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A Day in the Life...

I was thinking... for this to be my blog, you all really don't know to much about me! We got out of school today for flooding and I figured, why not give you a little peak into what I have done today!

I started out the morning on YouTube... I know, sooo productive!

After YouTube I moved to working on some future blog posts and going over my packing list for vacation this Summer. I am getting so impatient! We went to Pigeon Forge a few weekends ago and it was just enough of a trip to make you reeeally want to go the the Beach! So since I can't leave for vacation now, I am making sure I have my packing list perfect for you all :)

Then I traveled on to the ol' blog and worked on a post that will be up in a few days. Can you tell what it is? I'm pretty excited about it!

After a very productive morning I decided that it might be time for some lunch... Mega-Stuf Oreos anyone? Did you catch that? Not Double-Stuf, Mega-Stuf!!! They are Limited Edition, so go get you some! (Comment below if you know which YouTuber's say that all the time ;)

I thought it might finally be time to do what my mom asked and clean... I hate cleaning! It just sucks... But then again, you know how some people eat when they are upset? No, not me, I clean. How weird is that?? Today I got the joy of cleaning mine and my brother's Bathroom (little boys with bad aim... tinkle sprinkle anyone?), my room, and vacuuming the upstairs part of our house.

Look at my cute little bug! Well, not exactly little... Big Bug!! When I was little my room was decorated in all flowers and bugs, and when I redecorated I just couldn't get rid of him! At sleepovers someone always ends up sleeping on him... After I cleaned my room I found him again! He was covered in a pile of clothes :P

I've been gaming periodically throughout the day. I got this new app on my Kindle called "Nemo's Reef" (left), like Finding Nemo? I think I'm addicted... I'm not sure why it's so much fun, it just is! The game on the right is "Sims 3" I haven't played it in a while, and I forgot how much I like life games like this!!

After cleaning the upstairs of my house, I took care of our animals. My kitty cat, Misty (she wouldn't stay still and let me take a picture...), lives in the basement, so I took her down some water and food and then cleaned the litter box... yay fun. I also went outside and gave our dog, Jeter (like, Derek Jeter?), some food and water as well and then cleaned up the puppy pads... More fun. Doesn't he look just pitiful? :( His back leg was ran over, so he has to wear a splint and "The Cone of Shame" so he doesn't chew it. He is getting better, but he is still sad looking.

I decided to do a little bit of indoor gardening the last half of the day. All of my friends think I hate nature, but it isn't nature as much as the bugs and other crawly stingy bitey things that live in it... Son instead i garden indoors :) I'm not exactly sure how these plants are still alive, because I never remember to water them!  I killed a few of the Spider plants that were in the pot on the top right, so I brought it down to add some more, add dirt, and water it. I just added dirt and watered the Aloe Vera plant in the top left. I killed the other plants that were in the pot with the vine in the bottom left, so I added some Baby's Breath seeds... we will see how that works. The clear jar in the bottom right came from in the woods around the house where my grandmother grew up, so I just left the moss there and water it :) The little pink pot behind that has some more Baby's Breath seeds in it. The white container in the middle in a grass growing kit for indoor cats... I'm not so sure about it, but why not try it? The little yellow egg shaped thing was a flower kit with Snapdragon seeds inside, you break open the top of the egg and water it until it grows!

Here is a closer look inside the little clear jar, I think it's pretty cute :)

After I finished planting and watering I put all of my plants back in their little homes around my room. Well... most of them are in my room. The top two on the right actually stay in the kitchen. The little clear jar sits on top of a pot with a cactus in it (that is also mine). I don't want those things to die, so they are better left downstairs :)

Now all that's left for the day is to jam out to some Kenny Chesney and other Country music on Pandora, and wait for my parents to bring home food from McDonalds! Despite the way the morning started, I personally think I have had a pretty darn productive day! And even if it hasn't been productive, I had fun, so thats all that matters :)

We have no school tomorrow either... Maybe I should do another one of these!
:) (:


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