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Resort Wedding Weekend Lookbook

I know I usually don't post on on Sunday or this late at night, but I promise I have a good excuse.  Yesterday I had the honor of being in the wedding of a wonderful lady who has been like the big sister I always wanted!  I am going to include a few wedding things in this post too, so I will bold the details about my outfits if that is all you re interested in!

It was a gorgeous wedding in Lake Lure, NC at the Rumbling Bald Resort.  Never heard of it?  Maybe this will help you out...

This is the place where a good portion of Dirty Dancing was filmed!

We happened to have a house with a perfect view of a smaller portion of the lake, as well as a hole on the golf course that was featured in the movie!

We arrived at the Lake at around 10 Friday morning, ready for the weekend to begin!

Since we were going to a resort I tried to stick to resort casual all weekend, but I will let you be the judge of how well I accomplished that!  For the morning we had pedicures planned, followed by the bridal luncheon, so I tried to stick to cute yet comfy!
T-shirt Dress: Ross
Shoes: Sanuks
Purse: Etsy
Jacket: Target
Necklace: Popsugar 

After starting my new waitressing job and being on my feet all the time now, I have never been more excited for a pedicure in my life!  I wanted to pick a polish that wouldn't clash with my yellow dress or rose gold fingernails, but was still fun!  I chose the OPI color charcoal because it has a grey base, but in the sunlight there are green and purple shimmers! 

Lot's of fun was had at the salon, and the bridal luncheon was just as great!
After lunch we all went back to our lake house to hang out and get ready for the rehearsal dinner.  Somehow, time got away from us and all of a sudden there were six bridesmaids, a flower girl, and a miniature two year old bride scrambling to get ready!  If the wedding party are all late then we are basically just on time, right?

For the rehearsal dinner I decided to wear a fancier and sexier dress than is generally appropriate to wear on a day to day basis.  This was actually the dress that I wore on my last anniversary, but I haven't had another occasion to pull it out!
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Ross
Bracelets: Alex and Ani
Necklace: Target

These are all of the bridesmaids, with the bride in the middle in white of course!  
I love these girls.

Think PJs should be included in the lookbook?  The bride loves tie dye, so of course I had to bring this shirt to sleep in!  This is my little "niece" (daughter of the sister of the bride) and this is one of the only times I caught her being still all weekend... Baby girl stayed hyped on sugar from the moment she woke up until someone held her down to make her go to bed!

The next morning we sat around and relaxed at the house until lunch was delivered and the hair stylist arrived, then it was time for us to pack up and go to the bridal suite to get ready!  Because we were all going to have our hair up in intricate buns I elected to wear a romper from Forever 21 so I wouldn't have to pull anything over my head.  There was no jewelry or anything else exciting on me at this point!  

I was quite proud of myself though,  I ended up doing everyone but the bride's makeup!  The bridesmaids were watching me do a little makeup just for fun on the flower girl, and everyone decided they would rather have me do theirs than do it themselves!  I loaded them up on primers and powders so it wouldn't move in the heat, and I am proud and kind of embarrassed to say that I still have my makeup on from last night, it didn't budge on anyone!

Now for the best outfit of all weekend, the bridesmaids dress, ft. my cute boy!  As I said, the bride loves tie die, so each of the dresses were a different color.  I was yellow, and there was also a pink, teal, purple, and orange!  It sounds a bit tacky, but ended up looking really pretty!
Dress: Azazie
Jewelry: Charming Charlie's

The flowers really helped tie it all together, I loved the wildflower vibe!
The cake was pretty and colorful on the outside, but what you can't see inside was the real star.  I love cake and eat too much of it, but this was really good cake!

And these were the table centerpieces.  It was lots of colorful jars and vases filled with candle and flowers on top pf records.  She also used Beatles songs on records instead of table numbers.  It's not my style, but hey, it was perfect for her and it turned out really pretty in my opinion!

Following the wedding we pretty much just went and passed out back at the lake house, there was no more possible fun to be had!  The next morning we had to pack all of the wedding things back into the car and leave... We went to lunch with the Bride's parents and spent a few hours in Asheville, but we had to get home, we were killed!
Romper: Forever 21
Vest: Ross (can you tell I like Ross?)
The nonexistent shoes were Tevas...
Hair partially taken down from the night before.  It was still decent, so I didn't want to mess with it!

Overall, the wedding was perfect.  The bride was gorgeous and she and her husband were so happy to finally be together.  They got married on a gazebo on the beach and then moved up to a veranda overlooking the lake for the reception.  The food was the best I have ever had at a wedding... Everything was just perfect and honestly went off without a hitch!  I have never seen a wedding go so smoothly and I was so happy to be a part of it!


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