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To Do Before Going Down To The Beach

So you are going down to the beach tomorrow, but what are you supposed to do before you go down? So yea I know this seems kind of like a common sense post, but you wouldn't believe how many people skip simple things before going down to the beach, things that can make the whole experience soooo much better!

Well the very first thing to do would be to pack your beach bag but i've already made a MUCH more detailed post on that and you can see that at

1. So the first thing, picking your bathing suit and cover up

    • There are some bathing suits that look better on some body types than others and even though I plan to have that post up in the future...I don't right now.
    • As for cover ups, I recommend them so you will be able to put something back on if you get to much sun. When I wear a bathing suit I usually wear board shorts over the bottoms anyway, then I put on a cute little dress or cami.
    • Well I really hope that I wouldn't need to remind you of this but before you go to the beach don't forget to shave/wax (especially umm *cough cough* your bikini line!) 

2. I would like to give you a basic makeup routine that usually stays on pretty well for beach activities. But remember, you are going to the beach! Less is much all casses...Just Kidding! ;)

    • I apply Hawaiian Tropic Clear Sense SPF 4 as a base (it is oil free and has the added benefit of Benzoyl Peroxide, an acne medication), but I don't know if they still sell it or not. If you are unable to find that then I would try Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock ($9.99 at, I have never tried but it seems similar to the one above. After that I apply my regular SPF 15 tinted moisturizer, and a waterproof concealer (try Maybelline Cover Stick, $4.99 at Avoid putting on any heavy foundations or powders because they end up looking caked on, even if you don't get your face wet. Also if you plan on swimming a lot I would skip the first two and use a waterproof sunscreen with the waterproof conceler instead.
    • As for eye makeup, go very light and ALWAYS waterproof. My advise: skip the eye makeup all together. You are going down to the beach, it is going to run and make you look a raccoon (waterproof or not). End of Story!
    • Lips. They are in need of protection just as much, if not more, than the rest of your body. You need to apply lip balm that is at least SPF 15, I like Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm ($4 at You will also need to reapply liberally and often. You can apply a clear or slightly tinted lip gloss if you want but I wouldn't, the wind will be blowing and hair and sand will stick to your lips. Whatever you do avoid the heavy lipstick. You are on the beach with a tiny bikini....quite frankly neon lipstick will make you look slutty, and your just not that kind of girl! :)
    • When I go to the beach we usually come in for lunch, if you come back in during the day you might want to reapply or touch up your makeup because it will have melted/washed off. And besides it not looking good, your face will be exposed to the sun and one of the worst burns I've had in my life was around my eyes
3. So what about your hair? The only time I used to think about my hair at the beach was putting it up and getting it out of my face, that is until I got the top or my head burnt. It hurts when you try to do your hair, and it looks like you have TERRIBLE dandruff when it peels. (I have done another more in depth post on just this subject, if you would like to see it

    • First, you might want to apply leave in conditioner to your hair, paying special attention to your roots. Normally I wouldn't suggest this as this will make your hair look oily, but if you are going to be swimming your hair will probably be up any way, so you won't be able to tell. The moisturizer acts as a sunscreen protecting the cuticle of your hair and preventing it from becoming dried out and frizzy (because the combination of sun, salt, and chlorine will KILL your hair!). Try John Frida Leave In Conditioner ($5.99 at
    • Number two, your scalp can burn just like the rest of your body so it needs protection too! I suggest that you use the Banana Boat Sport Performance ($9.49 at Part your hair just like you normally would and spray your part (and any other skin on your head that is showing!). This should be enough to prevent most burns, just remember to reapply!
    • You might also want to bring a hat. I'm not saying you have to wear your hat constantly, but it might be a good idea to put it on if you are sitting with head pointed straight up (at the sun).

4. So sunscreen.... YOU NEED IT! A lot of people use the excuse "I don't burn" or "I want a tan", without some type of protection (even if you don't burn) harmful UV rays reach your skin and cause cancer and something even worse. . . .WRINKLES (*shudder*) So even without all of the dramatics it is true and it does need to be applied.
    • So most web sights say that you need at least 30, 40, 45 SPF etc... but I don't do that so I'm not going to tell you to! I put at least SPF 15 on the parts of my body that will be DIRECTLY in the sun (like shoulders, back, feet), I also put it on my thighs because I like to boogie board at the beach and it tends to rub off quickly and burn easily.
    • The rest of my body (except my face, as you know) I put on SPF 4, this to me is just enough to help tan and prevent burn. :) BTW I tend tan easily so you might want to adapt this regimen to best fit you. 
I hope these tips help you to have an even better time at the beach than you already do!
Thanks For Reading! :)


    1. Thanks for posting on my blog a little while back! I am now following you and hope you will follow back :) (Unless you already have!)

      I agree about the SPF thing...I love sunscreens with UVA and UVB protection so I can avoid burning and wrinkles!

      Nautical Stripes

      1. Done and Done! I am now following your blog as well! You seem to have been doing this blogging thing for longer than me, If you have any tips on anything from suggested posts to ways to get more members I would love to hear them!! PLEASE, e-mail me at I would love to start a correspondence with you.
        Thanks for commenting and for joining! :)


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