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What's in my... Beach Bag!

I would like to start out this post by saying, I don't understand those Beauty Gurus on YouTube who are like:
"I am bringing this hair gel, and this lipstick, and this foundation, and this 500 color eyeshadow pallet, and while I'm at it I might as well bring my blowdryer! There must be  plug-ins under all of that icky sand... Oh! And who could forget their floor length evening gown to just 'throw on' after a fabulous day at the beach!"
I love watching YouTube videos, but it is kind of ridiculous how much useless stuff they bring with them down to the Beach.
When I am going to the beach, I am packing the things that it takes to walk from my condo to the beach, and back. That's it. So I don't need a change of clothes or makeup to put on before we go out to eat. Because, more than likely, I am going to go back to the condo and shower before I go anywhere.
Maybe some of you will do that, but while reading this post just keep in mind, i don't.

So here is my beach bag, I am not exactly sure where it came from....

And here is what I keep in the Main Pocket
  • My Sunglasses
  • My Pink Straw Beach Mat, it rolls up into it's own little bag with handles, isn't that cute :)

  • Magazine, I usually just grab one from my carry on/car bag (see that post here)
  • Book, sometimes... depends on the day
  • Beach Towel, I love my Flip-Flops one!
  • Makeup Bag, and I use that word lightly ;)

Here is my Makeup Bag 
Notice, there is no makeup in my makeup bag ;)
  • Bobbie Pins, You will begin to notice that I have these things ev-er-y-where
  • Hairbows, in case the one I'm wearing breaks
  • Headbands, in case the bobby pins just aren't cutting it
  • Bert's Bees Lifeguard Chapstick, because your lips can burn too!
  • Hand Sanitizer, dirty bathrooms, yucky sticky hands, you never know! It's just good to have around
  • Camera, I keep it inside a sandwich bag, inside my makeup bag. I don't want to chance getting water or sand in it! It isn't in there right now because I am using it to take pictures :)
  • Extra Batteries, for my camera, and stored with my camera.
  • Phone... sometimes, I don't usually bring my phone down to the beach but once in a while I will, If I do I will put it in the sandwich bag with my Camera
  • Sunscreen, like i have said before, you need it. No matter what you say, you do burn, and you do need it.
And just a few Random Things you might want to bring...
Beach Toys!! Because what is going to the beach if you don't have toys :)

And that is it! 
If you would like to see a collective list of everything I am bringing with me on my trip you can click here, and if you would like to see all of the posts in the "What's in My..." series, click here!
Talk to you all in a few days!
:) <3 (:


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