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Packing Do's and Don'ts

If you're like most girls, you probably over pack for EVERYTHING! 
"This summer, stick to the 50-percent packing method. So pack your suitcase once, take every thing out, pick half of all that stuff and re-pack. Seriously. Brilliant, right?"

Ummm... No. I saw this on another website and I was like "Seriously???" You can bet that if I take the time to pick out clothes, set up outfits, and pack them in my suitcase, I AM NOT taking it all back out again!!
So since we have officially ruled out that packing method, how about we discuss some other ways to save space and avoid overpacking! :)


1. Check the calendar.
If you're just going away for a weekend, you don't ten shirts, three skirts, two pairs of shorts, five pairs of jeans, and 500000000000000000..... pairs of shoes just because you might need them. You won't. For short trips, put together outfits in your mind that you love and you know you will wear. For longer trips, pack a few pairs of shorts and pants that you know you can wear a few times and that you know are very versatile, and a few colorful (matching) tops to go along with them!

2. Be a weather girl!
If you're going to the beach, you mostly need sundresses, tank tops, and bathing suits, so ditch all of those extra jeans and hoodies. BUT, definitely bring along one light jacket, because beach nights can be cool. Not sure about the forecast? Head to and do some research.

3. Mix it up.
You can't go wrong with mix ‘n’ match basics, like jeans, khaki shorts and black and white tees. You can mix and match tops and bottoms when the clothes are simple and no one will notice. Bonus idea? Bring along a few colorful camis, statement pieces of jewelry, and colorful hip and waist belts (all of these things are small and easy to pack). This way, if an outfit is looking to plain for your taste one day, you can spice it up a bit with some accessories!

4. Save space.

  • Packing sneakers or boots? Roll up your socks and undies and stick them in there. 
  • Suitcase has an expander zipper? Use it instead of bringing another bag. 
  • Don't forget pockets! Most suitcases have a bunch of small outer pockets, don't let that space go to waste!
  • Pack the heaviest stuff on the bottom and work your way up.
  • Take the product, leave the packaging. Pack every possible thing you can in travel containers, they are smaller so they fit better.
  • Roll clothes!  They don't crease and they fit in your bag better.


1. Bring everything you own.
Taking along a few extra items "just in case” is OK, but bringing four seasons worth of clothes is ridiculous. Remember, you’re going to be lugging this around—so don’t weigh yourself down.

2. Forget your itinerary.
If you're heading to sports camp, then pack athletic clothes, sneakers and plenty of socks. You don't need to pack tons of sundresses. If you’re spending a week at the lake, taking those high strappy sandals would be crazy, right? Keep in mind what you’re gonna do and pack accordingly.

3. Tote huge toiletries.
Stock up on tiny versions of your fave products. Or, if you’re going away with a big group, talk about things you can all share (one person bring the shampoo, someone else gets the conditioner). if you're going to be staying in a hotel, you don't need to bring soap and shampoo since they'll have them and will restock the supply every day. Pack a small conditioner in case the 2-in-1 shampoo doesn't work for you (I personally am not a big fan).

4. Go super glam.
Sure, you wanna look cute on your vacation, but bringing along valuables is a bad, bad idea.  Bring a few pieces of cheap jewelry but leave your most cherished pieces at home, in case they get misplaced or lost by the airport. Need a piece to add punch to an outfit? Head to a nearby shop, get a cute souvenir, and wear it immediately!


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