice), so it got the job done!  But I wouldn't go looking specifically for this product again.
  • Farm House Fresh Sweet Cream Body Milk - I got this sample when I stayed at the DreamMore Dollywood Resort in Tennessee.  I have never used a product that smelled so good, it was super moisturizing,  and it was in this cute little paper "bottle"!  I've looked into buying it since then, but this stuff isn't cheap!  I've been waiting for a "Treat yourself" kind of moment to finally buy it, but I definitely would

As you can see, there are very few products that I commit to buying the full size of that I don't love, or at least finish it with ok feelings.  I always love trying new product (even though I'm trying to work though the products I already have a ton of...) so let me know your recommendations, and I will be back soon with Part 2 of this Empties, Face products and Miscellaneous!


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