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The Universal Packing List

This is an awesome website that makes your packing list for you!!  
You enter in:
  • The date you leave for vacation and the date you are coming back
  • The min and max temperatures for where you are goin
  • Your gender
  • Who you are traveling with (babies, toddlers, etc.)
  • How you are traveling
  • Certain activities you will be doing
  • The size of your bag
  • And a few other details about you
After you have all of this put in it spits out a general packing list of things you should bring and why you should bring them!

This is what my screen looked like after I entered in my info:

And this is the list it gave me:

Things to do before you leave

To do for most trips

Wash the dishes 
Pet Care 
Unplug electrical stuff 
Turn down (or up, depending on where you live) the temperature in your home 
Memorize PIN codes to credit cards and your phone's SIM card 
Memorize the PIN code to your phone's SIM card 
Check out what hospitals are covered by your health insurance 
Install or recharge batteries 
Get maps 


Unisex clothes

Trousers ( Pants, Jeans ) 
Cap ( Hat ) 

Clothes for women



Sandals ( Flip-flops ) 
Training shoes 

Optional clothes

Swimming trunks ( Bikini ) 
Pyjamas ( Pajamas ) 
Beach pants 

Money and documents

Basic documents

Insurance certificate ( Health Insurance card ) 
Credit/ATM cards ( Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express etc ) 
Driver's license 
ID card 
Address list (with phone numbers and email addresses) 

Optional documents

This packing list 
International Student Identification Card ( ISIC ) 
Tourist organization certificate 
Business cards 
Hotel and car rental vouchers 
Membership cards 

For carrying money and documents

Paper folder 


Small scale map 
Large scale map 




Things for packing

Backpack ( Rucksack ) 
Backpack rain cover 
Small extra backpack ( Knap sack, Day pack ) 
Small box 
Luggage belt 
Luggage tags 

Eating equipment

Bottle opener 

Miscellaneous equipment

Poker cards ( Playing cards ) 
Extra car keys 



Toilet bag ( Bathroom bag, Necessaire ) 
Shaving gel ( Shaving foam ) 
Electric shaver 
Toothbrush ( Electric toothbrush with charger ) 
Styling gel ( Hair gel ) 
Sunblock lotion 
Contact lenses ( Contacts ) 
Container for contact lenses 
Lens cleaning liquid 
Extra glasses 
Reading glasses 
Lip balm ( ChapStick ) 

Hygiene (women only)

Make-up / Make-up remover 
Sanitary napkins 
Menstrual cup 
Womens specific medications 

Hygiene (optional)

Hair brush 
Barrettes, headbands, hair ties 
Detergent ( Laundry soap ) 
Sink plug 
Hand sanitizer 


General health items

Prescription medicine 
Insect repellent 
Water bottle 

Pills, tablets and medicines

Motion sickness tablets 
Birth control pills ( Contraceptive tablets ) 
Fever tablets 
Pain killers 
Allergy pills ( Anti-histamines ) 

Electrical stuff

General electrical items

Cell Phone ( Mobile Phone, Cellular Phone ) 
Charger to Smartphone/Cell Phone 
Multi Power Outlet 
Alarm clock ( Travel alarm ) 
Flashlight ( Torch ) 
Bookmark reading light 
Extra batteries for your camera, flash, torch, watch, MP3-player and GPS 

Camera equipment

Memory cards 
Extra lenses 

Camcorder equipment

Charger for camcorder batteries 
Video tapes 

Generic photo equipment

Camera bag 

Music items

Music player ( Cassette, CD, MiniDisc, MP3 ) 
Music media ( Music cassettes, CDs ) 
Headphone 'doubler' plug 

Water stuff

Basic equipment (even for non-divers)

Beach towel 
Inflatable air mattress ( Floating mattress ) 

A very basic list, but it is a good start and a good one to build off of!! 
I am pretty sure this is where my packing list started off. I put all of my information into "The Universal Packing List" and then I have spent the past two years perfecting my ever evolving list! After every trip I take I am able to remove items I didn't use, and add items I wish I would have had :)
Click here: to got to their website and create your own!


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